Rocket League Strategy Guide

Rocket League Strategy Guide

10 July 2021

Developers blended amazing visuals, deep customization, fast-paced gameplay, and strategy-based concepts in the Rocket League. The person who never played the game could ask what is challenging to drive a car and knock a ball into a net. This is easy, isn’t it? Well, the Rocket League is not quite simple as an outsider can think. Strategy is the essential thing if you want to win in the game. Our team decided to make a Rocket League strategy guide. This material will take you through everything you need to remember to create fabulous and fun strategies.

The First rule in the Rocket League strategy

Our team decided to make this rule our number One because this is crucial to understand to start playing better. The first rule: Move around and do not stay in the same place. It is frustrating to see when top-notch, higher rank players do the same thing during the match. This strategy doesn’t work. Stop trying to stay in one place. You have to move around the map.

Do not violate the 1st Rocket League Strategy rule.

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We beg you, stop rushing for the same ball. Our team consists of aggressive players, so this rule was hard for us. However, we figured out that we won more if one or two of our teammates go for the ball. When the whole team is rushing the ball, you just mess each other up. We can not tell you how frustrating it is to call a shot and have someone from your team disturbing your plans. You are sabotaging yourselves. When your teammate goes up for the shot, do not follow him or her. Remain on the ground or play support. It will be much more effective if you stop messing up with each other’s plans. Stop sabotaging your team!

Overly aggressive play. Every member of our team loves playing aggressively. It is fun, engaging, and enjoyable. However, aggressive play can cause defeat. There are few situations where an entire team should be attacking all at once. The reason for it is that the single rebound from the enemy team and everyone is retreating to defend their gates and shoot towards the enemy. The teammate stumbles upon each other and starts to accuse other players. When you see that your teammate goes after the ball, go back to your base or provide support. Do not intervene with the plans of team members.

Overly passive play. We are aware that we dedicated the whole paragraph to scolding aggressive teams. However, it is essential to find the right balance between overly aggressive play and too passive. Overprotection provides control over the whole field for your enemies. They can attack, fall back, regroup and attack once more. The entire team doesn’t have to defend the gates when the threat occurs. You need to provide every player with a particular role and convince him to stick to it. It is tough to implement, but you will nail every single match if you do it correctly. Besides that, it is essential to communicate and understand what your teammate is going to do.

Be humble in your Rocket League strategy.

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You need to admit that you are not the greatest player of whole times. It is possible, but chances are slim. It is more like you will miss shots, whiff sometimes, and just be the wrong player. This tip is not essential if you are a professional cybersport player, you can skip this part. Everyone else, listen to this Rocket League strategy tip. Don’t be an island. Rocket League is a team game. Use your teammates. The winners always work with other players on their team to achieve the common goal. Sometimes you’ll run into pro gamers that can deal with the entire enemy team and win the match solo, but those are pretty rare. In the majority of the situations, Rocket League is an evenly matched game. Rely on your teammates and be sure that they can rely on you.

A short note: We are playing Rocket League long enough to understand that the works mentioned above in theory, but sometimes, your teammates just terrible. They are throwing, or drunk, or sleepy, or laggy, but they’re not reacting to your attempts to build the concise strategy. We are not talking about those players. Sure, it’s great when you can successfully convince people to do their share. But we recommend you focus on teamwork and getting the ball to the player that can use it effectively.

Teammate thoughts in Rocket League strategy

Every Rocket League can relate to this situation. You see that your teammate has the ball right in front of him. It is an easy shot. However, he missed it. You are frustrated because this shot was so easy that you could hand your control to your cat, and it would hit the ball. Thus, Rocket league strategies highly depend on communication with other players. Communication is vital for every multiplayer game. If everyone is aware of what their teammates are doing, it is much easier to win.

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Summary of Rocket League strategy guide

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Rocket League is a great game. It is entertaining, fun, and breathtaking. However, it is much more enjoyable when you are winning, and grand strategy is the essential part of winning the game. In this Rocket League Strategy guide, our team provided you with knowledge about the most common mistakes and gave you solutions to them. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope that our advice will help you to create effective Rocket League strategies.