How to choose the WoW realm properly?

How to choose the WoW realm properly?

04 December 2020

There are a lot of servers in the game, and the players also call them realms. On these servers, aka realms, players interact with each other, make friends, trade, and kill. How to choose a server for someone who is just starting to play WoW? And what are their main differences? Let’s shed some light on this intriguing topic.

Here is a list of game worlds. As you can see, the list displays the data:

  1. world of warcraft realm name;
  2. type: PvP or PvE;
  3. the number of your characters on this realm;
  4. player’s number in this realm.

I hope that everything is crystal clear with the server name. It’s just the name of the realm. That with the type of servers for beginners to play in WoW, there may be a misunderstanding.

First, let’s figure it out in terms:

PvE or Player versus Environment. In other words, this is interaction with NPCs (non-player characters), mobs, completing tasks, etc. Not related to confrontation against other players. PvP is a confrontation with other players: Player versus Player. Battles and kills of other players, confrontation for resources/locations, and more.

There are four types of servers:

WoW PvE servers

PvE, aka Ordinary, is a world where a player of one faction cannot attack another faction player if he (the player who is going to attack) does not have PvP mode enabled. Players can turn off the mode and run in all locations, except for the opposite faction locations, without fear of being attacked.

Players of both PvE and PvP worlds can change their PvP modes, enable/disable them. To enable/disable, select a portrait of your character, right-click on it, select the “PvP Mode” section in the menu that appears. Another submenu will appear in it. You need to select enable or disable.

WoW PvE servers

WoW PvP servers

Players can attack players of the opposite faction, even if they have PvP mode turned off! The PvP off mode works only on locations for low levels, and then the war of factions and the confrontation of players begins.

RP servers

Although there are not many role-playing servers, they are popular in the American and European zones, compared to the PvP and PvE worlds.

RP-PVP servers

RP-PVP is a two-in-one server when players play different roles fighting against enemy players. Therefore, you can only choose between the PvP and PvE WoW realms. Which one you choose is up to you. On PvE servers, it is easier to boost new characters, learn the world.

Where to search for WoW realms?

Many players have this severe question. Fortunately, there have been directories on any topic on the Internet for a long time, including those on pirated WoW servers. Such directories are called top servers, where servers are presented in the widest range. You can choose a server for yourself using various parameters that are displayed in such a directory and check the WoW realm status. Also, a solid WoW realm should be able to sort by multiple parameters. It will greatly simplify the search process. Next, you need to make sure that this is a reputable and quality top realm, which has spawned many of these tops, but only a few of them provide high-quality information.

Where to search for WoW realms?


One of the most critical factors that you should pay attention to is the realm uptime. This value can be between 0 and 100 percent. In practice, both are quite rare. This value tells you how long the realm is online and ready to serve players. Normal WoW realms have an uptime of 95-99%. It is more than enough to play comfortably.

Number of online users

Also, one of the most important parameters. You don’t want to be the only player leveling a character on these WoW realms, do you? If not, you should pay attention to the average number of in-game users. It is crucial not to be confused here. There is no need to look at the total number of users. It is not a significant indicator at all. You are only interested in active users who can keep you company.


If we talk about rates concerning a pirate realm, we are talking about the amount of experience gained. In the official realm, the rate is equal to one. However, there are no bonuses for gaining experience. But the pirate realms have slightly different properties. Since all the rules and parameters are set there by the administrator, he also sets the rate for gaining experience. If you want to boost your character as quickly as possible, choose the WoW realms with the highest rate and boost your character to the maximum level in a few hours. If you want to engage in leveling fully, you need to look for a realm with the lowest rate.

WoW PvP servers


If you use all these parameters correctly, then the game’s top realms will become user-friendly and apparent for you. You can choose precisely the realm that will give you maximum pleasure. The gospel truth is that it is much more enjoyable to play on PvP realms. The main thing is to find good pals who will always come to the rescue and give your opponents a dilly of a fight. Don’t forget to use the WoW boosting services. It will boost your gaming skills tenfold, making you a real WoW high-caliber player. The seasoned professionals will show you the WoW’s intricacies and give sound advice. It’s pretty cheap, legit, and a dead safe process. Just place an order on the site, and you’ll get professional assistance. Good luck!