Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 4 Challenges Guide

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 4 Challenges Guide

27 October 2020

Aside from gaining experience from victories and eliminations, the best way to complete all 100 levels is to deal with Fortnite challenges. Raising the player’s levels brings him points to unlock new skills, perks, and opportunities. Additionally, you have another way to level up the research tree. Research points are accumulated automatically in real-time. You need to log into the game every day, cash them out and spend on all kinds of improvements. You can increase the level not only of characters but, for example, weapons. Its characteristics will gradually improve, allowing even more effective extermination of the hordes of the living dead.

The multiplayer in the game is implemented properly. You just go through one mission after another, and other players will automatically join you to help you complete the assigned combat mission. Sometimes there are not enough players, and you have to oppose the undead army together or alone. But in the latter case, the game will periodically look for your partners in the background. If you don’t like the idea of playing with strangers, you can invite your comrades to the game.

What brings Fortnight Season 4 to the table?

The plot will be built on the confrontation between Thor and Galactus. They are supposed to come from a rift in the sky and start a war. They will probably connect all the Fortnight’s universes, and one Marvel location will be formed on the old map.

Thor and Wolverine skins will appear in Fortnite. The game has comic pages, we will search and collect comic pages throughout the season.

Also, there is a Midas fish in the game in specific waters. Your entire inventory will turn into legendary if you use it. Besides, there will be professional fishing rods that catch only rare fish.

Get these fancy challenges on Thursday

Fortnight Challenges are usually released on Thursday. A great reason to return to Fortnite for seasoned gamers is the all-new map. To motivate the players to explore it once again, the developers even hid the war fog territory. You need to walk around all the neighborhoods to find the individual locations’ names and open it completely.

return to Fortnite

Even before the beginning of the second chapter in the game, it became possible to revive fallen comrades with special enemy vans and objects.

And after the patch, it also became possible to load the fallen partner on the shoulders and drag it to a safe area. This feature is not as useful as it might seem: you still cannot run far under fire from an enemy squad.

Luxuriate in the challenges

Many water bodies have appeared on the map, and you can almost always find a fishing rod nearby. If you throw it into boiling water, you can catch something useful for yourself.

Another feature related to water: all characters can swim now. Besides, the character can dive briefly and accelerate. There were also boats with various weapons. Because of these two innovations, almost the entire map is riddled with rivers, so it is easy as a pie to find new mechanics to use.

Experience is now given literally for everything: opening chests, killing, survival time, completing Fortnight Challenges, and so on. And if you make several kills or complete Fortnight Challenges, a huge notification about the received medal will pop up in the screen’s center. On the one hand, this is a cool innovation that allows you to track your progress. On the other hand, pop-up inscriptions sometimes distract and interfere.

But the next innovation is a no brainer. In some secluded corners of the map, you might see the machines for weapons’ boosting if you collect enough resources. For instance, you will be able to boost your blue machine to purple before Fortnight Challenges. If you want to get more wins easily and quickly without wasting your time, the best idea is to use Fortnite boosting services. The best boosters will play to make your account the best.


Fortnight Challenges have a difficulty level, and a set of lenses and the players are rewarded with experience and valuable prizes afterward. Most of the tasks are devoted to researching the storm and finding out the true cause of its occurrence, expanding the protective energy dome over the headquarters, obtaining new technologies, and, of course, saving the survivors.

Fortnight Challenges

After completing Fortnight Challenges, the game gives you chests with valuable items. You may stumble across new survivors’ cards and hero cards that you can play. All items in Fortnite vary in rarity, just like in RPGs. Weekly Fortnight Challenges will always be the best way to guarantee massive XP gains.

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