Rocket League Tips: Beginner to Advanced

Rocket League Tips: Beginner to Advanced

22 June 2021

Rocket League is a fantastic game. This is the game you can play unconditionally from your mood. Are you pissed off? Turn on rocket league and have a great time. Are you having a great day enjoy an entertaining game just came from work and tired, miss the ball 1000 times, and have a great time? Nevertheless, every gamer knows that the game is more enjoyable to play when you are winning matches. The internet is full of guidelines making it troublesome to understand what to focus on first, particularly when starting with the game. So our team composed a list of rocket league tips that will assist you to elevate your play to another level.

Who should use these Rocket League tips?

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We don’t know how long you are playing in Rocket League, but we included tips and tricks in this list that everyone should find something for themselves. Whether you’re merely starting with a game or you’ve continued playing from the game lunch. You can know some of this advice, but there will be ones that you don’t know yet. Our team composed this list that we have personally picked up and learned during our own time playing the game.

Do this thing to improve your Rocket League experience.

Every single player had the experience when there were just teleporting all fiercely around the map. You think you are in the one part of the map, but then the Rocket League teleports you on the opposite side of the field, and you are all confused. We understand this feeling all too much. Our team used to have 400 ping each game. Once one team member teleported outside the map, similar to the glitch videos you can find on Youtube. Do you want to get the pro Rocket League tip? Here’s the first: get stable and high-speed internet. We highly recommend you use an ethernet cord. Technically, your wi-fi router produces the same amount of speed, but the internet cord will provide a more stable connection and faster speed. Trust us. if you can’t obtain the chord, wireless can do the trick, although if you’re playing in the concrete house, a house with highly thick walls, or playing far from your router, there is a possibility for random connection losses. High pink sucks for casual play and turns into the complete nightmare if you are playing the comp.

What is the first Rocket League tip I need to understand?

We considered this advice somewhat stupid and obvious; however, we found out that our friends didn’t do this after playing hundred hours of Rocket League. Thus, we think that it’s something that we have to mention just in case. Some of you can make the same mistake like our friend. Utilize the camera to focus on the ball. We beg you to do it. We saw players that sabotage themselves because they completely ignored it. Just stop. Don’t do this. The developer implemented the ball cam in the game to help you. Indeed, you can turn it off when you are going after a boost or don’t need to focus on the ball, but it’s a widespread problem for people playing Rocket League. Without it, your experience can be confusing, disorienting, and will be causing headaches.

Rocket League tips to not get scammed in the marketplace

One of our favorite thing in the Rocket League is trading. With trading, you can collect the skins you want or even make some money with them. However, it is the fastest way to get ripped off. Sure, it is just pixels on the screen, but many marketplaces for buying and selling in-game things for real money exist on the internet. Thus, people make a lot of cash by scamming people on their items and selling them to others. There are thousands of ways how you can get scammed on the Rocket League marketplaces, so we decided to give you some tips to avoid it:

  • Prices. Sometimes players don’t know how much their items worth. We highly recommend you check the prices before you sell items to others. Charismatics smooth-talkers can easily convince you to sell items for a fraction of their actual worth.
  • Fake Middlemen. There are many Rocket League forums dedicated to making sure that the trades are legit. These are highly trusted people that make sure that seller and buyer are legit. They serve as middlemen between two sides. It is a common practice. However, some people impersonate the middleman from the good forum and scam people. Our team suggests you be careful when you are choosing your middleman.
  • The Ole’ Switcheroo. The following scam uses your carelessness to deceive you. The people will replace valuable items with identical ones and hope that you will not notice it. Be careful and check whenever you are trading with an unfamiliar person.

Your car matters

rocket league car

It is a complicated question. Cosmetically, you are free to choose any items you like, but the model of your car affects your performance. It would be best to consider that the different types of car hitboxes are better suited for different in-game roles. One can be perfect in the offense, but the other is much better in the defense. We highly recommend you to read our article about different hitboxes in Rocket League. The last thing concerning cars, don’t be one of those teammates who use annoying engine sound. Just stop.

Rules of communication in Rocket League

The quick chat is invaluable for communications during the game, but you can type out a unique massage. However, with this Rocket League tip, we want to inform you that developers can ban you from using chat. You have to be mean to get in trouble; nevertheless, don’t be a trash talker. We know it is fun to troll someone online. However, there is a significant difference between having some fun and being a colossal prick to people. You need to understand that most people are there to enjoy themselves.

Summary of the Rocket League tips

This article told you about some of the more essential Rocket League tips that helped us better understand the game. We are aware that this is not the ultimate beginner guide. Not even close. We haven’t touched tactics, air dribbling, and many others. Nevertheless, understanding something new about the Rocket League makes this game so fun and unique. There will be many people that play better than you. So just enjoy yourself and relax.
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