Situational Talents – When To Select Them?

Situational Talents – When To Select Them?

16 July 2021

HotS talents could save you in various game cases. Some of the players think that they insignificantly influence the game, but they are wrong because if your and your enemies’ teams have the same skill level, even a small benefit could turn the game around. We will give some information and tips for the HotS talents .

Try not to follow the defaults

Default recommendations that the developers give to you are well balanced for each hero, but you should use your own talents setup if you want to use some alternative tactics or strategies.

There are different variants of them, some of them are focused on boosting your damage, others will increase your viability and armor, creating the setup is all up to your needs. Do not be afraid of experiments, trying different HotS talents combinations, and setups you can find your perfect one. If you are not sure about your choice or don’t want to spend a lot of time and tries you can take ready setups from the internet or your friends’ recommendations.

Building your setup, don’t forget to analyze the situation because you should pick the right one to have as many benefits as possible. Teamplay is also important, so don’t be shy and talk to your team if you are not sure about your choice.

Remember that both win or lose are a useful experience for you because both of them can help you to improve your setup, and remember that win does not always mean that your setup is perfect, analyze and improve it from time to time, to raise your effectiveness in the matches.

Learn stats and use it

hots tracer talents

As we said previously, you can use different talents’ combinations to smash your enemies, but they also have talents and you should orientate in them, to know what to counter pick and how to build your gameplan correctly.

Talents are situative, and you always have to know which is better for now, what type of damage it would be preferable to raise, or what kind of resistance you will need against enemies’ attacks.

There is no universal setup because you always have different heroes in the enemy team, with different talents, so the only way to be ready for most situations is to have a few per-sets, for example, those that boost viability, raise your damage, or gives you some additional stats. The habit of making at least a few pre-sets will be very useful, prepare them for your fave heroes and go to the battle.

Check the effectiveness before using

There are different ways to make your HotS talents setup, you can ask your friend for help in building a setup, especially if he or she is more experienced than you, you can do it on your own on the results of your matches, and you can use special internet resources or game forums to find ready setups that are already tested and have some reviews and scores from other players, so you should only choose and test them in the game.

These websites will also show you some It all up to you, but try to be practical if you are interested in success. And again – do not afraid of the experiments, because sometimes strange and weird combinations could be the best solution for your hero and be effective in various situations.

The viability of your choice will be obvious when you start to use the setup in the matches, you should be ready to make edits to your setup, but it’s okay, be patient and remember that hard work pays off.

Location influence

battlefield of eternity

Another situative aspect of the game is a gaming map, maps could be different, and it gives both pros and cons for you. Some of your talents could have maximal effectiveness on the open space or in rush attacks, so if you don’t have this open space they become useless. Also, talents that somehow boost your mobility will be useless if you have no space to move.

It was just an example, but there are various situations when the map can ruin all your plans which are connected with talents setup. Be ready for this and prepare some extra plans.

Team play

This tip is not only about talents, but it’s also about communication and teamwork. You should always think about not your own but team profit because it doesn’t matter how cool you are if your team already lost. Distributing roles correctly raises your chances to win, damage dealers should offend and farm, supports have to heal and buff teammates, and tanks just have to tank.

Take into account your allies’ talents setups, because many of them could complement each other, so cooperating with your team increases your effectiveness and strongly influences the game result. It’s much easier if you play with your friends because you can deal with your setups before the match.


So, what do we have, HotS talents could give you a benefit if you use them correctly, boosting your stats, and spells, they play an important role in the match. With our tips, you know now how and when to use talents, what are the main rules of making a specific setup, and how to counter your opponents, on your own or cooperating with your allies.

There are a lot of talents, for different play styles and tactics, learn all the details about them, make a few universal experimental setups for your fave heroes, try it out in the match and draw conclusions. It’s all up to you, but now you know more about HotS talents.

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