You should see it: all changes in the 6 season of Modern Warfare & Warzone

You should see it: all changes in the 6 season of Modern Warfare & Warzone

09 December 2020

The Call of Duty series is hugely popular among players today, as is Battlefield. More precisely, they oppose them, proving the superiority of one over the other (the polarity can change depending on the camp to which the gamer belongs). Objectively both games have positive and negative sides. Much was expected from the relaunch of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Shooter classics are visible throughout drama, settings, and gameplay. Drama, setting, gameplay. The level, fellow players!

Shortly before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it received an age rating of 17+ because of violence against children (the reason is in harsh interrogations, blood, and the possible death of civilians). Then it became apparent that the developers were preparing to release something genuinely adult.

Fans of Modern Warfare were eager to see the continuation of history or a new look at it. Before that, the developers mentioned several times: this is not a remake or a sequel, but a full-fledged restart.It unties the hands and allows the game to consider new trends in the geopolitical arena including gender-social problems. Whether it is wrong or not, we will not judge subjectively; now and then, there is a dissonance between reality and fiction.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

As in the case of the last Battlefield, the fiction acts selectively: there are no hints, everything is self-explanatory. Only Urzykstan falls out – a state suffering from aggression and cities with false names.

The “bad” side is the terrorist organization Al-Katala, but this enemy is not so obvious – it acts more like a fictional character. Post-Soviet Russia or Castovia in an adapted version – a bad guy under the names of cities, departments. General Roman Barkov (an obvious villain) and his army by the US and British secret services, plus several allies. Here’s what you can see in this game. There are also “good Russians” – from the single-player campaign. Do you remember how hard it is to fight heavily armed opponents? They form a team of main characters with the necessary racial diversity.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

Bad Russian and good Russian. These are the irreconcilable opponents that the player will have to face in the sixth season of call of duty. But the biggest complaints from the audience were caused by how freely the developers handled historical facts (at one time, the creators of Battlefield V stepped on the same rake twice). In particular, the plot mentions the “road of death” attacked in MW by “Russian” troops. The attack was undertaken by the United States and its allies – during the Gulf War.

“We are telling a made-up story”, – Infinity Ward said in response to the accusations.

It’s pure slyness, which makes no sense to comment. At the same time, most gamers are unlikely to pay attention to this inconsistency

CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 gameplay

If we abstract from the setting and do not look for similarities with the Cod season 6, it comes out fervently and dynamically. The developers change locations, time of day, arrange flashbacks, show beautiful cutscenes, which are then replaced by a picture of a new game engine. Long-range canopy shooting is fun. In multiplayer, however, it comes in handy only on a couple of maps.

Unfortunately, in terms of the variety of events, Modern Warfare 2019 is inferior to the original. It seems short – you got a taste, and you are shown a video hinting at a sequel, and you follow the development of events in the “Special Operation” mode. And where are the story flights on the AC-130, the firing from tanks and fast-paced jeeps?

Algorithms for respawning enemies remained from the classic cod warzone update. Are you tired of slowly making your way through the enemy ranks? You “rush” forward to the nearest trigger, finish off the rest – victory! Or you hone your patience, crawl a meter a minute in a bloody fog of half-death from an RPG. However, mini battle royale may require several attempts (either your nerves will not stand it, or simply inattention will play a bad joke). Then death and all over again. One of the mini-games suggests leading an embassy employee through a room filled with terrorists.

The gamer switches to different surveillance cameras, indicating where to go in Cod season 6. AI is triggered when the enemy is in a particular area. And then death follows.

However, the flaws are not noticeable for a shooter that implies an always fast pace – there is no time to look at them. Beautiful views, detailed weapons with excellent animation and sound effects.

What is the size of the Cod season 6?

The game is weighty. You need to understand this when you download updates to your PlayStation 4 19.3 GB, Xbox One 22.66 GB, and PC 57 GB.

Something else of Cod season 6

The developers have prepared even more interactive content for PS4 and Xbox One players. It’s about multiplayer mode and new special operations. PlayStation 4 requires 7GB, 5GB for PlayStation 4 Survival Pack, 8GB for Xbox One, and 5.9GB for Xbox One Survival Pack.

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The changes in the Cod season 6 include the following:

Now Nikolay and Farakh are your new operators. How much equipment you have and how you can use it depends on them. Survival lag after respawning a teammate is less. The defending player on the Battlefield no longer has an advantage: he is now the same as other players of the cod warzone update.

changes in the Cod season 6

Fixed: a model of the receiving player in the prone position. Damage received in close combat is noticeably less.

Best assault rifle in the Cod warzone update

You can now more accurately track your Cod season 6 victories. But the enemies are invulnerable to the attacks of the players from the firearms on the elevator.

The good news: now even better performance Cod warzone update on powerful computers with NVIDIA Reflex GPU. If using a GTX 900, it will be more comfortable to play on a PC.

Cod warzone update

Have you already participated in the shootout in the arena? Try it. You have one try – and it should be successful. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the enemy. And by the way, each squad will have a truck. It protects the maximum from bullets and other weapons that can destroy infantry in just a few minutes. Well, how can you resist installing the Cod season 6 update?

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