Competitive tournaments in Rocket League

Competitive tournaments in Rocket League

08 December 2020

Rocket League is a soccer arcade racing game that has gained incredible popularity. The developers have improved Tournaments in Rocket League, and players can feel competitive after the big summer update. Players can participate in ranked daily games and improve their skills.

Most players are interested in how to succeed in competitive games. If you’ve played ranked PVP before and are disappointed, then Rocket League will be your favorite competition.

The Competition matches is a new Rocket League game mode with a rank system. Fight with other teams close to your rating to get rewards. You can take part in tournaments an unlimited number of times.

Professional players develop their strategy that leads to victories thanks to how the competitive match system works. You will be able to join the successful players with enough experience and practice.

You will learn all about the nuances of competitive play in Rocket League in this article.

Lead the bracket

Take part in the free Rocket League tournaments. All gamers can play in competitive matches and win unique rewards. You will have unlimited possibilities to play in games that will take place daily in each region. You need to go into the new ranked menu, where it is shown all upcoming games for your region.

free Rocket League tournaments

The rewards of playing in the ranked games

The game has a new value, Tournament Credits, that the gamer will receive after completing the first round of ranked games in the Rocket League. The higher you move in the standings, the more currency you get. Players will receive more value for winning at a higher rank.

ranked games in the Rocket League

What happens if I leave a competitive tournament?

The exit of a player from a ranked tournament harms the crew, and the Rocket League provides punishments for such behavior.

Get ready to sweat hard to win tournament games for more rewards. A new approach to the competition will make the game even more exciting and will not let you get bored.

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