New skins leak ahead of Fortnitemares 2020!

New skins leak ahead of Fortnitemares 2020!

15 October 2020

Are you ready for Halloween? Fortnite has already prepared the best skins for you to wish your enemies death. New skins prepared specifically for Fortnitemares have leaked online not so long ago. This annual Fortnite Halloween event comes with new clothes and challenges, giving you a festive and spooky mood.

Don’t assume the Marvel heroes are left behind. The developers will return to them at the end of the terrible holiday. No specific start date has yet been announced, but players are awaiting the beginning in the next two weeks. FireMonkey even shared four sets of pre-made skins that will be available very soon.

Should you buy new Fortnite skins, and if so, which ones? This video will help you address the issue:

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