Become the best player in League of Legends!

Become the best player in League of Legends!

11 August 2020

League of Legends is not an easy game. But those players who have already opened it know for sure that LoL is worthy of the highest praise. And the statistics speak for themselves: more than 8 million people play it every day!

Sometimes it seems very difficult or almost impossible to master the basics of League of Legends for new players, but this is not at all the case. There are plenty of game interactions and tricks in League of Legends that players often overlook, but they can be very useful in many cases.

If you are a beginner, keep practicing. It’s not something to be missed in League of Legends. It will be difficult for you to understand the League of Legends and quickly become frustrated without training. So the best advice for novices is: take your time!

Welcome to League of Legends! This is how your journey begins. If you decide to start with training, you will need to go through 3 stages, after which you will master the in-game controls, the map, and be able to buy equipment. This base will help you start a battle with bots and exploring the game and characters. It’s essential to know what abilities and modes the champions have in LoL. Being acquainted with all the stages thoroughly, you will become a confident fighter.

How to choose a character?

How to choose a character in LoL

Characters will not be immediately available here. You will only be able to choose among ten champions. In the League of Legends, you can use the in-game currency (Blue Essence), which allows you to buy different characters. But of course, the beginners get a few free ones. At the same time, the characters change every week. It helps to look at the characteristics of a variety of champions and to choose the one desired. How to make money? Complete LoL’s missions, thereby increasing the level of your account. A little more tip: don’t forget to drop by the store from time to time, even if you have not yet enough money for the desired goal. There are often sales in the store, to buy your favorite champion at a good discount.

Take into account the following parameters: the class, playing role, and location. Since not all characters are equally well suited for areas like Twisted Treeline or All Random All Mid. You can find out if your champion is suitable for battles in these locations in the store.

What are the best items to buy?

Of course, when you first enter the store, you will immediately be confused. There are a lot of items, but remembering all their characteristics is merely impossible. The best choice here would be to choose the recommended ones. Over time, you will already understand which item is most suitable for your champion, but some points may help you at the beginning:

– Pay attention to the opposing team. Identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if the enemy’s main damage is magical, buy protection from magic. If you see that your enemy has a defensive item, choose an attack that will help break through that defense.

– Increase your damage using items. Defense tactic is good, but you will have to abandon them sooner or later, as your team won’t go further.

– It is crucial to buy a health potion before starting to play.

– Pay attention to the speed of your attack and movement.

– Increase mana regeneration, especially useful for mages and supports.

– You can see what items your allies or rivals bought by pressing the TAB button.

League of Legends for Beginners: Top 5 Tips

Of course, your level depends only on you and your efforts. Following these tips will help you reach heights faster:

– Study the characters;

– Bots are great opponents for new champions;

– Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced player for advice;

– Practice, practice, and practice again!

If you are no longer a beginner but still want to improve your skills, the following tips will help you not get left behind.


Chat in LoL

It’s a very controversial issue. Is it worth spending time chatting, and if so, how much? Sometimes you can find out something interesting in the chat, but there are often jokes or curses there. You don’t need to read all this stuff. It would be better to focus on the game and not lose your vigilance at this time.

Control the situation

Certainly, forgetting about the chat will help, but you still need to monitor the map from time to time. There are nine other players except you on the battlefield, so attention really won’t be excessive. If you cannot find your opponent, there is a risk that he is near you. What if your opponent will suddenly start attacking? Look around, there may be his teammates nearby. If you want to be one step ahead of your rivals, remember to be in control.

You’re on your own

Your teammates are well aware of the rule: the defeat of the team means that you (and only you) were not good enough. To confidently go up, playing on equal terms with your opponent is not enough. It is your responsibility to win and help your teammates. It is possible. The main thing is to play with all your might.

Give a hundred and ten percent

Make your rivals adapt to you, and not vice versa. Use aggression, take risks if it is necessary. This tactic can be the key to your victory. Look for your limit. Death is not scary. Search the limit of your opponents, so you will study well those you will fight with. Remember to play at full capacity, but never cross the line.

Choose your favorite champions

It doesn’t matter what others say. If your favorite character is not the most popular, but you like him, take him and don’t even hesitate. You will be more effective by playing the way you like than by following someone else’s rules. Pick just a few of your favorite champions and a couple of tactics. It’s the best decision in the fight for the championship.


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Of course, there are some tricks you can use to get things done faster. All these tricks can be divided into honesty and dishonesty.


  • When you left the lane (top, mid, bot) and you have no money for a ward, do the following trick: buy pots and move them so that you have an empty slot between items and pots as if you had a ward, but you have already set it and when you return to the lane, do not come directly, but from the river. As if you went to ward.
  • If you are a jungler and the gank was unsuccessful, pretend to leave, and go to the second round after 5 seconds and gank again. This simple trick works surprisingly fast.
  • When you are a jungler, try to gank at 2nd level. If it’s successful, give the red buff to your topper. It will give you the advantage.
  • If your team has someone who likes to play alone, it is best to get the whole team to follow him. It gives a lot of advantages: he won’t leave alone, you will be able to attack with the entire crowd in unexpected places, and this will create the appearance of cohesion and teamwork, which will undermine the enemy’s confidence in victory.
  • If your team leads and the time is approaching the 20th minute, set an ambush of the mid lane: push, demolish the tower, and kill someone. It puts a lot of pressure on enemies, and many will try to surrender — the more successful the ambush, the better. While your rivals were lying in ambush for 3 minutes and waited under the tower, you were showing your advantage. They would better give up without wasting time on a game they consider losing. This tactic surprisingly often bears fruit.
  • If you are in the forest, and wolves are chasing you, and you have lost sight of the enemies, make a recall in the wolf camp’s corner. You will find a “magic place” where you can hide and attack using flash or dash in the very corner.
  • If the rival has an oracle, and you have extra staff, you can try to cheat – lure the enemy to the bait – place the staff where it will be visible to the enemies (avoid those who have oracle) and ambush. As soon as the enemy gets close, attack him with the whole team!
Honest tricks of how to win in LoL
  • Playing as a strong initiator-tank (Amumu, Galio, etc.) against a team with a blitz, pretend to be frightened and unwilling to be noticed. Stand behind corners and thin walls so that you are not in the blitz’s line of sight, but minions, staves, and other enemies would show him where you are, and nothing would prevent him from noticing you. Many blitz gamers will merely out of habit pull out anyone hiding. As soon as you are pulled out, rejoice and consider that you have just made 2-3 flashes to the very center of the rivals’ crowd. The main thing is to tell the team about your plans so that they don’t scatter. But this “trick” doesn’t work against smart enemies.
  • Always be aware of what is negatively affecting you. Abilities affecting you are elementary to detect if enemies have such items as Frozen Hart. Knowing your enemies’ weaknesses is as important as knowing your ones.
  • If you are playing against Karthus and are afraid of his ultimate, always carry a red elixir. Drink it when he tries to kill you.
  • If you are on top or mid and the enemy has AoE (Area Of Effect) for (Orianna, Ziggs, Karthus), hide in the minions’ crowd. The enemy will push the lane, thereby making it easier for you and making it harder for his jungler to gank.

Not very honest:

  • Playing as Orianna. throw the ball in the middle of the lane to the enemy. It is very annoying, pressing and makes your opponents unfocused, which gives you time to attack or run away.
  • Pretend that you are standing AFK under the tower. When the rivals try to kill you, catch them and counterattack.
Not very honest tricks of how to win in LoL
  • Make fun of your enemies in the chat, comment every their mistake, laugh, etc. It causes aggression and a strong desire to kill you. But they will also be out of control because of their anger.
  • You can distract the enemy through an aggressive method and talks about the weather, news, and other exciting topics. Remember that by distracting your enemy, you are distracting yourself. So don’t forget to look at the map from time to time.

First think, then act

Certainly, this is the simplest advice, but it is no less important. Always consider your capabilities and your opponent’s strengths. Never think that victory is already in your hands, even if it is obvious. Try to come up with a plan and follow it. The risk may be the right solution in some situations, albeit inconsistently. So the right strategy will be the key to long-term success.

First think, then act in LoL

Victory! Everyone who plays League of Legends wants to hear this victory exclamation at the end of the match. Of course, it’s not easy to reach the top and stay the best for a long time. But following these tricks and tips, you can achieve your goals faster.

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