Become the winner in Valorant following these tips!

Become the winner in Valorant following these tips!

11 August 2020

As soon as Valorant was released, many shooter fans were immediately interested in it. The game is exciting, eventful, and catches your attention from the first sight. If you are a beginner and want to understand how to play or are already an experienced player but want to improve your skills, the following tips are for you.

Practice before matches

Don’t rush to start searching for “play” because you will have almost no time to study the location during the battles: it will take too many deaths and defeats. Instead, create a custom game and start the match to explore each map alone and prepare for real battles calmly.

Main tactic

Don’t forget that Valorant is a team game, so it’s essential to be united, listen and hear, and help each other. Communication, communication, and communication again. Make joint decisions, develop a plan, attack together. One man is no man, better fight with the team, but a whole team is tough. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you cannot move separately, but it’s better to discuss your intentions with teammates. If things don’t go as planned, try to adapt and alert allies of danger. It’s one of the basic rules on the way to victory.

Main tactic in Valorant

Choosing the character and abilities

As you get into the Valorant, the first choice you make is your character. Each Agent opens a new ability every round. You pay for all other needs on your own: weapons, protection, or abilities, find all this on the menu. Skills most often work well combining with other ones, so you can negotiate choices with the whole team to get you the upper hand over your enemies.

The choice of abilities is extensive: you can find your opponents’ location, create temporary walls, or use a smoke grenade to make your rivals blind for some time. Make a choice basing on useful features and your financial capabilities.

Every Agent has his ultimate abilities that provide them with unique powers. You can influence your team’s entire play, by applying this power in the right way. To use ults all the time, you need to charge them, just like a phone. But you have to charge them not from electricity, but by killing your rivals and collecting skills (orbs all over the map). If the charge is 100%, help the whole team, give all of you to hit the opponents. Don’t use the ults for too long, as you may need another one at a critical moment, but it will be discharged.

Remember to use your abilities. They are very helpful, indeed. Of course, it’s great when you’re good at shooting, but what if your opponent is also quite good at killing? Abilities always give you an edge over the rival with a gun.

It’s hard to say who is the best Agent. It would be better to choose the character that suits you. Try playing using several agents. The main thing is to decide on the Agent’s abilities, which should coincide with the chosen tactics. It is also essential to select the character that fits the team well.

Learn the map

At the beginning of every shooter, it would be useful to learn the map where you will fight with opponents. The map in Valorant has its own exciting places that will help you win faster, easier, and to set up an ambush at an unexpected place.

Learn the map in Valorant

For example, you can climb high and shoot down unsuspecting rivals. Find the best places, learn the location, and use your abilities there. Having 2 or 3 particular areas on the map will ensure you win.

Don’t forget about the minimap. You can use it to keep an eye on your allies. It allows you to see icons that show where your teammates are looking. It helps define where the threat is and where help is needed quickly.


Many newbies make the same mistake of wasting money. Don’t forget that Valorant is a team game, so your success depends on each player. Communicate with your mates, especially during the purchasing stage. It allows defining how much money someone has and what you can buy to the better complement team game.

Money in Valorant

You can find weapons, armor and skills in the store, but money for the whole team won’t be enough, as usual. Therefore, it would be better to ask allies to buy some things for you. You may also leave a request for the items you want. It is crucial to pay attention to the requests of teammates. If you have extra credits, the best solution is to buy your allies the desired weapon or armor.

Tip: spare money. Don’t buy novelties after every round. Players often try to spend as little as possible to defeat the rivals with a full set as a result. Don’t forget to spend all the money before the 12th round. After that, your balance will be reset.

You can get credits in Valorant in several ways:

– Killing your opponents;

– For a good round;

– You are guaranteed to get money at the end of every round: the winner gets more, the loser – less.


Playing, you can choose a useful weapon and basic ones. Of course, the gun you get right from the start won’t be the best shotgun, because you would just be reluctant to buy a new one.

You start each new match with a certain amount of credits. Even when you lose, you get consolation money, so each player has a certain amount of money. But if you are in the winners’ team, you will receive a weapon as a prise at the and, so there is simply no point in spending credits on it. Don’t forget that opponents’ guns can also be yours. So you need to make a choice and purchase of weapons seriously.

Which is the best one?

Knife. The knife is not accidental in this list. Since the players are in no hurry to kill each other in Valorant, you will usually move slowly. But the knife allows the character to move faster. If you try different weapons, you will notice that some guns and SMGs have the same effect.

Vandal. This rifle will help you inflict heavy damage on your opponent with a definite hit. You can use it both at long and close distances.

Phantom. Use this weapon for proper aim and big gunfights. This rifle has less recoil, so it is easier to use.

Aiming is very important

The aim is one of the essential elements, so you need to get serious about setting it up. Choosing the type of aim, its color, improving the transparency, and even the thickness increases your chances of hitting the target.

Don’t forget that it’s better to aim at the head, thus using almost any weapon you will get rid of the enemy with one shot.

Try to keep the aim at the level of the enemy’s head while moving. Don’t lower your aim to the ground. But even if you did that, you can quickly focus and kill the rival, with the aim’s right set.

Tip: train your skills and aim more often at the opponent’s head before the match.

First stop, then shoot

As it was mentioned above, most players prefer to shoot when they are standing still. And it’s essential, especially in Valorant. It’s better to combine this prompt with slowly walking. If you notice an enemy while moving, stop and aim, after that you should pull the trigger. When your enemy is already nearby, and you don’t know whether it will be better to shoot moving or aim, decide for yourself: one accurate shot or a lot of wasted bullets.

How to shoot in Valorant

If shooting and running at the same time is your dream, it’s better to practice beforehand. Your bullets will hit the enemy and not pass by. Combine your shooting skills with a slowly walking. Sneak up to your opponent, stop for a second, and after that, start the fire. The first shots will be more accurate, and you use fewer bullets.

Forget about the rush

The rounds in Valorant are limited in time, but there is no need to rush here. In most cases, you will be easily killed being in a hurry. It’s worth remembering that the TTK in Valorant is not long enough, so it will be simply impossible to revive until the end. By the way, all the rivals will hear your run, so you should do it only in extreme cases.

Most players choose to remain still throughout the action, making it easier to hit the target, especially when it’s moving.

Listen to your enemies

If you’ve ever played a shooter, you know that a headset is essential. It allows hearing your rivals before they appear. Therefore, it’s crucial not only to be able to move quietly but also to listen to your enemies.

What actions sound loud:

– Abilities. Some of them are quite noisy. Even the name of the ability always shows the loudness: Rolling Thunder, for example. But healing or Cloudburst won’t get much attention.

– Reloading weapons. When you need to reload your gun, it’s better to find cover to stay unnoticed.

– Shootout. Each pull of the trigger will show your opponents where you are. So if you have killed the enemy, try to get away from the attack area as quickly as possible.

– Run. As mentioned above, you should better move slowly. Take your time unless you are sure that there is no enemy nearby.

Listen to your enemies in Valorant

– Jump. Don’t jump unnecessarily; it may be unawares loud.

Walking, crouching, aiming, and changing weapons don’t make any sounds.

Remember: when you’re loud, you can use the map to see the area where rivals are able to hear you.

Extraneous sounds can interfere with hearing the enemy, so it would be none the worse for turning off the in-music before starting. You can reduce the voice-over tab to keep your mates from annoying you, but it’s better not to turn it off completely. Since Valorant is a team game, they can discuss something important there.


Armor in Valorant

Don’t ignore the armor. Both newbies and experienced gamers are in a hurry to buy a weapon. And it’s logical, but many people forget that you don’t need the best shotgun or the most powerful abilities after your death. Having very few credits, it is better to buy cheap armor and continue saving for weapons, but not vice versa. Your armor will become your additional health, as it protects against 80% of damage. Your life will be much shorter without it.


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Briefly about the main

Valorant is a tactical shooter that aims to track down and kill your enemy. It’s not an ordinary fire-fight where you can die and quickly revive.

Don’t kid yourself by the relaxed pace. It only seems at first that you are safe, and there is no need to rush anywhere. But if you are skillful enough, you can kill the enemy team with just a few bullets, so are they.

The more you move, the less accurately you play. This is the main mistake. Runners die first.

Important tips for playing in Valorant

To be a winner, you need to learn all the Valorant’s nuances well, choose the right tactics, and follow it. If you noticed one enemy, it’s better to give yourself time to aim. If there are several ones, shoot in bursts and take cover. Don’t forget about abilities that give you an edge. Following these tips will save your life and make your game more exciting.

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