It’s easy to become the winner in Call of Duty: Warzone

It’s easy to become the winner in Call of Duty: Warzone

27 July 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone is free for both Modern Warfare owners and new players. All the video games connoisseurs fell in love with Warzone from the first sight. Of course, this Battle Royale has its minuses, but the pluses are more than enough.


• A huge map with a great variety of locations, which doesn’t seem cramped for 150 players;

• Lack of equipment makes gathering and hunting for the best equipment less stressful;

• Interesting ideas like the opportunity to revive, contracts and call-in the set of online equipment;

• Pleasant shooting and good graphics while maintaining 60 frames per second;

• An additional mode with endless respawns is no less exciting than a regular battle royale.


• It’s not always easy to recover armor after a fierce firefight, even if you are the winner.

If you don’t want to be an ordinary gamer or tired of playing boringly and constantly dying, then the following tips will help you take victory into your own hands wisely and quickly boost your account.

The best landing

It stands to reason that the first main thing is good landing on the battlefield. 800-900 meters to the landing point is the most appropriate distance to be the quickest to touch down. Use Alt putting the point to control the distance. The parachute deploys automatically after you coming nearer to the battlefield. If the desired place is far away, cut the parachute ropes at the beginning to get to the battlefield faster. Then open the parachute again. This way you can get very far away.But don’t’ forget, that if you cut the ropes, the parachute won’t open automatically.

How to choose a really great weapon?

Master the weapon gradually and customize the classes, but you will have to use what they give at first.

The M-91 is a really good LMG that we have already get in Warzone. Disadvantages: slow aiming, but it has a lot of ammunition. The M91 also easily punches enemy armor, which will give your team an advantage.

MP7 is really great weapon in most cases. Nevertheless, it’s precisely has proven itself best on the first and the only Call of Duty map. The fact is that battles, in most cases, are at a very short range in Verdansk. Players avoid open spaces because they are afraid of snipers, and therefore increasingly use SMGs.

How to choose weapon CoD: Warzone

MP7 is the best one. Due to its high rate of fire, it usually kills faster than an assault rifle. At the moment, the most popular “build” for this Battle Royale includes the MP7 and the “sniper”. Of course, this does not guarantee you’ll be the winner, but using these two weapons provides an increased chance of winning.

You can use many SMGs in different areas. The MP5 is really suitable for this purpose. Low recoil, good range, and rate of fire are the advantages that this weapon can offer you. It is better to use it in a closed area, as it will not be very useful in an open space.

The biggest demand in the Call of Duty is on Kar98K. This rifle has many features that are suitable for long-range battles. High accuracy and range damage will help you to kill your opponent easily.

It is strongly discouraged to take crossbows, pistols, revolvers and rocket launchers are almost useless.

Grenades were useless in regular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but make a big difference in Warzone. But now all grenades have a use. You can easily cross a dangerous area, smoke the enemies out of cover, and much, much more.


Cash is not a problem, especially in Warzone. Money lies literally underfoot. You can get wads of cash from lootboxes and after killing the opponents. However, running around with cash is prohibited, so you must always spend your money. What for?

Money in CoD: Warzone

Here is the top of the most useful spending in the Battle Royale:

1. Reviving an ally.

2. Plates.

3. Self-revive kit

4. Boxes of ammo, grenades, and weapons.

After you have taken the money, they don’t automatically go to the bank but remain in your pocket. In the case of death, the character will lose a great percentage of his capital. If you don’t want to take risks, visit the helipad regularly and send cash to the bank. You will regularly be distracted by contracts, shootouts with annoying enemies, and other situations. But you should always remember about the helipad.

When you get there and call a helicopter, the players will immediately receive information about this and understand that you have money and you want to save it. Certainly, many of them will run to you, wanting to take their prey. Therefore, having called the helicopter, take cover with lightning speed. Watch for your rivals from a height. And if you play as a team, never stand together on the open space.


You will often die in the “Battle Royale”, but in Call of Duty: Warzone the death can be tricked. When a character dies for the first time, he ends up in the GULAG, where he has to fight one on one with another player. Everyone will have a random weapon, just like in the “Firefight” mode. Whoever wins will get a second chance. Remember: the fight in the GULAG is provided only once.

But even after the second death, you can still return to battle if your teammates get to one of the trading stations (Buy Stations, the icon with a cart on the map) and pay 4500 dollars in-game currency. The ransom can be made an unlimited number of times, so theoretically, you can die in Warzone much more often than in other similar games.

Recovery in Call of Duty: Warzone

If you were killed and ended up in the GULAG

Do not panic. You have every chance to survive. A few tricks on how to win:

– Make the enemy visible. After getting into the GULAG, you only have sprays. Mark everyone around. This will help you see the enemy even if he is in the shadows.

– Use your weapons wisely. If it’s a flash-bang grenade, stay stealthy. It is best to attack when the enemy least expects. Then you just have to do with him. Throwing knives or grenades should also be used. The throwing knife has no time limit, unlike other items of equipment. Thus, you can attack with it immediately after the start of the round.

– You don’t have to kill the rival. Remember that when time is running out, a flag will appear in the center. You should be the first who get it.

– The syringe is the only way to restore health in the GULAG. However, if you got it, your opponent has it too.

– Play aggressively, but not recklessly. Surprising your opponent is a great tactic, but you have to see everything around you.

If you win the battle and someone from your team is still on the battlefield, you’ll land again next to them.

On the one hand, this reduces the value of the only life that adds adrenaline to the royale battle, on the other hand, it allows you to bring a larger number of full teams to the final phase of CoD. Of course, such a decision will attract to the Battle Royale those who are used to more traditional multiplayer modes with multiple revivals. It is clear that before the end of the Battle Royale when the circle of players has already narrowed enough, both the GULAG and the ability to redeem teammate are disabled.

Don’t forget to execute contracts

Contracts will not only help you get entertained but also make enough money. They have a huge dignity: every next reward will be higher.

Searching for boxes is one of the best contracts out there. You get a lot of goods, money and gas masks. And they are easy as a rule.

Contracts for the killing give more money, and other players can execute it instead of you. If someone else kills your target, you will receive a prize. If you are the target, then by killing your pursuer, you will also receive money.


There are more ways to travel the vast open world of Battle Royale than just a parachute and your own two legs. There are several types of ground vehicles in Warzone: ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck, Helicopter. One of the most useful is SUV because of narrow windows and fairly high speed.

But don’t forget that the player in the technique is the most vulnerable creature. At any opportunity, try to leave the car if they have opened fire on you, and there are shelters nearby. Only in an SUV, you can feel at least a little safe.

There is also a helicopter in the Battle Royale. It is the most useful vehicle on the map as it allows you to move in relative safety.

Boost your account

Don’t forget what boosting is and why you need it. If you are tired of moving to the top, you are failing, or you simply don’t have time, experienced boosters will do it for you. Choose a trusted boosting service that will guarantee the success of your account and boost your wins.

The Loot mode

The Loot mode allows players to explore the entire map of Verdansk without the threat of getting outside the circle and suffocating in a cloud of poisonous gas. There is simply no gas here, and the players’ task is not to survive but to earn as much money as possible. Unlike the “Royal Battle”, the amount of money scattered underfoot and in the boxes with equipment is significantly increased here, as well as the prizes for completing contracts. In addition, each killed player loses some of the money that you can pick up.

But be careful, the deceased player will land again in 20 seconds, and probably – right on your head. So skirmishes in the Loot mode don’t subside for a minute, however, if you wish, you can go somewhere aside from the main points of interest/battles and start to execute contracts and collect money, so it is quite possible to even get into the Top-3. And here a new danger awaits you. The three teams with the maximum total on the account are displayed on the map, and everyone can try their luck in the hunting.

Money collection methods:

– Search lootboxes on the ground (just like other items).

– Kill opponents. If the player didn’t have anything with him, nothing would drop.

– Execute contracts.

– Attack armed helicopter. The team can attack black helicopters (preferably with a rocket launcher) and destroy them. A lot of money will fall out of vehicles.

– Falling money. From time to time, planes fly around the map, dropping wads of money on the ground.

Other tips

how to win in CoD: Warzone

Don’t forget to look around, the best position for this is get the high ground Enemies can appear suddenly, so you need to always be on the lookout. Explore the surroundings to know where you can hide in a critical situation. And remember that the height gives you the upper hand over your rivals.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive with your enemies. The best defense is a good offense. So don’t spare bullets and smoke pellets, make your enemies leave the cover.

Tall buildings can be your advantage. Take the scouting contract. It is easier to catch and follow the enemy from the roof of a tall building. But remember, it’s better to shoot only when you have the advantage. Otherwise, you will be noticed and they can cause damage. If you need to get down quickly, use a parachute.

The colors of the items usually mean their quality. White is the most common, blue is most often rare.

The main thing is to mark opponents. It helps to inform your allies about the rivals.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a reaffirmation that royale battle remains and will continue to be one of the most popular, easily attracting record audiences within a short time Battle Royale. Not the brand itself, but its quality makes fans come back to this game again and again. It worth recommending and sharing with friends. So the new version has conquered and continues to conquer gamers from everywhere.

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