Valorant Aim Guide — Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Aim

Valorant Aim Guide — Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Aim

22 June 2021

Accuracy is an important skill if you play shooters. In Valorant, the aim has some moments that are good to know to increase your accuracy. That’s why мwe decided to make a list of tips on how to aim better in Valorant matches, what features you should know and how to increase your accuracy in different battle situations.

Shooting in motion and strafing

Most of the gamer’s community thinks that shooting in motion is not really effective, because it’s really hard to control spray in action, and you can kill somebody only if you are lucky enough, but they miss strafing. Shooting in motion could have the same effect if you know how to strafe. So, what is strafing?

Strafing is a countermoving, running from side to side, and shooting at the same time. Here we should stop to explain some mechanics’ details: when you change your direction, for example, you start running from the right to the left, for a short moment game think that you stopped and gives you a perfect spray, it’s a very short time, but for the professional Valorant players it’s enough for aim and shoot.

Using strafing is a necessary skill if you play with some high-rank opponents, but you also can surprise enemies of all ranks by accurate shooting and evading their shots.

Aggression priority

This is an important tactical feature, that you should know, especially if you get used to camping your enemies and avoid rushing, as in other games like this.

In Valorant matches, you will always see a lot of action, and if you are stuck somewhere, hiding from your enemies, the best strategy for you is to start an aggressive rush. You should understand that if they know the gaming map well, they already know where you can hide, and they will be ready to find you around the corner. Starting rush attack, you have higher chances to stay alive and surprise your enemies, and you can also use strafing from the previous tip.

Headshots are not always your best result

valorant aim

There are different types of aiming that depends on the situation, sometimes you can try to make a long-shot headshot, but sometimes you need to hit a moving target. Valorant is not only about shooting, but it’s also about strategy and tactics, so sometimes you can anticipate, where is your enemy and use Pre-Aiming, and maybe tracking aiming to finish him.

If to be honest, your enemy would sit without moving very rarely and not for a long time, so yes, flicking aiming and headshots looks cool, but being useful for your team is a much more significant point.

Don’t help your enemies, stop crouching

It’s a common mistake of many players to crouch everywhere and be sure that it will help them to be more accurate or stealthy. But it’s a Valorant aiming guide, so let’s look at your enemies’ aims and how they will react.

Some of the players always try to make a headshot, but most of them will try to aim at your body because it’s much bigger and easy to hit. But if you are still crouching, aiming your body, they will accurately hit your head and will be very happy about this. Don’t worry, crouching could be useful with the right tactic.

Use crouching if you have a long-shot duel when it becomes really hard to control your spray, but stop using it everywhere and every time, be smarter than your enemies.

Beware of angles

Angles could be very dangerous, but if you have a habit of pre-aiming all possible enemies’ positions, you can relax with that. We already siad before that some players prefer to hide but not to rush, so you can often predict their position.

Sometimes you can have difficult situations because of possible multipositioning of your enemy, for example, if there is more than one angle and you need to check them all, but it’s impossible, so you have two possible tactics.

The first one is to choose the most dangerous one and rush it, you will have a fifty-fifty chance to make a frag, but if you make a wrong choice – you will lose. The second one is really simple, you can ask your allies to help you, go with you or just warn them about possible enemies’ position.

Keep calm and win

valorant first person

Playing FPS games, you already know that it could be very stressful. If you would panic in Valorant matches, it will be close to impossible for you to aim well. But how to stop panicking and play with the cold head? The answer is – improve yourself.

  • Guides – You can use different guides, like this one, to know more about game mechanics, how skills work, tactics and strategy, and other specific information that will help you to better understand the game.
  • Training – To improve your own skill you should have enough practice, playing alone or with your friends you can train some new tactics. You can also train your aiming with some training tools. Aiming is important and would be much easier to do without panic.
  • Strategy – If you are not a beginner, you know that positioning could be much more important than your reaction time. It’s all because high-ranked players are mostly well trained and have almost the same reaction time and level of aiming skill, so you need to have good teamwork and honed strategy, when you play with them, to win. Experiment and try new tactics to surprise your enemies and become the best.

Hope that our guide will help you to improve your aiming and understanding of the game, use these tips to raise your skills level and enjoy playing Valorant.

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