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What is HOTS Boosting?

Like most MOBAs, HOTS has a ranking system that strikes the rivalry and excitement of all players. Each of them wants to get into a higher division and spends a lot of precious time and effort on this process. This difficult pattern can ruin your gaming experience, but boosting, on the contrary, will give you new feelings and emotions of HOTS.

By purchasing HOTS Boosting, you can make your game easier and get the desired division on the day of order! To do this, we will give you one of our best high win rate boosters, whose experience in HOTS allows get victories no matter what the difficulties. Thus, you will clearly excel in contrast to other players and achieve new heights in the fastest possible time.

Why do you need HotS boosting?

It often happens that players can be stuck in the division, drifting up and down. They see neither progress in their game nor development. Using boosting, you will surely be able to get ahead and finally enjoy a completely new gameplay!

HotS boosting is a great opportunity for those who want to:

Reach the desired rank

Our boosters are ready to work hard for you so that you can even get into the Grand Master division without any difficulty. With us, you can forget about nerves and a long game for the desired rank. Our pro boosters ready to work even at night to help you achieve important goals in the shortest possible time. This service will also allow you to raise your win rate in the current season.

Play with better teammates

You may find that inept teammates can ruin your game, be AFK, or be toxic. These players never make it to the top divisions because they don't know how to play well. HOTS is an enjoyable team game, and boosting is ready to share it with you using the HotS Boosting service.

Get new emotions

Are you tired of losing? Or no one to play with? Then use the additional option "Play with booster". Getting the desired rank has never been so easy and fun! Our booster will do everything to make you get the most out of your order.

How does HotS Boosting work?

HotS Boosting

All you need to do is create an order by defining such parameters as a server, current division, and desired one. By default, an order can be completed with the help of a booster that will play on your account. But you can enable the "Play with booster" option, and then you will not need to resort to Account Sharing. As soon as we receive payment for the service you have chosen, we will immediately select a booster specially for you. He will contact you through your personal account, which will open to you after purchasing the HotS Boosting service. You will also be able to see at what stages the order is being executed, which is very convenient. While communicating with the booster, you will be asked to draw up a schedule for his work. This will avoid the inconvenience of your logging into the account and make order fulfillment as comfortable as possible for you!

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

The boosting market is rife with irresponsible and dishonest companies that can spoil your overall boosting experience. We are pushing boundaries about the right boost and sharing our experiences to remedy this situation. For a whole year now, our team of professionals has been building strong relationships with many players and increasing demand from buyers thanks to clear regulations that say - do your best to be the best! Trust us, we are the ones you need.

Fineboosting is synonymous with the words:

All our boosters are skilled and professional players. We do not hire any random gamers, as you can see on other services. All of them have been playing for more than three years. They have been trained and thoroughly tested for the level of their skills. You can be sure that you will get exactly the result you came for.


We do not keep your credit information as our platform uses SSL encryptions to secure your info within our site. Our pro players are not allowed to chat with your friends in the game. They are all familiar with the nondisclosure policy, so they cannot disclose any information about your purchases on our site.


Each of our boosters has a VPN utility to ensure your security during order fulfillment without violating Account Sharing rules. None of our employees use any other third-party software. We guarantee maximum safety while boosting your account.

How do you rank up in Heroes of the Storm?

Sometimes it is not enough to make a plan of the game and discuss it with the teammates while choosing groups of 2-3, which tend to be the best for ranking up. Victory in matches also depends on other factors, such as the correct choice of heroes, experience and skills of teammates, and even luck. All of this and more can prevent you from reaching new ranks in HotS, but with Rank Boosting, you can change everything in the blink of an eye! Our boosters are highly qualified pro players who participate in tournaments and are in the Grand Master tier. With their help, you can quickly get into the desired division without any difficulties!

How do you win HotS?

There are tons of ways you can win in HotS. For example, you can draft only the current meta heroes or only comfort picks. But the most reliable is HotS Boosting. With this service, you can easily and quickly get well-deserved victories without any difficulties. Our booster will do everything instead of or together with you while greatly simplifying the game process. Be sure that you will get the result from boosting in the shortest possible time!

Is rank boosting safe in Hots?

Getting a HOTS rank boost on Fineboosting is an excellent idea when you want to increase your rank safely and without any troubles. With the SSL protocol's help that our website uses, you can be sure that all your data, including credit information, is fully protected. It is also worth understanding that our site's reputation is at stake, so we are obliged to complete the services within the agreed time frame and with the proper result! Also, all of our players are proven pro gamers who do not use such software as hacks, scripts or cheats! They only use the VPN program to protect your account from any suspicions of Blizzard. By choosing Fineboosting, you get complete safety when boosting your account!

How does Ranked work in Heroes of the Storm?

In Heroes of the Storm, your game rank is expressed in the form of League Tiers and Divisions. To increase it, you need to win more and lose as little as possible. This is difficult to achieve in the current realities since the game is already five years old, and it managed to acquire players with good experience. And still, this task can be made easier. Thanks to Rank Boosting for HotS, you can increase your rank and even get into the Grand Master Division! Our professional gamer will help you with this, whose experience is incomparable with other players. He will reach your desired rank together or instead of you in no time!

3 reviews for HotS Boosting

  1. Frrr_

    I would definitely buy again, fast service once the boost started.

  2. Mike

    Took about 24 hours and it was completed fast and easy.

  3. ryan


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