How to Play in Call of Duty for Free

How to Play in Call of Duty for Free

26 October 2020

Activision decided to make a good present for all Call Of Duty fans. You can download the COD Warzone PC add-on free. Moreover, you don’t have to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The famous cross-platform Call Of Duty Warzone is free and available for downloading. On release day, the game was downloaded by more than six million people. By comparison, Apex Legends was downloaded by only two and a half million players. These are stunning results. Let’s see what exactly COD Warzone PC offers to players.

What is the game?

Call Of Duty is a Battle Royale game. You arrive on a massive map of Verdansk city, together with a hundred players with which you must fight for victory in a Royale Battle. This city is similar to Ukrainian Donetsk with its specific structures. You can see a Donetsk airport and Soviet high-rise buildings, and even the destroyed Metro hypermarket. Call Of Duty Warzone creates a unique atmosphere free, so players love this game. The idea of Battle Royale is that you arrive on a huge map with hundreds of players. After the landing, your goal is to survive as long as possible. Feature of the Battle Royale is the ring (zone) that limits the territory of the map. If you stay outside the circle, you will die. Therefore, you have to move inside the ring to the center of the zone for the last fight with the survivor. You can play alone or with a duo partner.

COD Warzone on PC

The PC version has some differences from the classic Battle Royale. After death, the player still has a chance to return to the battlefield and become the winner. When a player dies, he finds himself in a kind of limbo where he must fight in a one-on-one duel with another player who also wants a second chance. Players receive a random weapon and a pair of grenades: combat and tactical. If your friends are “lucky” enough to die with you, they will be able to watch your fight and prompt you or throw stones at your opponent to distract him. If you are lucky and win the duel, and your partners are still alive, you will be back not far from them. But even if you lost your duel in Call Of Duty Warzone free, it is possible to bring you back to life for in-game currency at one of the sales stations. For money inside Call Of Duty Warzone, you can buy various weapons with open improvements or, as already mentioned, redeem dead comrades-in-arms. For having money, you need to explore the game’s territory and search for loot. But if you play solo, you can only respawn once if you win the duel.

The main idea of the mission of Battle Royale is in the adrenaline and importance of one life. But most often, when a player plays for the first time, they usually die and have to wait a long time for a new round. The respawn feature in COD Warzone on PC will give players more time to learn to play better and start enjoying the game.

COD Warzone on PC

Plunder Mode

Call Of Duty Warzone also has a second available mode called Plunder. In this mode, the ability to resurrect teammates is not limited. The goal of this game mode is to collect as much money as possible. There will be no limiting ring of clouds poison. The map has more money and equipment scattered around. Besides, in this mode, you can learn how to shoot and interact with the environment, but be careful if you kill another player, he will respawn after 20 seconds and most likely at the place of death. But the most exciting thing in COD Warzone on PC in Plunder mode begins when the three richest teams start to highlight on the map, and everyone can try to kill team members and take their loot. If you are not interested in gunfights, you can get away from the main loot spawns and just complete contracts to make experience and money.

Contracts are also available in Battle Royale. You can get the task to capture a specific area or kill a particular player. The real interest lies in the fact that the victim will be highlighted on your map and knowing how close you are. Of course, contracts are different, depending on the complexity. Best Call of Duty boosting services will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get the desired loot and victories without spending a lot of strength and energy. You can rise in rank, go through difficult battles, and win over and over again, without losses with the best boosters.

Mode capabilities

Plunder mode is actually more accessible than Battle Royale for new players. In this mode, it is much more comfortable to complete weekly tasks and gain experience here. The dynamics are entirely different. Moreover, you will achieve the same experience in both modes. In Battle Royale, you have the opportunity to order your favorite weapons and grenades. Playing your favorite gun is much more pleasant than with a random one. Back in COD Warzone on PC, some rewards can be earned and bought for in-game currency or even found.

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Of the advantages of this game:

  • COD Warzone PC is an excellent game for all shooters and Battle Royale fans, the game has good physics and is a pleasure to use weapons.
  • With a wide variety of weapons, pleasant physics of the game, everyone will find something in this game that he will like.
  • Two different modes with different dynamics and atmosphere, but equally enjoyable.
  • The possibility of revival.
  • Cross-platform.

A free game is a cool feature, and a free game with such graphics should just be downloaded to your PC. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to try your luck and measure your skills with your friends.

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