How to brush up your CoD multiplayer skills?

How to brush up your CoD multiplayer skills?

28 July 2020

Whether you are a novice or an advanced Call of Duty player, Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer will be the place to develop or improve your gambling skills. Nevertheless, you don’t need to rush to the battle thoughtlessly but prepare well in order to be not an ordinary player, but a winner.

The style of CoD multiplayer: Modern Warfare becomes more thoughtful, so you can forget about mindless running around. If you are on the move, the chances of being killed increase. Therefore, always look around and take aim more often. But as you know, caution will only prolong your life for a while, but won’t save you from death. The following tips will help you keep the situation under control and be an experienced player in the game.

CoD multiplayer skills

The best things to start

It will be really useful to go through the story mode for beginners, after which you can start with multiplayer. There you will master the basics of the CoD and get a closer look at the gameplay mechanics in online mode.

After that, it will be extremely useful to try new settings. For some reason, many players forget about this, although it is a very important step on the way to a good game.

Configure the following options:

– Sensitivity. The main settings for a gamepad are sensitivity and aiming. Try to increase the sensitivity and see what happens. Using these settings, you can quickly turn on a dime and shoot at the enemy from a close distance. It also affects the aiming speed, and this is very important due to the little TTK in the CoD multiplayer. Remember that you don’t have to shoot straight in the head, because the first person to open fire often wins.

– An instant U-turn can save lives more than once. Take the “Vigilance” perk, so you will always know that you have been noticed and get a chance to bring the fight.

– It would be better to turn off the rest of the options like inversion, acceleration, filtering, and smoothing. They will only bar the mouse sensors.

If you want to use a gamepad for playing on a PC, enable it in the options. Call of Duty doesn’t switch automatically, and it’s no longer possible to change the gamepad to a mouse during the match.

If you are playing on a console, you probably want to turn off crossplay to avoid players with a mouse and keyboard. To do this, go to “Options”, then “Account” and then “Crossplatform”.

A special option or campaign is the best to start with. They will also be an excellent base to start playing with A. I. opponents. Of course, you can just enjoy the game or improve your skills by gaining experience. Facing a more difficult enemy, you will be grateful that you tried these modes.

Studying your weapon

You won’t have time for this during the match. It’s best to prepare in advance and know that the shotgun is best for close-range shooting. And if you want to kill someone with a sniper rifle, don’t forget about the aiming. It is crucial not to forget about your weapon’s advantages and disadvantages because it can save your life at a critical moment.

Don’t reload your weapon constantly. This is the most common problem of players death in the CoD. Even if you want to be as ready for battle as possible, you don’t need to reload your weapon every 2 seconds. You cannot know where and when your enemy will be waiting for you, and if he catches you, during reloading, be prepared to die. It’s better to reload your gun when you have little bullets in a safe place near your allies. It will give you time, and you can do it as safely as possible.

Don’t be afraid to use new weapons.

Try a new CoD weapon and check out all the important characteristics in advance. In the new version of the Call of Duty, the silencer becomes more useful, since the shots’ damage is not reduced. Also, pay attention to the 725 shotgun, which will easily kill the enemy from a great distance. And the players consider the M4A1 rifle the best among other ones. To kill the enemy on the first try with a Molotov cocktail, hit him, and then he will be on fire and physically cannot escape.

Don’t spare grenades. Use them here and now.

Considering that you often have to die in the Call of Duty (at least for average players), keeping grenades by you is useless. Remember to use them without hesitation at every opportunity.

Take stun grenades, not flash ones. Stun grenades have one important advantage – they prevent the enemy from aiming. It gives you the upper hand over your rivals. In contrast, the blinded player can hide or shoot back and even hurt you. In addition,,you can have time to run around the other players with shields and kill them, in this way.

Grenades can be thrown through ventilation. It’s an easy way to smoke the enemy out of the room. There is no need to take risks and go towards windows or open doors.

You can also take claymore instead of grenades. Just place a mine on the passages and get a free kill. Get rid of them right away, don’t wait for the right moment. The use of claymores is frowned upon among the gamers. If you are also tired of explosives, take the EOD perk.

Now you can easily destroy UAV and personal radar

If earlier, it was a back-breaking task that requires a lot of ammunition, time, and effort, now this problem is easy to solve. Taking an assault rifle, you can get rid of the threat in the sky without teammates or allies . You don’t need to carry the launcher with you all the time anymore.

Use vehicles

CoD multiplayer vehicles

In Ground War mode, vehicles play an essential role but are often ignored by teammates. At the beginning of the battle, you are unlikely to get behind the wheel – there are too many willing. But a little later, instead of reviving closer to the center of events, return to the headquarters and take a tank or some other desired vehicle. In the middle of a match, the chances of getting transport are much higher. In addition, unlike helicopters, tanks are not shot so readily, which in some situations allows them to kill the enemy being almost untouchable.

Lie down, if someone starts shooting

The advice is situational. You will be shot in many cases, but sometimes it can work. For example, if there is a shelter nearby or you have already taken aim at the enemy, but he began to shoot back. In the latter case, the enemy must be close enough for you, but at long distances, on the contrary, you just put your head under the bullets.

The grass can be your cover

If you urgently need to hide from sight, and there is nothing suitable nearby, or you want to catch your opponent, tall grass will help you achieve your goal. It is best to crouch, crawl, and be quiet, and you will go unnoticed. This will help you shoot your opponent in the back when the opportunity arises. If your opponent is running straight to you, don’t hesitate, shoot him in the face. Otherwise he will do it first.

Don’t stay on the same place

Tall grass is great as a temporary cover for some purposes, but don’t camp. Of course, everyone used to find a good shelter to spend the whole game in one place, just killing opponents, but now Call of Duty’s developers are trying to abandon the habit of playing a passive game. Thus, there are fewer corners and more windows with each new version, which helps find you easily. So if you want to be in the CoD, play, move around the map, and don’t be afraid to take risks, because standing still is tedious and too dangerous.

Listen to steps

CoD multiplayer footsteps

You can almost always clearly hear the enemy’s steps because the footsteps here are loud enough to make players noticeable, so run less and listen more. Even if you don’t have headphones, it’s still worth targeting steps. When you know the map well, it becomes easier to define where the rival is hiding.

Pay attention that Dead Silence is not a perk, it’s a field temporary mode. It’s better not to use it until you sneak up to someone, for example, a sniper on the roof.

Don’t play in a hurry

Enjoy the game. Certainly, you used to run around all corners quickly, chaotically killing enemies, and constantly being in danger, but remember that in this way, your chances of dying are very high. Now the playing style has changed a lot. A low TTK will prevent you from quickly reacting to opponents waiting for you around the corner. Instead, it will be better to aim and remember to use the peek function to help you get out unscathed.

Shoot through thin walls and doors

shoot through walls CoD

Many surfaces in the Call of Duty can be easily shot through. That is, you can kill opponents through a wall or door. To get better results, upgrade your weapon to the Full Metal Jacket.

Play the objectives

You have an objective, the likelihood that you will take part in battles and win is increasing because you can focus on the objective. In addition, by capturing objectives, you gain your potential XP, and in order to win, you have to accept different challenges.

Boost your account

Don’t forget that there is boosting and you can easily bring your account to the top without applying much effort. Certain services will easily, quickly and effortlessly make your account perfect. Of course, it’s very important to choose the trusted server that will boost your wins right, without using tricks, because otherwise you can simply lose your account. By choosing a reliable service, boosters will make your account top-ranked.

How to level up and gain experience quickly?

Gaining experience and leveling up is one of the main goals here. The following tips and tricks make it easy for you to get to the top.

how to level up  CoD

– Try to do killstreaks. One kill gives 100 experience points, but this amount will increase if you kill several opponents in a row.

– In some modes, for example, “War,” they give less experience for killing enemies. The main thing here is to fulfill the goals of your team.

– The main rule is always to fulfill the goals of each mode. It’s not enough just to kill rivals. Therefore, it may be better to focus on capturing the flag, for example. The exception is the Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modes.

– If you capture a Hardpoint and kill several enemies while defending, you will get a bonus XP.

The same relates to the Domination mode. Capture the point, catch several enemies, and after it, move to another place.

Some more useful tips

• If you press the sprint button again while running, you will accelerate for a few seconds, but at the same time, when you stop, it will be more difficult to get the weapon. Use this advice only when you need to cross dangerous areas, and the risk of colliding with opponents behind the nearest passage is minimal.

• Call of Duty has two melee weapons – a shield and a knife. The first one allows you to absorb damage and hurt a group of opponents, which can be useful for defending points or attacking, while the second one kills the enemy with one hit.

• How to kill an opponent with a shield? Shoot at the legs or throw grenades.

Mix up, experiment

We all know the modes of Cod multiplayer and what they are responsible for. Use different modes, practice close-quarters combat, fight alone, hold the room with your teammates. All these skills will help you defeat your enemy easily.

Of course, you won’t find one general advice that will help you to be the best. But remember that by training in different modes, trying new things, you learn from your own experience how to play and win.

And the last important tip: have fun, enjoy the process, wins, and losses, with friends or alone. It’s only a game, after all.

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