How to boost in Rocket League?

How to boost in Rocket League?

28 May 2021

Rocket League is a simple yet profound, competitive game for personal computers. To those who don’t understand how to boost in Rocket League, we created a list of Rocket League advice to examine whenever you are playing in multiplayer. This list is not a step-by-step guide by any means.

Think of this material as more of a contour. You should have these elements in mind when going into a match or practicing throughout your games whenever you get the possibility. When it comes to Rocket League, stay calm and always be prepared to learn because you need to cover many things. With practice, you’ll soon be pulling off trick punches, and fantastic ball clearing saves.

Adjust the Camera

Our first advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be adjusting your camera. As trivial as this advice can sound, changing the camera settings can radically change how your play. The standard camera settings do an excellent job of showing what is happening in front of you. But there are some camera settings that you can change to better view what is going on.

The Height, FoV (Field of View), Angle, Swivel, Stiffness, Distance, and Camera Shake every single one of these settings you can adjust to suit your preferences. Besides that, you can change the ball targeting to hold or a toggle command. You can pinch this on your own if you like, but if you want to learn what camera settings pro players use, there are a few lists that you can find with a quick Google search.

Stop chasing the ball.

Our second advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be to stop chasing the ball. Your Instinct is telling you to hit the ball anytime it approaches you. But Rocket League is a team game, and you have to evaluate who is in a more advantageous place to take the ball.

Often, you will see that it’s your turn to fall behind and protect your gates. Even if it’s not, retreating to provide support for your team is a safer and just better choice.

Even in the situation where you’re rotating correctly, and you’re are going after the ball, sometimes your teammate has a better angle. Stop chasing the ball and let the teammate handle it. If your teammate knows what he is doing, this will allow him to create a great pass and obtain an easy goal for your team.

Find a teammate

Our third advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be finding the right partner to play the game with him. Whether you play casual or ranked matches, our team highly recommends you find a person you can play in Rocket League. It will decrease the odds of rage quit in the middle of a challenging game. Besides that, it is much easier to play as a team with your buddy when speaking on Discord.

This little advice will significantly improve your chances of winning the match.

When matchmaking solo, you embrace the prospect of getting paired with users who may be bothered from their previous loss, in a bad mood, or who don’t know how to play appropriately. Every Rocket League player has a unique playstyle, and reading this can be pretty challenging. So, we recommend you lure one of your friends into the Rocket League or find one on the forums or a Rocket League subreddit.

Take competition to the Air.

rl art 2

Rocket League’s ball has a complex logic of operating. It ricochets throughout the playing field depending on how hard you punched it, where you hit it, and what section of your vehicle makes contact. Naturally, the players take the ball to the air during hectic games, making it hard for the opposite team to control it. Fortunately, your car’s boost and jump abilities help you fly through the air to do precisely that.

Don’t understand us wrong. Aerial gameplay is challenging to master. It takes many hours of practice to become a master of it. In a nutshell, aerial gameplay is jumping while boosting and holding back on the control button. It lets you fly through the air. Additional manipulation of the control button and boosts allows you to adjust your trajectory and pitch. Learning how to control your car in the air can be extremely useful and will give you a massive advantage during the games.

Sadly, there is no simple advice that will help you to perfect your aerial game instead of old-fashion practice. We recommend you perform aerial strikes whenever you have the opportunity. You will also find Rocket League’s practice mode very useful. It will help you to understand in-game physics in a calm environment. Don’t be afraid to try; you can’t get good if you don’t attempt.

Make use of the Walls.

If you are going to ask professionals, what is the most thing to master when playing in Rocket League? Most of them are going to tell you to learn to utilize the walls most efficiently. As our team mentioned, air maneuvering is a significant part of the match. Most newbies are inclined to wait for the ball to land before trying to fight for it.

On the other hand, professional players will not wait for the ball to land on the ground. You can be sure that experienced users will follow the ball into the air.

An excellent way to practice would be to hit the ball into a wall and follow it for several seconds after doing your best to intercept it. It is tough to master how to throttle the boost and when to time your jumps, mainly because the ball will not act the same way each time. But endure it because the earlier you include walls into your game, the more effective you will be during the actual matches.

Take Breaks

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Last but not least, take some breaks despite how simple it can sound. Notwithstanding how well or poorly you perform, it is essential to break from the Rocket League for a while and rest. No, we aren’t bugging you about playing too much. Instead, it is easy to become overwhelmed as you train and feel like you aren’t making enough improvement. It’s typical to become addicted, considering how rewarding and rich the gameplay can be and how good players can dominate the whole team during a match.

Our team recommends you simply leave the Rocket League when you’re feeling a bit fiery. You will not perform better if you’re stressed. On the opposite, you are playing worse when you have a bad mood. Understand that you make errors and act towards learning from them, rather than beating yourself up. Once you’re feeling untroubled, give the Rocket League another go.

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