Best gifts for Valorant Players

Best gifts for Valorant Players

10 March 2021

During the year, there are a lot of occasions when you need to come up with presents for your family and friends. If, by chance, it appears that one of your best peers is an enthusiastic Valorant fan, this article is for you. It will be very helpful for choosing the best possible fan-oriented present!

When Valorant entered the market, it experienced a rapid boom in popularity. There were countless Twitch streams with tens of thousands of viewers. Valorant was surrounded by a huge amount of famous streamers and YouTubers highlighting the game at its release. It resulted in a swift increase of players and fanbase. Hundreds and hundreds of new players still come to Valorant for its innovations and style. If you need to make a great impression and want to demonstrate how deeply you cherish your close one’s interests, let’s take a look at the list of the most creative and special Valorand-themed presents:

Present №1: Certified Valorant products

There is even no need to mention that you can always find a good gift idea in the official Valorant merchandise store. You should visit the online Riot Games merchandise shop for Valorant clothing. At the moment, there are plenty of Valorant-themed merchandise to buy from the official store. For example, there is a great Valorant branded hat for only 30 dollars, not to mention a wide variety of hoodies, T-Shirts, and even figurines!

Present №2: Valorant gift cards

Valorant gift cards

If you want to give your friend an opportunity to decide what exactly he or she wants, Valorant gift cards are the best presents of all. If he/she wants to add some diversity to their skin pool, desires to buy a new character, or even the battle pass – it’s all up to them.

There are four variations of Valorant gift cards: for ten, twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred American Dollars. You can make this present more surprising to leave a long-lasting impression: buy the card for yourself and just send the code written on the card to the receiver

Gift idea №3: Champion’s backpack

A very popular and special gift for any enthusiastic fan. This perfect backpack might be considered one of the best examples of Valorant merch: it’s very practical, good-looking, spacious, and useful. Each and every true fan will be honored to use such a backpack on a daily basis. Also, the main feature is that this backpack can be customized with embroidery of popular characters. You can buy it for fifty dollars, so it’s a pretty low price for such a great present!

Gift idea №4: Valorant logo keycap

It is a pretty unique piece of merchandise to express one’s love to the game. It will perfectly fit your friend keyboard’s top rows. This keycap may be considered “custom” because the print on it is made by hand and the emblem/color can vary. Also, It’s quite cheap: costing nearly twenty dollars.Keycap is a creative way to fit fan’s love for the Valorant.

Gift idea №5: Prime Melee Axe prop

Giving such a prestigious weapon as a present may be one of the most impressive gifts! It is perfect for cosplay or can be an amazing item for your friend to display. If your friend likes collecting game merch, this present is absolutely irreplaceable. This magnificent piece of Valorant merchandise will definitely become the pride of an individual’s collection. It has high quality, beautiful color scheme and a friendly price near a hundred dollars.

Gift idea №6:Valorant Poster

There is a special line of posters in retro-style that can become an amazing present for any fan. It is very stylish and great-looking! This poster will give your friend’s room/cabinet ten times better look. Posters have many variations in sizes, colors, and images..


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