Let’s have a look at one of the Valorant’s crackerjacks, Sova

Let’s have a look at one of the Valorant’s crackerjacks, Sova

17 November 2020

In this guide, you will learn how to most effectively use Sova characters’ abilities, which game tactics are most suitable, and how to behave properly on the battlefield. We spill the beans about how and when it is better to use the Sova agent’s unique and ultimate abilities.

Sova is one of the first characters you can play. (you can do this at the training stage). This agent is not a scout, but you can still identify the enemy’s location, as well as disorient and distract them thanks to some of the skills. If you learn how to use them properly, you will be able to deal with enemy fighters in two shakes. In this guide, we’ve prepared a series of tips to help you master this character’s skills faster.

Sova is an archer and scout character. Her skills allow the team to gain enough tactical information to know precisely what they will have to face. Her trump card is the Recon Bolt, which allows revealing enemy positions. This ability makes Sova a potent agent both offensively and defensively. But although Sova excels at exploration, she is a very powerful character overall. Below you will learn more about each of her abilities and understand how to use them most effectively.

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Shock Bolt

Sova fires a bolt that explodes and emits a devastating burst of static energy. Make your move and use the bolt to finish off targets from afar rather than kill an enemy agent directly with full HP.

Owl Drone

Sova launches a controlled drone that can shoot a dart at enemies and mark them. All marked enemies are always visible on the map. While you are flying the drone, you can easily get killed. It would be a great idea to use the drone for reconnaissance so that a teammate would follow it a few steps behind.

Owl Drone

Recon Bolt

It unfolds sonar that emits sound waves. Sonar scans the area, marking nearby enemies that will eventually become discovered. But only on one condition: the enemies must be within radiation reach. Sonar can be destroyed (which is very important if you are playing against the Sova agent). The cooldown is 35 seconds.

Shock Arrow Skill

Sova uses a bow to fire an arrow with an electric charge. You can control the range of the arrow by pressing the attack key. Upon collision with an object or character, the arrow emits an electric charge that stuns enemies and deals with minor damage. You can acquire two charges of skill during the shopping phase.

  • Use skill to check hard-to-reach areas: narrow corridors and small rooms.
  • Since the arrow does relatively little damage, we do not recommend using the skill instead of the main weapon.

Scouting Skill

Scouting Skill

It is an agent’s class skill that recovers over time. You can only use one charge for an entire round. Sova chooses a bow with a special arrow, which emits an impulse in a large radius of action and identifies all enemies in the arrow’s line of sight. Opponents who covered obstacles and walls will not be displayed on the radar and the game map.

  • As we have already noted, the scouting impulse can not fix enemies who are hiding behind walls or cover. Therefore, it is best to use this ability to explore an open area of the game map.
  • After firing the arrow, press the fire button to make it bounce and head towards the wall or object opposite. Thanks to this ability, it is convenient to send reconnaissance to hard-to-reach places and narrow passages.
  • Reconnaissance is a good way to find an enemy if you are left alone with your opponent. But you must understand that by firing an arrow, you can give out your location to the enemy.

Drone Owl Skill

Sova launches a flying drone and flies it for a while. Enemies can destroy the drone. With this device, you can explore hard-to-reach parts of the location without fear of being ambushed. Apart from exploring the area, you can also shoot special darts and mark enemies. An opponent with a dart will appear on the minimap and will be immediately visible to all members of your team for several seconds.

  • Launch your drone into narrow corridors and explore them. If you suspect that enemies are crowding there, it’s best not to risk it and use this ability.
  • Use your drone as a distraction. Since you cannot control your operative while flying the drone, several teammates must accompany him, and when enemies open fire on the drone, they will become easy prey for your comrades.
  • Hunter’s Wrath Skill

An ultimate skill, during which the Owl draws a bow and releases three powerful impulses in a row. Such impulses pass through all walls and obstacles and can kill an enemy even with maximum health. In addition to massive damage, the pulse also highlights enemies within its range.

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