Boosters for League of Legends

Boosters for League of Legends

26 May 2020

Achieving specific peaks helps you feel more confident, but also to use the experience as a fuel for future achievements. This applies both to real life and games.

We know how important it is for you to earn points and to maintain your place in Leagues and Divisions. This is not an easy job. But if you are a beginner, we will help you get to level 30 and ensure participation in rating games.

However, if you are a seasoned player and feel that your abilities do not match your rating, teammates are very weak and inexperienced and pull the whole team down – we have a solution. Our pro boosters will upgrade your account in no time. They will help you to get out of the marsh swamp of losses and put you in a row with experienced participants from around the world.

Why You Need It?

As we said earlier – the more wins you have, the higher your League and Division. So, if you are new to LoL, we make a quick trip on how this game works and how we can help.

The structure is as follows: you need to work hard and play a countless number of games to jump the next Leagues. Each division is passed if you have 100 points and 3 qualifying matches. If you lose 6 times per new Division, you come back to the previous one.

Now you can see that this game is not about simple steps and accessible ways. The time you spent on achieving Divisions and Leagues is in direct proportion to your game success.

how league of legends boost works

How It Works?

We offer you a simple way to gain your desired Rank without any efforts and additional nerves. Points and experience are the keys to an efficient game. For this matter, you can play with our booster together to learn how to act at specific points. We offer you three queue options:

  • Solo/Duo – play with pro-gamer
  • Flex – boost your Rank with more than 4 gamers
  • 3×3 – game mode with one booster in

Let us know your Current and Desired Level, so we have something to go on and find you the best appropriate gamer. To raise up, your account we also need to know your Current LP and LP gain. This is for our booster to know how much time and games he needs. You can choose the server that you play. We have 10 different servers, including Korea, North America, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Oceania, and others.

Additional Features:

Live stream – is made for you to monitor the game process. You can also chat with the booster any time he is playing. 

Priority Order – for those impatient buyers who want to see the immediate result with his own eyes.

league of legends win boosting

Win Boosting

What is It and What You’ve Got?

The strategy of LoL is as follows: a certain number of wins can get you up to the next League and Division. This service allows you to rely on us and buy the desired amount of wins. The situation you have can be different: you can be in Silver League and Division II and stuck here because of a weak team, or you can be newbie having no experience.

All these situations are solvable. We can win the needed number of games. It doesn’t matter which League you belong to.

The next League is open for you if you win 3 of 5 battles. We can raise it up to 5 wins. As for Divisions, you have 3 games to pass to level up the subsequent one, where 2 of 3 must be won. We can get this done with three out of three wins that can be yours. This way, your booster can get you to the desired Division.

The things we need to start boosting your account:

  • The amount of Your wins
  • Queue (solo/duo, 3×3, flex)
  • Your server
  • Current Rank
  • Live Stream (if you want to watch your booster playing)
  • Priority Order (turn on this option to speed up your order)
league of legends placements boosting

Placement Matches

On reaching the 30 levels, you are able to play rating games. But there is an indispensable condition to reach the next Division and League: you need to pass required Placement Matches. The total number of Matches is 10.

The Top specialists can help you go through these 10 games with maximum points and minimum time. They will do their best to lift you to the top possible League. Existing experience boosters use for personal gamers guide if you want to play with our gamer.

Make sure you will have these cherished Placement Matches with our boosting service.

The terms for this type of boosting as in our past services. Take your time, choose the quality.

DuoQ Boosting

This type of boosting was created for those who cannot sit around while the gamer is upgrading their account. The boosting time is often different ranging from a couple of hours to a few weeks. That’s why we created this type of game; so the gamers can stay active while booster does the job.

MMR Boosting

Now when you can play a ranked game, you can benefit from our service. This simple boost offers you MMR improvement. Let’s unpack this.

MMR is your game rating that defines the player you can meet, taking into account what skills you have. This also consists of how many League Points you win and lose per game. For example, you get 15 but lose 5, which means you have good MMR. The more matches you win, the better your hidden rating.

Our boosters will log into your account and raise your rating to the desired Rank. Your account boosting will start at the moment you order this service.

Game Boosting

The fact is that while you play with the booster, you improve both your ELO and game. By the end of the boosting process, you will be much more experienced than in the beginning. Study during the game and be a good experience earner to reach the highest Leagues in no time.

Win Boosting

This service allows you to play with our pro gamer together to reach the highest Leagues. DuoQ Win Boost is a little different from the Game Boosting. In the second variant, you buy a certain amount of games you participate in, but the second one is much more profitable for both of you. It is not enough to have simple boost skills to raise your wins. DuoQ Boosting is a balanced combination of coaching, tactic, and social skills to be competent suave and patient with the customer.

TFT Boost

The best Boosters will deliver the desired Rank to your account as fast as possible. Every order is completed by the highly experienced LoL gamer with a high win rate. The reason to buy our service:

  • Highest speed in gaining the desired game Rank
  • Our gamers are the mix of experienced boosters and coaches
  • The most Competitive price

champion mastery league of legends boost

Champion Mastery

This is a whole different level. Champion Mastery boost allows you to get any mastery reward. The better you play, the higher your grade. Because it depends on your total performance.

The overall system works in this way:

  • choose a champion
  • receive mastery rewards
  • select a number of wins you want

By buying this boost, you order the specific amount of wins you want. Our booster will play with that champion until he reaches the desired rank you buy.

Every order started as soon as possible and completed in no time.

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