Which car to choose in the Rocket League?

Which car to choose in the Rocket League?

04 December 2020

Every player can find what he likes in the action game Rocket League. Team matches allow you to show your talent with a variety of rocket vehicles. You must spend a lot of time trying all the cars in Rocket League. The developers tried to balance all the autos and divide them into five classes: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Octane, and Plank. There is no universal choice of vehicle. Each of them has its advantages, and the player chooses what suits him. You can play well on any car if you train for a long time. This article will give a detailed overview of the great request vehicles in the Rocket League.

Which cars should you try first?

All cars in Rocket League have different hitboxes and features. You will receive vehicles that will appear after you play your first matches and buy unique vehicles or get them from loot boxes. Let’s take a look at the great request vehicles.


The Octane is one of the first cars that appears in your garage. This auto has a standard body and a better comfortable hitbox. The Octane chooses most of the pro players, and probably it is the versatile auto for the game. The Hitbox of this vehicle is excellent for beating balls and doing tricks in the air. This car is designed especially for different styles of play. Moreover, Octane is famous in the Rocket League because most of the wheels, antennas, and other items fit it, and the gamer can customize the auto as much as possible. Octane is a well starting point for your workouts.


At first glance, the Breakout has an unattractive design, but this does not prevent cars from being fast and mobile. The hitbox of this auto is designed for precise shots thanks to its large square bumper. Breakout is a universal model, and it can replace all cars in Rocket League for you. Besides, pro players often choose Breakout for their games and it’s not just that. The developers create many customization items for this car as it is one of the most famous bodies.


This car is the third most popular auto in the game. Dominus cars have a lot of customization items in the Rocket League. The vehicle has a medium hitbox and is ideal for players who like to attack. Convenient for dribbling and hitting the ball thanks to the flat body structure. Dominus matches well with most Rocket Boosts and has an excellent engine sound. There is a player on Dominus in every second match.


This is the standard car that players get for free. The main difference between the Merc and other bodies is its rectangular body. Rocket League players are a threat due to the big hitbox on these cars. The Merc is excellent for blocking the gate from enemy strikes. This car is not designed for fast driving; therefore, it is rarely used in the game except as a goalkeeper.

Merc in WoW

Breakout Type-S

Many of the standard cars in the Rocket League have received new looks and improved bodywork. In general, the Breakout Type-S has the same body as the Breakout but looks different, and the developers have improved the engine sounds. This car will be an excellent choice for Breakout fans if you don’t want to change your favorite auto but don’t mind outside changes.


The Takumi is a great universal vehicle that bears several similarities to the Dominus. The Takumi auto has smooth handling and good performance. It is a comfortable car for all players, but if you want an updated exterior look, choose the Takumi RXT. Takumi’s new version has a more attractive appearance and stands out from other cars in the Rocket League with a cool spoiler.


The Batmobile is a unique dribble car, perfect for experienced Rocket League players. It will be easy to do tricks in the air and kick the ball with this car. Players could purchase Batmobile along with DLC, but for those who did not have time, there is no way to buy it because it is no longer available for purchase. The Batmobile is an exclusive and invaluable vehicle in the game.


DeLorean is an authentic car from the movie Back To The Future. It was available after the purchase of the DLC and is currently not for sale. Players often choose DeLorean for Dropshot mode. This car’s feature is its outside view; it has a unique paint that cannot be applied to other bodies.


This car is the most expensive auto in the Rocket League. The price of this body is 600 credits. You should know that Fennec has comfortable hitboxes, pleasant engine sound, and the vehicle is combined with a lot of wheels and customization items.


The Paladin is a standard car with a short but wide body. This vehicle is right for powerful shots and epic stunts. If you like the Dominus but are already a little tired of this body, try the Paladin a more extreme version of the Dominus.

Paladin in WoW


Mantis is an unusual car. This car has the shortest body in the game and is also very low. You can attack effectively with this vehicle and do air tricks. Besides, the Mantis is comfortable to dribble and is the right choice for many game regimes.


Car Marauder was made available in Rocket League after the DLC. The external Marauder is similar to the Merc, but it is more identical to the Octane in control and hitbox. If you prefer to play defensively, the Marauder is a perfect choice, with comfortable hitboxes and large size. Moreover, it is advantageous to fight at the gate with this machine.


The Venom is one of the most versatile machines that are equally well suited for beginners and pro players. This car will be a great choice in the Rocket League due to its characteristics, but it may not have the most exciting looks. Besides, the Venom is a reasonably aggressive machine that the player can use to make powerful shots.


You will have your favorite cars after playing a bit of the Rocket League, and you will also discover new underrated cars. Most players do not like X-Devil because of its unusual appearance, but this does not prevent the auto from being universal. Players will  feel comfortable dribbling the ball with X-Devil because it has a long hitbox. This car is functionally thought out and will be an excellent choice in any game mode.You need time to play better and win more often. Try to find out your perfect vehicle so you will play the game more confidently. Use the Rocket League boosting service if you want to speed up the process of your growth in the standings. Professional players will help you play better and tell you about the secrets of success. Boosting is a safe and legal way to earn more credits and raise your rank higher. 

Finding a comfortable car for yourself will help you reach your full potential.