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What is HOTS Coaching?

Heroes of the Storm is an addicting MOBA that has conquered the eSports scene. The main task is to get to the Master, but the path is by no means easy. The battlegrounds and heroes take a really long time to learn, but this is not the limit. There are also countless tactics that help players find holes in their opponents' game, strategies for playing HOTS, where you need to understand which heroes are best to pick, and so on. Without this information, it is simply impossible to reach the highest ranks of the game independently. And to make this journey easier, Fineboosting offers HOTS Coaching!

Why do you need HOTS Coaching?

Getting started to understand with all the intricacies of Heroes of the Storm, a challenging MOBA, can be as tricky and exhausting as continuing to progress in this game. Each of us can make mistakes without knowing it, which push us away from new heights. Turning to the coach for help, you can find the surest and fastest way to glory in HOTS because our pro player will acquaint you not only with the basics like how to choose your hero correctly, study the battlefields, and so on. He or she will also conduct an in-depth analysis of your gameplay, your movements, and your decision-making skills. Together with him, you will analyze the shortcomings, and make them your advantages, thanks to which you will get victory after victory!

HOTS Coaching guarantees that you will receive:

Nice gameplay

The longer you delay the moment of learning the basics and tactics that will bring you wins, the more chances you will get a loss. That is the word that is ready to kill all the fun of the game. On the other hand, our professionals can give you unforgettable gameplay that will decorate your game with new victories!

Unprecedented ranks

Our coaches will be able to take you higher on the HOTS rating board, no matter what role you play or your playstyle. All thanks to their knowledge of the battle and sensitivity to clients' needs, and high responsibility in achieving positive results from training!

New game techniques

After purchasing even one hour of play with one of our coaches, high-ranking HOTS players and tournament participants, you will certainly change the way you think about the game. But remember that you are the boss here, so it is up to you to decide which problems are most troubling to you and require the coach's attention.

How does HOTS Coaching work?

HotS Coaching

All you need is to choose a server and the desired hours to communicate with our coach. Thus, in selected houres, you will watch replays of your games, solving possible errors along the way, jump into the gameplay in more detail, practice together and more. Our trainers will select the most optimal lesson plan to meet all your requests, and yet you should understand that the time it takes to learn HOTS can be different for everyone. By choosing more houres, you are guaranteed to get more!

By booking a session with one of our successful HOTS trainers, you will immediately have access to your personal account on our website. There you can contact the booster and choose the most suitable messenger for you, such as Discord. Also, you will write down an action plan with our booster and the most convenient training schedule.

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

Our platform has earned over a thousand positive reviews and for a good reason. Each of our boosters focuses on the result and, therefore, responsibly approaches the tasks' performance, taking into account each of your requirements. Our support is ready to answer all your questions right now and accompany you from the beginning to the end of the order. Fineboosting is a premium service for every customer!

Our boosting company provides:
Professional team

All of our Heroes of the Storm trainers are seasoned teachers and experienced players, most of whom are flexible. That means they can play all roles with confidence, adapt to whatever level you are currently at, and provide personalized information and helpful tips.


Now you do not need to waste your nerves, energy and time to learn HOTS through trial and error. Our boosters know how to win and how to make you do this starting from the day of the order! In one year, they fit all the basic needs of clients in one program, which made it possible to cut training three times!


Do you want a land a sick Genji ult? Looking to perfect Diablo or Tracer? Trying to find the best build for Abathur? Whatever goal you pursue, our coaches will help you achieve it in all possible and impossible ways! Therefore, upon completion of the order, you will receive only a positive result from HOTS Coaching!

Is Heroes of the Storm Easy?

Undoubtedly, HotS is simpler than other MOBAs, because there is no last hit, no equipment, like in LoL. Yet each game has its own challenges. This is especially true at the initial stages of getting to know the game. First, you need not only to feel the mechanics of the game but also to understand the course of your actions and the role of each hero. In order to make this task easier for yourself and even get winning methods of playing, you can turn to our coaches for help. HotS Coaching service makes it possible to speed up the learning process and bring you closer to the highest ranks. All thanks to training with star players who have visited tournaments and are ready to share the most important knowledge that can lead you only to victory!

How do you get out of Bronze in Heroes of the Storm?

It is not enough to pick macro heavy Heroes or Heroes that can push hard or get camps faster to get out of Bronze. It is all about knowing the intricacies of the game. This is the foundation for winning in HotS and Fineboosting is ready to share it with you! Our professional coaches have prepared a training program for you that can take your game to the next level! They have collected a ton of helpful tips and are ready to solve all your shortcomings by improving them. Undoubtedly, HotS Coaching is a service that will help you get out of Bronze in the fastest and most reliable way!

How do I get better at Heroes of the Storm?

In HOTS, you can use two tactics - defence and attack. Sometimes the correct defence is able to find holes in the opponent's game, and sometimes the attack will force the opposite team to start losing from the tenth minute. But when and what tactics should be used? Our best coaches and HotS tournament winners will tell you about it. They have a lot of experience and have a huge mass of matches behind them, so their advice will really teach you how to win. Boosters will not only introduce you to battle tactics but also expand your horizons and knowledge about HotS. They will analyze your game and make a separate plan for your style and favourite heroes!

How do you rank up in Heroes of the Storm?

Choosing meta heroes is a good strategy to rank up in HOTS if you really know how to use them fully in the game. Otherwise, you will lose. But this is easy to avoid! With HOTS Coaching, you have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the heroes, improving your game and gaining a new rank in the game in the shortest possible time. Our coaches are the best HOTS players with the highest win rate, so they will be able to disassemble your game and make it better, meeting your specific needs when fulfilling an order!

4 reviews for HotS Coaching

  1. alexsmith139

    Very responsive, and completed job as promptly as possible. Thanks!

  2. jusbrown9966

    fast service and friendly booster, definitely recommendable!

  3. Mark

    so much help from booster. thank you

  4. mike12


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