Spike Rush Моde In Valorant: What To Expect?

Spike Rush Моde In Valorant: What To Expect?

17 September 2020

Are you tired of the usual games, heroes, and modes? Valorant continues to delight its users with novelties! Since 2 June every gamer has access to a new game mode: Spіke Rush. Many gamers had high hopes to get a new Deathmatch version, but developers assure that it will be released much later. Nevertheless, Spike Rush is very arcade-oriented and allows you to play faster and get more bonuses. Let’s define its advantages and disadvantages together!

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What іs Spіke Rush Моde?

The developers wanted to create a useful mode to warm their gamers up to competitive battles. The game mode allows you to change sides after a third of four matches in the game. Loadouts changes every new game, but stay the same for every game in the battle, so if you have got a Phantom, everyone has got it. Getting the same weapon for the whole team makes the game more exciting. Besides, you haven’t the opportunity to blame your teammates for your loose, because you all are in the same conditions. But you have to forget about eco rounds with the new mode.

What is the most exciting part of the Spike Rush is activating the dotted across the map. Every match gives you about 2-5 dots, which makes you more powerful by getting some super-speed skills, great health, or some powerful weapons. It makes the game mode more exciting and accessible for beginners, but it also has different problems.

What іs Spіke Rush Моde?

The powerful skins can low the enemies’ health very easily, which seems to be useful. The one-shot is enough to kill the enemy, which will destroy the whole team. It’s very unusual for many games because you will hardly find the team that can effectively play with such low health.

Many modes have the same problems but removing these powerful abilities will make the Spike Rush usual and not interesting.

The main game goal in Valorant is to destroy Spike. The whole basic game system was changed to make the Spike Rush mode more dynamic. Playing with the new mode lasts only from 8 to 12 minutes, having about 7 winning matches and short preliminaries. Moreover, you get all basіc abilities and 2 points for killing the rival in every round paying absolutely nothing!

Spike Rush mode makes your game time more exciting, giving more interesting abilities, limiting time, and keeping you in constant tension. It’s a great opportunity to try something new in your usual game and spend time greatly!

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