Valorant Guide: How to play Raze

Valorant Guide: How to play Raze

23 October 2020

Valorant is a multiplayer shooter from League of Legends creators where teams of five players compete. The gameplay is similar to Counter-Strike, one of the teams must plant a bomb on the point, and the other must prevent them from doing the same. But the main difference between Valorant and other shooters is the unusual abilities of the agents. Each character has his own set of commands that helps him to fight with other players. But the number of uses of each skill is limited. A match lasts about forty minutes on average, but there is a quick play mode if you don’t want to play that long. The rules are about the same as in the main mode. Only the weapon will be random. The presence of different abilities makes it possible for other tactics of the game. Moreover, this is what makes this game special.

Valorant is a complex game that combines several mechanics. If you want to win, you have to work hard. To get started, you should decide which character you will play on and then figure out the game’s mechanics. Today we will talk about Raze and her primary abilities. Besides, this is one of the most powerful characters in the game. But the hero becomes more effective if you have a good team.

Who is Raze?

If you like explosions and everything related to them, then this character is definitely for you. Raze is one of the most influential and dangerous characters in the game. The agent’s primary weapon is a grenade launcher, and with its help, Raze blows up everything in her path. Indeed, the hero has an assistant; it’s a bomb on wheels.

Raze is a good hero who fits into a motley lineup. Understanding abilities will make you a successful player. The main thing is to understand when you will use these abilities. Let’s find out what Raze is capable of and what powers it has in its arsenal.

Boom Bot

Indeed this is your character’s companion who can move around the map bouncing off the walls independently. If it finds a player, then it chases him and explodes, causing significant damage. But other players can destroy it if they spot it first. Now some advice in what situations it is better to use this ability. Raze can launch it into rooms and corridors to check for ambushes from other players. Even if the enemy team blows up the robot, you will know for sure that there is an opponent in the room.

Boom Bot in Valorant

Blast Pack

Blast Pack is an impressive ability that you can use in different ways. For example, you can throw a Blast Pack under you to throw up by an explosion higher than an average jump. In general, Raze uses this ability as a sticky bomb. You can attach a bomb and use it to trap other players. Raze can also use this ability by throwing a bomb into the crowd to damage and scatter enemies, making them vulnerable.

Paint Shells

Paint Shells, this is the hallmark of Raze. This ability is a grenade that, after the explosion, turns into many small grenades, which also explode. This ability cause a lot of damage to the enemy. Best of all, this is the ability to use when the enemy has low HP left to finish him off. Besides, an excellent time to use this ability is when you get cornered. Small bombs fly far enough to give you some time to rescue yourself.

Paint Shells


The showstopper is a critical Raze ability in Valorant. The showstopper is a rocket launcher that has a massive AOE effect. But you should know that if you misuse this ability, it can damage you. Try to aim further and be careful. On the defensive, this ability helps protect against enemies, and you can also use Showstopper for high jumps. The most important thing to remember is that this ability requires an open area, or you can fire from a long distance. You need to get used to this ability, but you can dominate your opponents if you succeed.

Raze is an excellent character with some pretty strong abilities. Having learned how to play on character, you can become a good teammate. It is difficult to play well on Raze, but our boosters will help you achieve great results. Valorant boosting allows you to achieve your goals, get more wins, and become the best! The main thing is not to forget that Valorant is a team game, and your strength is in cooperation with other players.

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