Cаll оf Dutу: Mоbile for Beginners: How to Surprise Rivals

Cаll оf Dutу: Mоbile for Beginners: How to Surprise Rivals

09 September 2020

Cаll оf dutу: Mobile іs аn enthralling gаmе thаt wаs released almost a year ago. This is just a miracle, if you have not yet to play it, because the game has not lost its popularity since its release. Even though it has a lot of regular players worldwide, many still do not know how to make the game easier.

Choose the settings fоr уоur gаme

Game settings are one of the most important points to make your play more comfortable. Feeling confident in the game, you will gain more wins, so it is crucial to know about all the settings and their benefits. General settings are customizable for each player because everyone has different finger and screen lengths, motor skills, and reactions. Take time for this and adjust the game for yourself.

Choose the settings fоr your gаme in Call of Duty: Mobile
  1. Camera angle. Setting the maximum value will increase the field of view, which gives you an upper hand over your enemies: to notice enemies and react to events faster. Moreover, quick reaction plays a crucial role in the game.
  2. Game control. Call of duty mobile allows you to change the game controls completely. The button of the sight, shooting, and aiming can be absolutely redesigned to suit your preferences. Optionally, you can remove them altogether if they bother you. Do smaller or larger, move, choose color and opacity, all this will only make you feel more comfortable during the play.
  3. The graphics should be set to your taste. Basically, the graphics should be adjusted to suit your mobile device. The only thing we can advise is to set the number of frames to the maximum, as far as your phone can accept.
  4. Mouse sensitivity. The next important thing for Call of Duty Mobile players is mouse sensitivity. It is responsible for your character’s speed and aiming in standard mode, as well as sensitivity in tactical and sniper aiming modes. Make sure distance and general spin acceleration are turned off. In case you need to turn around quickly, it can play a cruel joke.
  5. Shooting, camera, and gyroscope sensitivity. To find the ideal setting for each item in Call of Duty Game Play, get into a bot game and try to turn about 90, 180, and 360 degrees. With standard sensitivity, you have to turn 360 ​​degrees and still aim at the enemy. If you are testing the sensitivity of a sniper scope, then turning should be slightly below the level of the enemy’s head (or body) to increase the accuracy of shooting.

Call of duty: Mobile Tricks You Never Knew About

It will be very useful for beginners, but if you have been in the ranks of the players for a long time, do not despair. You will definitely find something new it this list!

Map. It’s no secret that when we open the map, we will see some highlighted areas: red, green, and purple. Purple color means that there are microcircuits there. Green points are the areas where the airdrops fell (container with good loot and top weapons). There is a red dot in the royal battle, and it shows us a boss. After killing it, you will get good loot, armor, and weapons.

Helicopters. Of course, everyone is interested in where helicopters can be found on the map. The most popular spots are the port, sakura, the kill house, nuclear station, and the brecourt manor. These are the most popular places where you will exactly find a helicopter. But there are actually many more helicopters.

A blue ray on the map. Everyone knows that it shows the location of the zombies. But in such places, you can also find chests with good drops, blue or purple armor is also usually there. The most popular blue-ray locations are the bus station, sakura, and forest. In order to get great loot, you need to kill all the zombies in the area.

Plane. An airplane flying over the map drops an excellent loot. So, if you didn’t know, the plane can be shot down. If it has not yet dropped the box, it will fall near you, right in the place where you shot it down. This is an excellent opportunity to get some good loot first.

Bots. Did you know that up to level 7, you play only against bots in Call of Duty Mobile? That means you do not meet live opponents at all during the first matches. Real people appear little by little during the game. And up to level 10, you can play three live players against seven bots. But this is not a reason to be disappointed. Knowing this fact, you simply cannot afford to lose to a computer, right? It will be the best motivation to win.

Use buttons. Don’t forget to squat, jump, and tackle. Many players forget about these opportunities, but using them increases your chances of survival many times over. The movement in the game blocks your enemies from killing you. The more you move, the less chance of a direct hit.

Headphones. If you didn’t know, the best players would always play using headphones. This allows you to define the enemies’ location. But 90% of call of duty mobile gamers play without headphones, and it’s true! By missing this opportunity, you increase the chances of your death. Listen to shots, running, explosions, and then you can both be safe and easily track your enemies. So hurry up to grab your headphones from the shelf and beat enemies.

Call of duty: Mobile tricks you never knew about

Training. Train your skills in battle with ai. Artificial intelligence will help you prepare for a real match and improve your skills. Your main goal in battles is to defeat opponents, not improve your skills. In the fight against AI, you will not be distracted from training, which will help you become a more professional player.

Kill your opponents faster. Have you seen those red dots that constantly appear on your enemies? Many people wrongly believe that these are beacons to see the opponents. But this is actually the key. Aiming and shooting at them will help you quickly kill opponents. But it works only if you open fire from a long distance. There is a 90% chance that the player will be killed immediately, just try it. Next time you start playing, make sure the cross of your aim is in the right place and pull the trigger.

Use drones and rockets. Drones and missiles play an essential role for you and your team in multiplayer mode. They provide more options for killing enemies. You have to continually charge your Hunter Killer drone, Predator rocket, and other things you have got before. The point is that using them at the right time will come in handy, and that’s putting it mildly. A drone used at the right time can change the course of the entire battle, and the turrets can generally hide half a map. Such advice may seem trivial, but a lot of players just forget about them, which is a pity.

Get transport. Let it be a miserable bike or buggy, take it. There is nothing to do without transport in Call of Duty Mobile – you just will not keep up with changes in the safe zone. And unnecessary movements attract too much attention. Better to immediately take an advantageous position and be able to change it. And here we need transport.

Simple and advanced modes

The game has two control modes: when you just download the game, a simple game mode is automatically selected. This allows you to use auto-shooting. It is suitable for beginners. There is an item “Limit the distance of automatic hip-firing,” which allows reducing the diameter of the auto-aiming.

Advanced mode disables convenience features. It is suitable for those who like to control the shooting themselves.

There are two main items here that only affect the right button:

  • One-touch aiming – automatic aiming when you press the fire button.
  • Hip-firing – here you have to go into the scope on your own.

If you are half a map away from the enemy, aim him, and did not kill, you can give out your location to other enemies. Therefore, if you choose the advanced mode, do not forget to set it up for a comfortable game.

We recommend using blended controls to aim only when needed. Melee attacks require quick reactions, and aiming is not the best option to rid off an enemy. Forget about aiming with shotguns. Using them, you must be fast and deadly: strive to get closer to your opponent for an accurate and destructive headshot.

Boosting. Many beginners are afraid of it but in vain. Boosting CoD Mobile is a service that will help a beginner to raise his account to the top positions. You can set the desired goals and achieve them together with professional players. No fraud or deception. Experienced players also often find it boring to start a familiar game on easy levels. The best boosters will help you avoid wasting time and play with strong opponents right away.

Problems with the launching of Call of Duty Mobile?

CoD Mobile has not lost demand for a long time. Many users have been waiting for the release. But the game turned out to be very demanding on the system to work. Therefore, players often have problems entering the game. Issues with authorization were resolved during the official launch of the game, but there are still problems with opening and entering the game. Currently, the developers are trying to reduce some errors and change the login algorithm, but the situation is still not correct.

Reasons and solutions for problems logging into CoDM:

  • Weak data signal. This problem mainly occurs with mobile internet. If you have proper hardware on your device, try changing the network to Wi-Fi or a fixed connection.
  • Weak or outdated device. The endless launch problem can occur if your device does not meet the game’s requirements. That is, your phone has a weak microprocessor, little RAM, an insufficiently functional video card. The problem is solved by adding memory, changing the video card. But this is quite expensive, and if there is no way to change the system unit’s insides or smartphone, you should wait for the download and set the minimum settings. You can also use your PC to play the Call of Duty Mobile, avoiding this problem.
Problems with the launching of Call of Duty Mobile?
  • Out of memory. We often face the problem with entrance when there is no or little space on the system disk. It is easily solved by removing unnecessary trash (you can use the CCleaner application for this). Frequently there is not enough space for the paging file, which cannot pass the necessary stream of information, so you need to disable third-party programs.
  • The congestion of the game server. It is a frequently encountered problem, since the game is popular, and no one expected such a rush of users (in the first day after the official release, there were more than 5 million downloads). In this case, you should try to log in later.

How to Earn Credits in Call of Duty Mobile

There are two in-game currencies in Call of Duty Mobile: CoD points and credits.

  • CoD Mobile points are a donated currency that can only be obtained for a real investment of money.
  • Credits are the usual in-game currency. You get it for completing daily tasks, or for other various actions.

The main advantage of CoD Mobile is one thing – you can play without a donation. Since for regular credits (which can be earned simply by playing the game), you can buy various weapons, item chests, barrel modifications, and including name tokens.

How to Earn Credits in Call of Duty Mobile

Still, there is a donation in the game, but if you do not want to spend and invest money, then we recommend farming credits using this list of actions:

  1. Daily login to the game. You will receive 500 credits.
  2. Rank up in the Battle Pass. You can earn a maximum of 4000 credits.
  3. Complete daily / weekly tasks. As a rule, there are 2 daily tasks and 5 weekly ones.
  4. Watch ads and take part in various free promotions and events.
  5. Disassemble unnecessary weapons and items.

We really hope that these recommendations will help you achieve the desired heights. No matter how long you play, there is no limit to your development in the game. Find new tricks and tips with us. Do not be afraid to boost your account yourself or with the help of professionals. Let’s walk this path together!

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