What is Valorant

What is Valorant

07 July 2021

FPS games are very popular nowadays, many players decide to try some action. FPS games require good hardware, high reaction speed, and of course your tenacity because as in all other games, you should be ready that sometimes your allies will play unprofessionally and do some strange things rather than follow a rational game plan and do only informed tactical moves. Now, let’s move to today’s topic. Today we are going to tell you about a fresh-made shooter, and tell you – what is Valorant.

How Valorant was created

So, what is Valorant? Valorant is an FPS shooter from Riot Games, maybe you’ve heard about it with the name Project A. This new game collected heroes from the League of Legends, it was made with love by the most experienced Riot Games game developers.

Riots kept this project a secret because they wanted to announce this project to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the League of Legends. They announced this game as a new FPS with favorite heroes from League of Legends.

Players will fight in two different teams, five players for each team. The game will have some interesting game mechanics that were shown during the presentation.

What is the main feature is that Valorant collected the most popular and interesting features of this game genre. One of the most important aspects that the developer’s team was focused on, is optimizing the game and canceling all bugs.

It was important not only because of comfort or making the game generally better but also because of a plan to compete with other popular FPS in the future. Riot Games are sure that their new product will be very successful in the Esports Arena. That’s why they were so focused on the stable working of the game.


As for gameplay – everything is good, developers promised to make a good balance of heroes. As we said before, the battle goes between two teams, five versus five, it’s a normal format for this game genre.

valorant shooting

The shooting system will be focused on accuracy, which means that players will have to learn to aim specifically to the head, body shots will have less damage.

Heroes also have some important features that you should know before playing:

  • Choosing a hero. The first one is that you will have only one attempt to choose a hero, you will not be able to change your choice till the end of the match. Even if you want to choose another hero during the break between rounds – it will still be impossible.
  • Heroes abilities. Developers made a set of unique abilities for every character. The player can have up to four abilities in his battle setup, but he will have only two of them at the beginning of the match. The other two abilities should be added during the break between rounds. To fill your setup with a new ability, you should drop some of your weapons to free the sell for the ability.
  • Money and equipment. The sad fact is that if you die – you lose all your weapons and money. So, you should be careful and try to live in the round as long as possible, of course being active and helping your team.

There were the main points, and you better remember these general pieces of advice. A few more words about the abilities, of course, they are useful and various, and you can build a very effective setup and game plan, but you should realize that they are more like additional buff, because the main focus in this game is on shooting. You should focus on training your aiming skills because your abilities could have a long time of cooldown, but the only time of cooldown that your weapon has is reloading, and it’s often short. 

valorant fp

Another important aspect that refers both to FPS games, and abilities is timing. As we mentioned earlier, using abilities can influence the match, but only if you use the right ability at the right moment. It sounds simple, but many players do not realize that they try to spam by their skills, while their enemies just make perfect headshots without spending ready abilities, and winning the round.

Heroes and classes

As for heroes, they all are different, with unique features. They all are interesting, because of the possible variety of strategies that you can build with them.

Some of them are good at defending their allies and could be used to defend points that are important for the team to win the round. Scout is a different class of hero, he has high mobility and less armor, the most preferable tactic for him is to rush and give the info to the team, about seen enemies and their location.

Developers also add a support class, which is represented by healers. The healer’s main role in the battle is to cure the allies, but they also have a unique ability that allows them to reanimate recently killed teammates.

Another interesting class that was made for those who love stealth is controllers. They have high mobility like a scout, but they prefer not to rush, but to hide somewhere with a rifle and wait. They also can become invisible for a short time, to change their position, it’s very useful for any stealth tactical moves.


The weapon is ordinary for this game genre:

  • Pistols – additional weapon, that is effective on a short distance
  • Sniper rifles – have great damage and could be very effective on a long distance, but require high accuracy from the player
  • Shotguns – for those who love extreme, they are very effective on a very short distance
  • Rifles – universal class, effective on a short and middle distance, have an automatic mode of fire
  • Heavies – have a very high rate of fire, but bad accuracy. Could be a perfect weapon to defend points and for a barrage.

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