The Coolest Fortnite skіns

The Coolest Fortnite skіns

14 September 2020

Fortnіte has a large variety of skins, but what are the best ones? It’s difficult to mention all the skins, so we’ve selected the top-10 best, beautiful, and useful Fortnite skins for you! Most of the good ones had been left behind, so you can complete this list with your favorites!

You need to look amazing in the victorious battle, isn’t it? Fortnite offers you a huge selection of clothes in the in-game store. But the problem is in weekly changing the available clothes. So we offer you our top list of coolest V-Bucks skins that a really worth buying.

Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager in Fortnite

Price: 950 V-Bucks (~ $ 10) or reaching level 70.

Our list opens this one of the most incredible skins of the entire season. The model combines a modern black spacesuit with acid orange stripes and has a huge number of structures! This Fortnite skin is the most popular because of its peculiar appearance and distinctive advantage: no one will see your face in a black reflective helmet when you approach with your gun.

Plastic Patroller

Price: 800 V-Bucks

Patlorrer isn’t a favorite outfit for many players, but it’s a big mistake. This Fortnite skin may seem boring and one-sided: no color variation, and resembles a toy soldier from childhood in general. Although the skin looks rather usual, there was still a place for it in the TOP of the best. This model is just a cheat that has camouflage colors (2 variations to choose from: gray and red), so using such skin will make you less visible for your opponents.

Battle Hound

Battle Hound in Fortnite

Price: 2000 V-Bucks(~ $ 20)

A sinister golden head with wild eyes is the best you’ll get with this model(frequently speaking, it looks rather like a bird than a dog). But other parts looks really great: you get tattoos, chain mail, fancifully decorated armor, and a coat with fur boots to complete the astounding outfit. Your look around the corner at enemies with those fantastic green eyes will make them nervous.


Price: 2000 V-Bucks(~$20)

If you’re a fan of “Nutcracker,” this outfit is for you! This nutcracker doll rises above other ones. The extra set of teeth on the chin is a genius move that makes this skin even creepier. It will be easier to notice because of its height, but fortunately, the hat shots mean nothing for your health.

You couldn’t return the Fortnite skin to the store, as it was part of the December and January event. But some quirky event-specific skins were already finding their way back to the store, so don’t give up.


Rех in Fortnite

Prіce: 2000 V-Bucks (~ $ 20)

Forget about boring creepy dinosaurs with sharp teeth, crazy red eyes, and slimy scales. This model looks like a ten-year-old got a costume from his parents and desperately wants to impress his friends at a costume party. It doesn’t sound very cool, but it looks fantastic! Rex has gained popularity precisely for its uniqueness.

Lоvе Rаngеr

Prіce: 2000 V-Bucks (~ $ 20)

Oh, those wings, right? The striking difference between the stone sculptural body and the brightly painted clothing won’t leave any player indifferent. This is seemingly the most detailed Fortnite skin: it captivates with spiral pictures on the chest, enchants with a large golden loop, surprises with a pleasant combination of colors, and unique asymmetry. It was a Valentіne’s Day skіn, but it has already returned to the store, so it will undoubtedly do it again.

Ghоul аnd Skull Тrооpers

Prіce: Ghоul – 1500 V-Buсks (~ $ 15), Skull – 1200 V-Buсks (~ $ 12)

These skins can be combined since they were both realized at

Halloween and are simple in their design: a scary face combined with torn clothes and a skeleton suit. But these unique images are catching with their simplicity. In addition, these Fortnite skins are in demand now and are considered rare because they did not appear in the store for a long time.

Ginger Gunner

Ginger Gunner in Fortnite

Price: 1,500 V-Bucks (~ $ 20)

This outfit can be considered as cute humor from Fortnite. Only here, an adorable ginger woman with blue eyebrows and a big, friendly smile will blow you up with a rocket launcher and won’t even change her face. The model also has asymmetry characteristics of most characters: not only in clothes but also in legs looks different. Merry Marauder is a male version of the skin, which is also a great outfit; the difference is its evil face, which does not bring a happy mood at all.

The Reaper

Price: 950 V-Bucks (~ $ 10), reaching level 100

This is unmistakably, surely not a copy of John Wick, the tough hitman. Of course, the look, beard, hair, and suit are just a coincidence! The Fortnste skin and Keanu Reeves use the services of one stylist, no more.

Whatever the gamers think, it’s nice to see the familiar gloomy face among the bright outfits. This is one of the store’s rarest models, so it’s incredibly difficult to get: you need bucks or spend LOTS of hours playing.

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Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader in Fortnite

Price: 2000 V-Bucks (~ $ 20)

Oh yes, this cute little bear is terrifying. But once you look at the large scar, the furious eyes and sweet smile are no longer enchanting. You want to hug it, right? NO! However, the scary skin looks very fresh and trendy. It was released on Valentine’s Day, which explains the bow on the back. Would you be delighted with such a gift? Most Fortnite players – yes!

Certainly, this is an incomplete list of popular Fortnite skins, but we have studied all the known models and chose the best ones for you! We hope this list will help you not miss the top outfits and look stylish in your victories. Have a nice game and good luck!

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