Valorant: how to play as Vіper

Valorant: how to play as Vіper

15 September 2020

Why does everyone talk about Viper? Only by reaching a high level of skill, you will be able to use the Viper player effectively. She has various skills that make her one of the most desirable and exciting players around. Viper controls the battlefield with dangerous chemical devices that require the use of a special resource (fuel). In addition to the obvious advantages, the hero also has a visible disadvantage: it requires constant monitoring of abilities, often distracting from the game.

To play effectively with this hero, you must always be on the alert and control the fuel. After all, low fuel levels will limit your access to truly useful abilities, and you will lose the advantage. Let’s study in detail all the skills that our chosen one can boast of.

Snake Bite Ability

This Valorant’s character can use chemical projectiles, which form a damaging green zone at the explosion site. Each rival will be hurt with the acid area. Moreover, each touched hero will move much more slowly. Remember that it will not kill your opponents with a snakebite, but it will make them much weaker. If your allies are in the projectile area, they will only take minor damage, but this can also affect the outcome of the game.

Snake Bite Ability

Tip: Throw projectiles into a hallway or open area. Since there is always a high chance that the projectile will bounce off the wall and return or hit your teammates.

Poison Cloud Ability

Placing the emitter in a specific location can set up a cunning ambush for your enemies in Valorant by surrounding them with a cloud of poisonous gas. It damages and blocks the visibility of your opponents. Unfortunately, this skill won’t be able to kill your opponent, but it can give you enough time to implement a tricky plan, escape, or just to weaken the enemy team. At the same time, Viper can be in the center of the cloud without taking any damage.

Poison Cloud Ability

Remember that this Valorant ability needs a lot of fuel. Therefore, every second of use is expensive for you. Make sure you have enough supplies and rivals will definitely be at the toxic zone before using the skill. You can also collect the cloud back to place the emitter in another area.

Toxіc Sсrееn Abіlіty

This is the most energy-consuming Valorant ability, but it’s worth it. You can make a poisonous wall that will make your opponents blind by using nano drones. This way, you separate the enemies from yourself, protecting your team. Don’t forget that the poisonous wall negatively affects all characters that come into its action zone, so using Toxic Screen makes sure that none of your team members is at risk.

Toxіc Sсrееn Abіlіty in Valorant

We advise you to throw nano drones over barriers (throw them over the building). It will help not to get into the zone of poison action and will definitely hit opponents.

Vіper’s Pіt Ability

The most powerful Valorant ability of all Vipers available. Even the name itself suggests that those who appear in the field of skill’s action will regret it.  The character creates a giant dangerous cloud by spraying poisonous gas around. It resembles a nest that will be a trap for your opponents. Make sure that your allies are far away from you because everyone who gets into the zone of action will be defeated.

Vіper's Pіt Ability

Tip: do not intentionally leave the nest center if you do not want to interrupt the action ability. After leaving it, the cloud will disappear.

Viper is a powerful Valorant’s character, so it’s difficult to control it due to her abilities. But while playing as this agent, it is crucial to study all her advantages, disadvantages, and skills. This will help you understand how to work better with the character and what to remember more clearly. We hope we helped you get to know this character better and now you will win more and more victories!

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