How to become a winner in Heroes of the Storm?

How to become a winner in Heroes of the Storm?

11 August 2020

Are you sure you’re a good player? You can’t get to the top because of the wrong team? Many players don’t like team games because it’s always so difficult to agree with each other. But if you chose Heroes of the Storm, you have to accept that you and your mates should work together as a unit. Moreover, team games have lots of advantages: your mates will always come to your aid and share their experience, knowledge, or weapons, and your enemies will always be scared of the whole crowd of fighters. Two heads are better than one. Right? The following tips and tricks will help you take a firm position and make your team the best one.


Many players used to rush in search of “play”? It’s their common mistake. It’s not about the game itself, but about your physical condition. Have a snack, keep the water bottle next to you, and make sure you feel good — no need to play in a bad mood. You will only make it worse. The game should be pleasant, enjoyable, but not harmful to health. The bad mood is often the cause of mistakes and losses. Therefore try not to play during this period.

Don’t forget about arm stretching and vision training. It will help you get rid of unnecessary problems in the future. Hands pain and poor eyesight are the main players problems

Don’t forget to take breaks. Regardless of the activity, you should have a rest. Set yourself a limit: take a rest for 20 minutes after every fifth round. Or, reward yourself with a break for playing well several matches in a row. If you lose, you will need to have a break to return to the match with renewed energy and a good mood. Remember that the more tired you are, the worse you play. You may not notice it and get angry at the “bad allies,” but you will be more confident about your abilities after you rest.


Find time to study the map. As well as training, the map is an essential step in preparation for the Heroes of the Storm. Use all the available information to ease your path to victory. Low-level players often don’t study the map unnecessarily to have an edge from the start. Choose a few interesting places that might be useful. And use them against unsuspecting enemies.

Map in Heroes of the Storm


Don’t forget to customize HotS. There is no need to do it if you don’t want to play well. When your mouse behaves oddly, make it less sensitive. Alternatively, adjust it to the pace you used to play.

It’s also a useful trick to bind the “A” button to the cursor. Thus, your hero will follow the cursor, and if the opponents appear nearby, you will attack the nearest one. This setting works best for Heroes of the Storm because it affects more enemies.

Settings in Heroes of the Storm

Practice, practice, and practice again

Play a quick match for practice. You won’t lose anything getting into a random team. You can experiment, get to know other players, expand your horizons here. Don’t be afraid to lose. After all, the path to victory is thorny. Only after going through many battles and getting to know your opponents well you’ll start the game with the chosen team and defeat your opponents. This way, you can see what other players and the heroes they play are capable of.

Practice in Heroes of the Storn

If you are very self-confident and sure you don’t need practice, try just one match. It will show off all your abilities. Without preliminary preparation, be sure that you guarantee your team a loss in 99%. It will also prevent you from using and learning all of the character’s traits in a calm atmosphere.

The team is the key to success

Heroes of the Storm is a team game. Learning to play as a team is the main rule. It doesn’t matter how well you play alone because you won’t even win the first match without a team. The developers did everything possible to unite the players: you will have to share the whole team’s experience points. You cannot get to the top alone. So it’s better to make friends with teammates.


Use chat, cheer your allies up after a death. Write that they are great players. No matter how bad they are, you can only help them with support. Your discontent will definitely be inappropriate; it will only distract. If you notice something, tell them. Sometimes we don’t see the obvious things like when the enemies have low health or attack the boss.

It would be better not to use chat during the match. Every second you spend typing a reply, you are wasting time that may be spent on something important. So use the chat in extreme cases, or if you know for sure that you are safe.

Use basic communication signals. Communication is crucial in HotS, so when you are about to do something out of the plan or kill an opponent who suddenly appears, show it to the team. Of course, if you use voice communication, this isn’t necessary. However, if you don’t, there is not always time to chat. Use the surrounding objects to let your team understand your plans. Such signals help to raise the level of interaction, taking team play to the next level.

You can develop your own alarm system, for example, one signal – something needs to be discussed, two – there is danger nearby, three – we change the plan. If you are well as a player, take on a leadership role. This way, your team members will follow you, and the signals will be used successfully. But don’t risk without a real necessity by getting your team in the wrong. Let the enemy’s team take risks, and you better stick to the tactic and plan.

Don’t get lost

It’s better to move and act next to the team. Even if you follow the defense tactic, you should take part in massive battles. Don’t want to play as a team? You will lose all together.

Don't get lost in Heroes of the Storm

Even if you see that the team’s plan is too risky or completely failed, follow it at least to help them in the battle. After all, the players won’t blame you for their loss in this way. Someday you will see an opportunity to do something incredible. It comes with experience, so don’t be surprised that you may not be able to do it right here and now. Trust your sixth sense. In such cases, you will receive all or nothing, but don’t be discouraged. The main thing is to go towards your goal and gain experience confidently.


It’s essential to combine your team’s attacks. To attack alone is unprofitable, as everyone is trying to be a team. You need to focus on the right enemies and watch out for the most dangerous in the ideal case. Attack together, combining your capabilities. Discuss your attacks in advance. It’s the way most teams win. It usually comes with experience, so practice more and try to stick to this advice.

Choose the right tactic and character

All characters belong to certain classes, so the choice of your tactic directly depends on the character you choose. When you play as a tank, stay on the front line. Everyone should be in the right place and do their job. Therefore, carefully read about your character before buying.

Of course, every fighter is good at his sphere, but don’t forget that the team must consist of strong and weak players. There cannot be a team with only tanks or healers. Choose characters that fit the whole team to organize the work correctly.

Right tactic and character in HotS

Start with a basic set of characters. Your chances of winning are greatly increased when you have several characters and train in different areas. If you like a character, use it, but don’t stay in the same role for a long time. Variety is essential at HotS. There are times when a team will need only killers. Don’t disappoint your team with unprofessional play.

Be patient during the selection stage. If you are aggressive, the only thing you will achieve is a spoiled mood and relationships with allies. Don’t be afraid of supporting your teammates. Taking a chance and trying to play with adorable characters may be the best decision of your life! Indeed, you can lose and prove that you were right. But it’s not worth spoiling everyone’s mood from the beginning. Just put up with it.


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Useful tips and tricks

  • Avoid heroes whose talents are closed. It would be better to figure them out in advance.
  • Adapt to the pace of the HotS. Know how to fight and defend. If things don’t go according to plan, back down for some time. Flexibility will always be a useful quality.
  • A good tactic is to damage and retreat to see how the fight goes and find new opportunities to win. It’s beneficial to look at the big picture from the outside.
  • Control the map. If you’ve studied the map with our advice, that’s great. However, don’t forget to keep an eye on the map during the match. Don’t do it every second, or you won’t have time to play at all. Nevertheless, don’t be lazy to open and monitor it from time to time.
  • Use more keys. Don’t stop at the standard keyset. You can do more! The space bar will help you close the map and return to the hero. Use the ‘S’ button for better movement. It allows you not to waste time and gain an advantage over the enemy.
  • Be a good loser. If your ally has died at the very beginning of the round, just give up. There is no point in playing if your team has one less person. Just accept it and back off.
  • Support teammates. You can be angry, get annoyed, and even yell at them, but they shouldn’t know about it. Build a team.
Useful tips and tricks of how to win in Heroes of the Storm
  • Don’t put the carriage before the horse. Self-confidence is always overkill. Even one surviving enemy can harm the team. So get the job done and then celebrate.
  • Set goals. Having a small goal will make winning easier. It’s tough to constantly give a hundred and ten percent to win the round. It’s easier to defeat a specific enemy or round. When your goal is right in front of you, the desire to achieve it grows.
  • If you are losing, ambush in the fog of war near the boss. Enemies will more likely try to spy out. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a few kills.
  • Find a worthy opponent. Better fight strong players and aim for more than go down with the weak. Compete with worthy enemies, study their tactics, and learn to become one of them.
  • You cannot save everyone. Don’t try to save a dying ally. Of course, you need to protect your team members, but there is no point in rushing to his aid if they are doomed. You are putting both you and a team at risk because they lose two players at once.
  • There are games you don’t play to win. It could be your best training field. Start there to get into Heroes of the Storm and hit your opponents from the very beginning.

The way to victory won’t be easy. Someone definitely needs experience, and another one needs a worthy opponent. Maybe you just need a boost to get to the top quickly. Nevertheless, only by following these tips you will play better.

Believe in yourself, and enjoy the Heroes of the Storm.

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