Fortnite on Android launch technical post

Fortnite on Android launch technical post

25 October 2020

Fortnite has become one of the most popular Battle Royals out there. But Epic Games has decided to delight all fans of the games by producing Fortnite on Android. Even at the beta version launch, the game showed stunning downloads results, twenty-three million installations. Indeed this speaks of certain success. Ten years from now, everyone will be discussing the Fortnite on Android phenomenon. Well, today, we will talk about optimizing the game on your devices.

What is Fortnite?

It’s hard to imagine a gamer who hasn’t heard of Fortnite. The secret of Fortnite on Android’s success is the same as the prosperity of the PC version – a huge map and hundreds of soldiers fight for victory. Everything you saw before in the full version has migrated to smartphones. The gameplay is the same, and you land on the island, look for weapons and provisions, build shelters, and try to survive. If you’ve played on PC before, you’ll quickly figure out how to control Fortnite on Android. You can customize all the controls for yourself in the game settings, but even if this did not help and you still feel discomfort, the game supports the gamepad.

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Technical introduction

Making the same game cross-platform and, at the same time, high quality is a difficult task, but Epic Games has coped with it. Usually, to develop a smartphone game, you need to sacrifice something to meet the platform limits. But in Fortnite on Android, gamers have the option to play with their mates even if they are playing on PC. In the mobile version of Fortnite on Android, almost everything looks the same as on the PC. Moreover, this helps players who have switched to playing on a smartphone quickly adapt to the gameplay.

Fortnite download on PC

To optimize the game, the developers had to work closely with other companies to maximize the game’s quality to match smartphones’ requirements. Epic Games has done an inimitable work to delight Battle Royale fans. Thanks to their efforts, you can play your favorite game anywhere. Fortnite Android has beaten the path for other games as well. Indeed this is a small step for Epic Games, but a huge one for the entire gaming industry. We know for sure that it is the potential to pack all available content into a mobile format.

Difficulties with adaptation

Before starting the development of Fortnite to a smartphone, the developers knew that smartphones have other specifications and capabilities. Moreover, the task of the producer is to make the Fortnite good perceived on all smartphones. After the beta version launch, Epic Games were surprised that most gamers have a new Android system version. But do not forget about users with devices released several years ago. The game needs to be optimized for their smartphones too. For Fortnite on Android to work right on the oldest versions of the operating system, the producer must release a dedicated update. Moreover, for the game on a smartphone to work correctly, the settings mean disabling various graphic functions, such as shadows, maximum viewing distance, and object details. If you want the game to play well on your smartphone, disable some parts, and lower the graphic value.


One of the main parameters of any game is graphics. It took a long time for the developers to customize the transfer of Fortnite Android images. It was necessary to decrease the number of objects for rendering to keep the game from slowing down.

the transfer of Fortnite

Besides, one of the problems that every gamer faces the lack of storage on the phone. It’s not enough that the game weighs so much, but it is continuously updated. Indeed, Fortnite developers had to work hard to optimize memory usage. Experimentally, it turned out that shaders occupy most of the storage. During a typical gaming session, the game engine will use about 2000 shaders. The developers found a way to save device memory usage, imitate homogeneous buffers. To make the game work equally well on all smartphones, the developers had to add an LRU cache for shaders. The game will load the shaders needed to render the current scene and store it in a compressed form to reduce the game’s weight. Optimization work is still in progress. The adjustment gives more careful control to the gamer so that the player can find a compromise between the quality of rendering and the performance of the game on his smartphone.


Epic Games has done an inimitable job optimizing and tweaking Fortnite Android and has shown that quality transfer from PC to mobile is possible. It was a long studying process, but download rates show it was worth it. Despite all the difficulties, players have the opportunity to play Battle Royale on their smartphones anywhere now. Such developments are the future of the gaming industry.

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