Ahri in LoL 2021: Everything about the character

Ahri in LoL 2021: Everything about the character

16 November 2020

Champion Ahri is one of the strongest heroes in League of Legends. The nine-tailed fox impresses with mobility. She is capable of destroying foes in two shakes single-handedly. It is also important that this character is quite easy to control. Therefore, it is suitable even for beginners. If you want to succeed in LoL, the Ahri Hero Guide will help you a lot.

She was amazingly beautiful and powerful. Using her charm, she seduced men and then killed them, absorbing more and more life force in an attempt to become a complete human being. But along with her growing humanity came moral oppression, and soon she found that she could not kill without remorse.

This story gave League of Legends Ahri the motivation for a brutal, cold-blooded genocide. She was driven by the desire to be human while remaining on the myths she was based on.

Ahri will appeal to players who prefer characters with a lot of variation in action, especially players who like to rip their foes apart unexpectedly. Ahri’s dangerous, seductive nature won’t leave anyone lukewarm. Let’s look at what she does bring to the table.

Begin to play on Ahri in 2021

Ahri in LoL

The game’s initial stage lasts approximately from the beginning of the game until the 20th minute, also called the Laning Phase. This phase decides how the entire game will play out. The main tasks: farm creeps (at least 12 creeps per minute), not die, get more kills, and demolish as many towers/dragons as possible. This is your chance to finish the game faster.

In the early stages of playing for Ahri, you should farm as much as possible and impose skirmishes on your lane opponent. You have an excellent ability to fight once again on the lane. Thanks to the passive skill, you restore yourself a good portion of health every time. If you manage to catch your opponent with E, it is almost always 50% of your opponent’s health. Once you catch him again, you will have a kill, and therefore a winning line.

Whether you win your lane or not, starting from 6th level you can walk along other lane, imposing fights, and help your allies. If you won the lane, it is worth helping your allies. You will most likely score a couple more kills and possibly destroy the tower.

Ahri’s FoxFire ability

FoxFire is the ability that can cause insane damage. Not as good as Orb of Deception, but still don’t sleep on this skill. A significant plus of the ability is that it is applied instantly. There is no long ability casting animation. There is only a small delay before the spheres begin to fly at the enemy, but this disadvantage can be used to use this ability, and then the ult immediately. In such a combination (if everything is done quickly), the spheres will not have time to react. Of course, the ult must be applied properly next to the enemy champion. The spheres are primarily targeted at the enemy champion, as long as he is within the ability’s radius. In light of this, you can calmly activate minions in a crowd and not be afraid that the spheres will fly at the minions.

FoxFire LoL

LoL mid game on Ahri

It is the main phase of the game. They run from about the 20th to the 45th minute. It becomes more difficult to play because the slightest mistakes can have big consequences.

At this stage of the game, team skirmishes and the struggle for towers and dragons (also a herald) already begin. Try to watch for your opponent in an unobvious place to kill him lightning-fast. In team battles, you should not show up until a certain moment, and when you spot the enemy shooter, then you should kill him. If you cannot perform these actions and you have already been attacked, help your shooter with E. This will give him the opportunity to survive and shoot to the fullest.

Ahri’s benefits in LoL in 2021

  • She’s able to adapt to the game thanks to her abilities set and the capability to quickly attack and run away simultaneously.
  • She is very mobile due to her ultimate Spirit Rush.
  • A magnificent champion for ganks and constant pressure on the enemy.
  • Feels great in mass mixes.
  • All ult jumps deal damage to enemy champions in addition to good mobility.
  • She’s able to get out of almost any critical situation.
  • Mobility (thanks to Ghost Dash on the R key). It is almost impossible to catch you on the map in any situation, as well as run away from you. Ghost Dash gives you the ability to eliminate an enemy from an ambush when he doesn’t expect it.
  • Burst damage. Ahri has colossal, instant damage, sometimes three abilities are enough to kill the enemy.
  • The more you gain benefits, the stronger you become. Take a couple of kills right at the start, and you can’t be stopped.)
  • Control. Ability – “Charm” (E) is an excellent control throughout the game. It allows you to kill your opponent / save a friendly champion / save yourself when you need to run away.
  • Treatment. With the help of a passive ability, you feel great throughout the game.
  • Good potential for entering enemy lines. Starting at the 6th level, you should visit neighboring lanes more often to take even more advantage. A successful entry to another lane can give you a couple of kills and a tower, as well as a large amount of gold.
  • Good line cleanup. Ahri feels good enough on the lane, you calmly kill enemy minions with Orb of Deception (Q) from afar.
Ahri's benefits in LoL

Late stage of the game on Ahri

This phase of the game starts from the 45th minute. If you lose at least one team member, most likely you will lose. Each player has a full purchase, and accordingly, maximum damage and maximum efficiency.

In this phase, if you get killed, then the game may end.


Indeed, she has high mobility, variability and looks good in hairy situations. Ahri is good for both ganks and calm, measured play. The main thing is not to die at the very beginning on the lane, which is not difficult with her set of skills.

However, she’s too vulnerable at the beginning of the game. You need to stand on the line carefully. Each player has a different playstyle and you can certainly experiment. But if you are just learning the ropes, use the following combos in the game:

  • Press the ult, approach the enemy, and launch FoxFire at him. Then you need to hang a charm on the target, launch an orb, ult again and inflict damage with Ignite!
  • Basically, you need to do everything the same as in the first combo, but use Lich Bane instead of Ignite. Alternate Lich Bane with Fox-Fire, and Orb until the enemy champion dies!
  • Hit your ultimate, activate FoxFire, pull in an enemy, and launch an orb at him. Catch up on the target with your ultimate and use Zhonya’s Hourglass!

The above combos can be used both in single fights and in massive fights. But do not rush into a crowd of enemies alone, Ahri does not have such a large health reserve to tank.

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