Boosting Services For Call of Duty

Boosting Services For Call of Duty

01 June 2020

Warzone is a spin-off of the main Call of Duty. One map consists of 150 players, instead of 100. They said that the game field is going to increase to 200 players per match. This part of the game is made of the previous Call of Duty maps, but they’re also wholly new ones. The advantage of this game is when you land on the mainland, you already have pistol, magazine, and armor. If it weren’t so, you would be dead in the first 3 seconds. However, the main goal here is to kill your enemies. But to win in this game, you need to remain the last player on the map. This task is not made for weak, slow, and inattentive gamers. To confront all of your opponents, you need to have master skills, a bit of luck, and a strong desire to conquer. CoD Warzone basics are easy to learn, but it is more comfortable with assistance from the highly experienced gamers. Fortunately, we have these top-rate players to achieve any goal you want. Let’s get acquainted with the services you can order. 

Win Boosting

call of duty win boosting service

As in similar battle games, the CoD strategy tied up in wins, so you need a bunch of experience, perfect weapon skills, a high level of attention, and accuracy to earn points and lift up. Your game progress depends on how much XP you’ve got, these points increase your game Rank and eventually allows you to unlock level weapons and different items.

To achieve your desired goal, to level up your weapon and regular XP, you need to perform various missions and actions.

We are well aware that most parts of CoD players have their work, family lives and can have no time to sit and play for hours to achieve the needed number of XP and wins. Therefore we can offer you our top quality specialists with hundreds of playtime hours and the baggage of experience and wins. We can complete wins for you in no time playing in your account. All of our boosters are reliable and mature persons, that’s why your orders will be complete as fast as it is possible.

To start leveling up your account, tell us these details:

  • Your wins
  • Mode (Battle Royale or Plunder)
  • Platform (PC, PS4, XBOX)
  • Type of queue (squad, squad)
  • Server (Europe, the Americas, Oceania)
  • Priority order – we will complete your order 2x faster than others.
  • Play with booster – unique chance to learn how to play, details and get experience with our top gamer
  • Live stream – an ability to watch your booster while he’s playing
call of duty kill boosting service

Kill Boosting

As we said earlier, when you get specific XP points, you unlock the affordable weapons and items. This, in turn, increases your skill and allows you to kill more enemies with more accuracy. But there are various actions that you can make to achieve these desirable XP points. There are different actions to earn XP, for example, complete missions (the exact amount of kills), daily challenges (get 20 kills with certain guns), weekly challenges (get a high number of kills with a Molotov Cocktail).

The reasons why you read it can be different: you have a certain amount of time on playing CoD, you want to be the best you can by using our service, or you are not good at killing.

We did this boosting service exactly for these needs. Our best players can solve your problem and ease your life by adding all their experience to gain the necessary amount of kills for you.

We are more than sure that you’ll like our new chip. This chip allows you to play with our pro gamer together to achieve the desired goal. The main plus of this thing is that you can both play and learn from our booster to be the best you can in the future. This chip will improve your skills in any way.

Now you are inches away from your goals, and everything you need to do is to figure out what your order will consist of. We offer you the best we have, namely Live Stream option, Priority Order, two modes, a complete pack of three servers, queue, three regular platforms, and the desired number of kills. This set is everything we need to start boosting your account. Let’s do it now together!

Weapon Missions

call of duty weapon missons boosting

CoD Missions are the set of objectives grouped in every weapon mission. CoD has a lot of missions to pass, and each of them requires you to invest your time, efforts, and skills. The good thing about it is rewards. At first glance, there is nothing hard to complete them, but there’s one exception. Instead of running and killing your enemies and earn XP freely, you’ll be compelled to pass the missions. It can be a sort of fun for someone, but you may be an exception. That’s why you became interested in this service.

We prepared the best boosters who are ready to better your account by completing the missions you need.

Here you can find out what Missions we offer and the objectives that need to be completed:

  • Boot Camp (ping an enemy, collect a weapon in 1 different matches, survive 1 sec in a gas field and others)
  • This is My Yard (buy two killstreaks, get five kills with a standard weapon, earn top 15 placement with your team one time)
  • River Run (get two kills in a vehicle, complete any three contracts, kill three downed enemies and so on)
  • Big Business (complete any three contracts, collect 15 piles of cash from the ground)
  • Rocks and Box (buy three munitions box, start one contract at the river quarry)
  • Boats and Trains (destroy one enemy vehicle, use six armor plates, etc.)
  • Wound recovery (revive a teammate, buy a team back, start contract at the hospital)
  • Fresh Produce (get three kills with an epic weapon and 2 kills with a legendary gun, open ten caches)
  • High Roller (buy one loadout drops, survive 20 mins without being downed, start one contract at the military base)