How to choose a car with the correct hitboxes in Rocket League?

How to choose a car with the correct hitboxes in Rocket League?

08 December 2020

The player needs to know the features of the game and car hitboxes to win the Rocket League. Select the vehicle that better matches your playstyle and dominates. It is worth considering the appearance and body and the autos’ capabilities to select the right auto. For a better understanding of the different types of vehicles, you should play on them. Car hitboxes show how the auto will interact with the ball and other players in Rocket League.

Various vehicle hitboxes

All autos belong to five classes: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Octane, and Plank. Vehicles belonging to the same class work and behave in the field in almost the same way. All vehicles in the game have equal speed; this is necessary for balance. Let’s take a look at the features of the hitboxes car of different classes in the Rocket League.

Various vehicle hitboxes

Dominus in Rocket League

The Dominus is one of the first and most famous autos in the game. Players are effectively dribbling the ball and perform aerial stunts with a long autos body. Hitboxes make this car a versatile choice for any Rocket League mode. Dominus class cars are perfect for players who like to attack.


Hitboxes of Breakout cars are similar to Dominus. Many pro players prefer this class of vehicles, and this makes Breakout very popular among gamers. Fast and powerful vehicles are designed to make accurate strikes. Moreover, the Breakout class autos glide smoothly through the air, which helps the players do spectacular tricks in the air. Select Breakout for any game mode, and this car won’t let you down.

Hybrid in Rocket League

Hybrid vehicles have a versatile body style that allows gamers to easier to make turns. Hybrid hitboxes will help you do the best aerial stunts in Rocket League. Hybrid’s hitbox feel is very similar to the Dominus, allowing gamers to learn to play in this class of vehicles. The Hybrid is well suited for hardcore competitive games.


Car with Octane hitboxes appears first in your Rocket League account. Such autos are the most convenient and the most popular for many players. The versatility of Octane allows players to grasp the gameplay quickly and learn how to make strict shots. You should start playing with Octane; this auto will help you learn to play well. Most players love Octane cars and continue to play them for years. The versatility of this class makes Octane the best choice for any game mode regardless of player experience.

Octane in WoW


Plank cars have a wide and flat body. Vehicles of this class are great for players who like to perform incredible aerial stunts and love freestyle. Moreover, this hitbox is useful for blocking opponents’ attacks. Plank class machines are good at any task. Plank will be great if you need to dribble effectively or make a powerful shot.

Choosing the best car hitboxes in the Rocket League is subjective. In many ways, the player’s choice of a particular auto depends on the style of play. Machines of each class have their unique characteristics and cope well with specific tasks. Explore the different classes and hitboxes for a general understanding of each vehicle’s tasks before starting your first match. Do not look at the popularity of cars; there are many underestimated cars in the game that can become a good companion for you. Besides, if you are not getting some tricks, you can turn to the Rocket League boosting service. Pro players will help you understand the gameplay better and raise your rating in the game. Boosting is an honest and legal way to get your dream rating.