Top 5 Best Heroes in HotS

Top 5 Best Heroes in HotS

16 September 2020

Heroes of the Storm is a popular MOBA with many different characters. Many even experienced players are trying to find the best heroes and take them to their team. The developers regularly add new characters to the game, including those who can independently decide the battle’s outcome. Of course, the characters listed below will not become a panacea for all diseases, and your choice must be made based on a specific situation. But the listed below heroes will be able to help the team gain more and more victories.



The fifth place in our Hots best list takes Stitches since a smart use of the tank on the front line can equally affect the final result, but the Stitches is especially essential here for the team’s good outcome.

The Stitches is perfect for an aggressive style of battles, which is dominated by opponents’ ganks. Our hero has a great hook, which gives him a huge advantage in the next team fight. In addition, Stitches has a high base health value and self-healing ability, which opens up the possibility of choosing talents to increase damage.

Due to all these factors, the experienced gamer can keep the opposing team in constant tension on his own. Moreover, ignoring Stitches during a team fight is guaranteed to bring a lot of trouble to the opponent’s team.



Fairy Dragon Brightwing is the happiest creature that saves the lives of allies in order to have something light to eat later. By the way, did you know that a human head weighs only four and a half kilograms? Yummy!

Of course, this is not the most potent healer of those that HotS can offer us. However, the main strength of the character lies in his protection from damage. Moreover, the hero boasts an excellent ability to transform and control while spinning, nullifying all enemy attacks that use a quick explosion, followed by a huge amount of damage.

Brightwing is really great for the role of the only healer in the team, in the case when the player understands when and how to use their abilities. Timing and understanding of the battle are great for team fighting.


Tracer in Hots

The bronze of our top list is adorned with Tracer. Oh yes, playing for this hero, you cannot blame your support that he could not heal you or a tank that he did not cover you if you have a negligible health reserve. Moreover, the hero’s fragility is offset by his incredible mobility and the amount of damage available.

Tracer is one of the best HotS heroes that is difficult to deal with, even with control abilities. When choosing this character, be sure that you perfectly feel the moment and know exactly when to act, because you are responsible for the whole team. If Tracer uses sharp and unexpected attacks, you can split the enemy team into two fronts. This will definitely lead to your victory.


Alarak in Hots

A really large number of killers can take the second place of our top. But in our opinion, the hero worthy of silver is Alarak. Undoubtedly, many of you have seen what he is capable of, or rather, what an experienced Alarak player is capable of. He is precisely the hero, where the difference in the player’s skill is immediately reflected in the statistics and the game outcome. At first glance, there is nothing complicated: use two skills, and it’s in the bag. But in fact, you have less than a second to make a decision, so you need to calculate the trajectory of the hero’s flight after using telekinesis in order to hit the player instantly.

The mechanics of sadism are especially important here: it’s the gift and curse of Alarak at the same time. After all, the success of the character’s entire game depends on this skill. Using this ability correctly, you can end the game in two successful actions.

At the same time, everyone should understand that Alarak is rightfully considered one of the most difficult characters. You can turn to boosting services if you do not want to spend time on character development and receive only the best rewards and many victories. The best boosters will fight for you and your crushing results!


Greymane in Hots

Greymane takes the first place on our list. Surprised that a character gets gold after changing? For those who have just connected to the Internet, we will explain: the radius of the explosion is almost two times less now, and the Wizened Duelist skill has been changed. After the patch, Greymane turned from a usual poker that throws bulbs and sometimes pounces on supports to finish off, into one of the most aggressive damage dealers in the game. Protracted battles are literally a sweet tale for him. Using the right position, he can kill the entire team through an enemy tank without putting himself in danger.

The new Greymane has more escape abilities due to the Eyes in the Dark talent. It allows us to play more aggressively to gain both area and numerical advantage. For more victories, you need to be able to play this hero wisely, using skills, and following the battle’s progress.

We tried very hard to select the best HotS heroes so that you can win more victories! Of course, you can add your favorite characters to this list. Having such a team, you will definitely hit any opponent. Happy game and many victories!

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