The Titanium White Dominus – fiction or reality?

The Titanium White Dominus – fiction or reality?

28 May 2021

The Minute grew into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months … and finally: we have got great news! Psyonix is responsible for the celebration because they gave fans this piece of cake: having 1,100 trusts in the Item official means having a possibility for The Titanium (impeccable) White Dominus.

But we should warn you – don’t waste your time! This unique offer has a time limit, so you have only… 86400 seconds or 1440 minutes or 24 hours or 1 whole day – not to tempt fate and buy the unique vehicle!

rocket league 2

The most sought-after automobile in the game is achievable for so long… We’ll make you sure – that’s true Rocket League! And now you can completely rock it all!

Frankly, the Octane still does not leave the leading positions in the color scheme – its variations have no equal. And our baby – The Titanium White Dominus – here is forced to lose … with dignity.

Prayers were heard. Unfortunately, not those related to the pandemic, but in this case, there is something better: fans receive a brand new The Dominus.

What is going on in Rocket League?..

Connoisseurs of Rocket League, prefer Titanium White colors as the best of all time. This is truly not surprising – its appearance enchants with its complete purity and it completely worth its money. Just for a refresh: you should be prepared to pay about $ 85-90 in an outsider realization for the Titanium White Octane.

Yes, yes, yes, best of the automobile in the gamble already had the Titanium White body, but the poor Dominus… wait for a minute! It shows off NOW. This is very logical because in Rocket League in terms of popularity and rating, the Dominus is the most accredited car by fans (of course, after the favorite – the Octane).

So meet and try: Rocket League titanium white Dominus in person!

titanium white dominus

The network Dominus celebrates and rejoices with fans together only depending on the size of the wallet – but this is not very clear up. On the one hand, you need to pay $10 equivalent to 1,100 trusts for The Titanium White variant of the muscle vehicle. But on the other hand, this means different for each fan. And now it’s not about a half-empty or half-full glass – which is the eternal theme of humanity. For users, the price causes various riots – for some it is too cheap, and for some too expensive – and we understand everyone. Connoisseurs know how expensive Titanium White Octane is. Some fans have recently spent hundreds of dollars just to protect their white Octane – then Rocket League operated crates if you remember… What can you say about the pricing policy of the shop, knowing that a white Dominus doesn’t cost more than $10? Moreover, Psyonix carries forward for the worth of the Titanium White Dominus.

It will be even more interesting next time… won’t it? You know where to tell us about your true thoughts on the white Dominus. The same page where all Rocket League news are.

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