Top 9 Rarest Fortnite Skins and Items

Top 9 Rarest Fortnite Skins and Items

16 July 2021

They are popular due to the high demand for exclusive items in the game. It’s a kind of trend for rarest Fortnite items that were offered by the developers, to popularize skins and other cosmetic stuff. Players in Fortnite really love to customize their characters, weapons, and other items, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because some cosmetic items could be collected only for exclusive achievements or events.

If we talk more specifically about skins, they don’t influence the game at all, they can only give you aesthetic pleasure, and remind you about some special game moments that you had.
The most common example of skins for weapons is a gold skin, which is not the same with gold rarity items, as we mentioned before, this cosmetic effect has no influence on your stats and doesn’t give you an advantage. All these stuff are only cosmetic items, it was made for balance, and to avoid claiming the game with “Pay – to – win” tag. By the way, you can buy skins in a shop, for V-bucks, or donating real money.

Why could skins be rare?

That’s all because they are not in permanent access. Most of them are available only for a short period of time, during some special in-game events and holidays. That also means that if you meet an owner of it, you can be sure that he is an experienced one, because playing for a long time, old skins are valuable. Getting high levels you can collect a really rare item to your inventory. So, let’s move to our top 9 rarest Fortnite skins:

Skull Trooper (purple)  

purple skull trooper

It’s one of the earliest and rarest event items in Fortnite skins collection. This item was added in 2017, as a part of the Halloween skins collection. At that time, there was no Battle Pass yet, Fortnite was only gaining popularity. So this skin is still very popular among admirers of the rare skins.
After adding in 2017 it had no styles at all, but Epic Games decided to release it again in 2018 with two new styles. The first one was a gift for those who have an original version of this skin, it was a unique purple style. For other players, they made a green version of it. The purple style of this skin is still one of the most valuable and rarest Fortnite skins in the game.

Renegade Raider

Another very rare skin, from the first season. Players could found it a special item shop. Few players wanted it at that time, because it was not really appealing. By the way, now it is so rare that most of the players haven’t ever seen it in the matches, but it still exists. You can meet this hero in a Save the World mode. If you meet a player with that skin, you can be sure that he is an experienced one, and he is playing for a long time, so be careful with the owners of this skin.

Black Knight 

black knight

Knight is beautiful, ebony armor, that is very exclusive and rare. This skin was a reward for reaching the 80th tier, which was the highest one for those times. Actually, it was the second season, in this season Epic Games added Battle Pass for the first time.
The game was not so popular for those times, but in one year, the estimated number of players was above seventy-eight million, and Battle Pass became much popular, but the Black Knight was not available anymore. Black Knight looks like an ordinary knight with black armor, red eyes that glow in the dark, and an incredibly beautiful black shield on his back. This skin is one of the most beautiful on our top list.


Players asked for this skin literally every day, till the day of the release. Players used Reddit to spam the Epic Games by asking to release Omega lights. This skin was a special reward for reaching the 100th level in a seasonal missions. An interesting fact is that this season is considered to be the most popular season ever.
This skin became popular pretty fast, it was very beautiful and have several styles to choose.Another detail that made it rare as it’s hard to achieve, which is that the player could get the final style only on the 80th level. The grinding of the experience for such a high level was really long, and the average players didn’t reach it. As some of the previous skins, this one shows the owner’s proficiency, so you better not meet him in the match if you want to stay alive, they are really tough guys.

Aerial Assault Trooper 

Aerial Assault Trooper

Trooper is a quite ordinary one, that becomes extremely rare because it is unavailable now. It is the same old as a Renegade Raider and has a very basic look. There is nothing special about it, and you may never have seen it in the match, or even if you do – you probably didn’t recognize it.


It is special not only because of a rarity but also because it was the first secret Fortnite skin. Developers added it in the 4th season. This character ( this is not only a skin) is an important part of a Fortnite story.

To get it, the player had to complete a special quest Risky Reels, he should find seven chests to unlock it, and it was not so simple. It’s a unique, secret, and rare skin, that most players would like to own.


It is a kind of laser gun, that works like a sniper rifle. It was shown in season one for the first time, players could get it while playing a Save the World mode. It became popular among campers because could kill the enemy with one accurate shot.

Eye of the Storm Tracker

It allows players to know about the future location of the Storm Circle. It gives you an advantage in the match, but it is still a dubious choice, medicines or weapons could be much more useful.

Ceiling Zapper Trap

It was shown in a Fortnite teaser. It is very old, because it was added at the very beginning of the game , for a few first months. The trap deals big damage but does typical noisy sounds, and it’s easy to identify where it is.

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