Fortnite servers status. Patch Notes 14.50

Fortnite servers status. Patch Notes 14.50

17 November 2020

Fortnite fourth Season is now live and is all about superheroes. Doctor Doom and Stark have settled on the island and are preparing to confront the evil Galactus. The main villain of this season has already become visible in the sky. Galactus, the incredible size giant, is rushing to our island. Galactus will destroy the entire planet if the heroes do not prevent him. The Iron Man Development Center is located on the island to help heroes looking for a Victory Royale. The Epic Games team is always good at keeping their audience engaged. Fortnite is preparing to wrap up Chapter 2 of Season 4 with this update. Patch 14.50 removed a large number of Halloween items from the game. The update will begin at 4:00 am ET. Fortnite updates rarely last more than two hours, so don’t rush to check the status of the server; you will not be left without access to the game for a long time.

Jetpacks are back in the game

Fortnite fans last saw jetpacks in June 2018 when it was still available in the Battle Royale regime. This item is back after some tweaking at Star Industries. You will find jetpacks scattered throughout the island and try to hack the sky bases in time for Fortnitemares in the new patch. Jetpacks will return to the game in different versions. Besides, it will have different flight times. It hasn’t appeared in Battle Royale in over two years, and its return will make the game even crazier. Get the most out of the opportunity to fly with your jetpacks. Look for jetpacks in chests all over the map. When you turn on the jetpack, it lifts you into the air for a short time; the left of the screen displays the charge; if it runs out, you will fall. The return of jetpacks will make the game more fun and original.

Jetpacks are back in the game

New Icon skin

This update introduces a skin for the Australian Youtuber Lachlan Power, which will be available on November 12. This skin will be part of the Icon series. You can get it for free. It’s good news for all fans of the game. To have this skin, you need to take part in the Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy tournament. You will have a new series of icons along with the skin.

Bug fixes in patch 14.50

Fortnite devs strive to fix all bugs as always quickly, and you do not need to check the server’s status to enjoy the gameplay frequently. Moreover, the developers create an official Trello board so players can follow the progress of troubleshooting. Fortnite has over 350 million registered players, and the fact that servers’ status works with minimal disruption is incredible. All online games are prone to crashes due to server overload or scheduled maintenance. No one is immune to DDoS attacks and banal failures. Server problems are usually situational. To check the status of the servers, you need to enter the Epic Games website to the Fortnite public page. Besides, the company provides data and reports on previous indents for the last month on this page. Visit the official Fortnite account on Twitter if you need the latest information about how servers’ status works. The company posts the latest news and data on server operation in the Twitter account and we also try to keep you updated with the latest news. If the game doesn’t work, don’t worry; most likely, troubleshooting is already underway.

Ready for equipment of the next generation

The Fortnite patch is ready to be downloaded on new consoles from Xbox and PlayStation. Fast loading, spectacular graphics, 4K resolution at 60fps, and more will become available on new consoles.

New experience

Fortnite introduces new Bonus Challenges to test your team’s skills with patch 14.50. Upgrade your skills and fight the main villain of the Galactus together. Take part in the Marvel Knockout Tournament and win the Ghost Rider.

Fortnite introduces new Bonus Challenges

The new patch promises to be an epic update to the game. If you have been thinking about increasing your level in the game for a long time, but you do not have enough time for this try Fortnite boosting—an honest way to improve your skill and move to a higher level of the game.

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