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What is HotS Placement Matches boost?

The HotS placement matches seem to be a very important component that should help you find the HotS Rank that works best for you. But not all players want to try their luck to start with a lower league in HotS. What if you are still not ranked or have already started losing your first placement matches? Of course, choose a reliable method that will guarantee you only victory - HotS Placement Matches boost! Our boosters are professional players who will bring you to win after win. This service will certainly help to place your account as close to a high rating as possible.

Why do you need HotS Placement Matches boost?

Each season you have to start with ten placement matches. Even though the games do not last very long, the process of gaining rank is exhausting for many players. But with the help of HotS Placement Matches boost, you can easily save time and your energy with the opportunity to spend them on the gameplay that you need most and at the same time get a pleasant result.

By purchasing HotS Placement Matches boost, you have a chance to:

Avoid unpleasant moments

During these matches, you will have to face a variety of players. You may be lucky to come across experienced gamers in your team, or vice versa, inept and AFK, which will lead you to the beginning of your journey of reaching high ranks. Why risk if there is a proven way?

Feel new emotions

By choosing the additional option "Play with booster", you get a professional teammate from the Grand Master division. He will not only lead you to victory but also give you new sensations from the gameplay. Together with him, you will forget about any difficulties and will be able to see the game from a new angle.

Get a good start

Boosting order on our site is a perfect way for the beginning of every season! Our top boosters are ready to provide you with as many wins as possible, guaranteeing at least 90% of win probability, high-quality statistics, and helping you start a new season, boosting you as close as we can to the top of the desired rating.

How does HotS Placement Matches boost work?

HotS Placement Matches

This service will help you win placement games, even if you have already started them. On our site, you can buy 1 to 10 placement matches. So even if you have already started playing those games, we can still get the most out of it, depending on how many games are left to play! The order is performed with the help of our booster that will play on your account by default. Do not worry about your account because we do not ask for the mail to which it is linked! You can also turn on the "Play with booster" option if you are in doubt or want to get the most out of your order!

After paying for the service, a personal account will open for you with additional functions, such as tracking the order process. You will also be contacted by one of our highly qualified boosters, ready to start and even end the service on the day of its order. But it is up to you to decide. That is why you are the one who negotiates the deadlines and work schedule for the booster! Contact our online support, who is happy to help you 24/7 if you have any questions.

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

Fineboosting provides premium services designed to enhance the user experience and buyer satisfaction. Despite the high quality, our platform still focuses on affordability. Therefore, we have taken a number of extra measures to decrease the HOTS boosting related cost in order to provide the highest level of services at the lowest prices. Our team is always ready to help you, accompanying you from the beginning to the end of the order, solving your difficulties and providing pleasant discounts!

Our boosting company provides each client with:
Team of professionals

Having the best workforce is significant when it comes to efficient boosting in Heros of the Storm with a high win rate. By choosing Fineboosting, you are guaranteed to get it. Each of our boosters is a former participant in the HOTS championship and tournaments, a fan of streaming, and is also in the Grand Master division at the moment.


Any information about the actions that you perform on our website is strictly confidential. Our SSL protocol protects the server, so your data is under reliable protection. Our boosters are aware of the nondisclosure policy and are not allowed to communicate with any of your friends in HOTS.


Fineboosting booster team use a VPN to protect your account from any restriction or ban! We use a similar IP address to yours, so it is indistinguishable. None of our team uses other additional utilities such as hacks, scripts or cheats. All our pro players have been tested for skill level and rank in HOTS for a year already.

How do Placement Matches affect my rank in Heroes of the Storm?

Each Season begins by determining your initial rank using a series of Placement Matches. The more placement matches a player wins, the higher rank he or she can get. But what if you do not want to lose at all? With Fineboosting, it really is possible! The HotS Placement Matches boost service provides you with a top player to help you win every game without any difficulty by playing on your account or with you. Winning has never been so easy!

Are placement matches important in HotS?

Almost every gamer has a desire to stay ahead of others, winning and achieving the best ranks in HotS. For these players, the best and fastest way is to win as many placement matches as possible. The point is that the ranking system forces the players to win more to get into a new division, while the placement matches system can give you a quick start from a high rank! Therefore, if you do not want to lose this great chance at the beginning of the Season, it is better to turn to professional boosters. Thanks to our HotS Placement Matches boost service, you will not only win 10 out of 10 games but also save time and energy!

How to win placements in HotS?

In order to win placements in HotS, you can resort to draft only the meta heroes or be nice and supportive. And yet, we all understand that HotS is a team game in which not everything depends on one player. Therefore, you need to choose your teammates carefully, and Fineboosting will help you with this. By choosing the "Play with booster" option in the HotS Placement Matches boost service, you get the opportunity to play alongside a top player with a high win rate. He will help you reach your new rank and win as many placement matches as you need with little effort!

How long does it take to play Placements matches in Heroes of the storm?

On average, one placement match is considered to take about 20 minutes, depending on the map. Thus, ten of these matches can take you more than three hours. It should be understood that you are unlikely to be able to play non-stop. Therefore these games will generally be divided into 2-3 game sessions. This is a really long and gruelling process, but it can be easily avoided. To finally start being content with playing ranked games, you can leave placement matches to our pro booster. He will do everything for you and provide you with solid winnings and a high rank!

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