What Is Fortnite? Beginner’s Guide

What Is Fortnite? Beginner’s Guide

16 October 2020

What is Fortnite? A violet storm of a planetary scale appeared out of nowhere. Ninety-eight percent of the population died. Crowds of zombies roam the Earth.

The player is a kind of Commander from the control center. He controls other heroes with the help of a device similar to a periscope. He rescues survivors and restores various equipment to deal with the disaster. At the same time, there is a lot of content and mechanics in the game.

But all missions could be completed without coordinating actions with other players at all. Just make runs and shoot the zombies. Besides, all players compete for resources that cannot be shared. Frequently, the game encourages selfish behavior rather than collectivism.

Each raid begins with the scatter of players across the map who begin to break everything around: cars, stones, trees. There are not so many resources, but they are needed for absolutely everything to win the game. However, there is usually an additional quest: just complete the main challenge in a limited time. In two days, for example. Yes, there is a dynamic change of the daytime, but why it is needed and why to limit the time to days is not yet very clear.

What place does craft take in the game?

Craft is the game’s core. You need to look for caves with ore or break cars and refrigerators if it happens in a city to build a metal wall. A brick is knocked out of stones, a tree from trees.

Craft in Fortnite

Everything is crafted: from walls and traps to guns and cartridges for them. It is important to note here that the weapons found during the missions break down rather quickly and cannot be repaired.

What does construction look like?

In terms of construction, the game is most reminiscent of Fallout 4. There are several buildings: walls, floors (aka ceilings), stairs, and pyramids. There is an editing mode: each building is divided into blocks. You can make a low shelter from the wall or cut through it, for example, a door.

Long story short, there are many construction opportunities: usually, players build a box around the object that needs to be protected and set shelters and traps around the perimeter.

Collective building rarely turns into something interesting. The cooperative mode is not impressive: everything is built according to a proven scheme.

What is Fortnite? It is a building game that doesn’t encourage building. Literally, we could confine ourselves to walls around the critical point and not set any traps in all the missions we went through. We shot all the zombies long before they got to the fort, and this is the essence of the game called Fortnite. Besides, everything built during the mission disappears, and the resources spent on this are not replenished.

What is the main base essence, and why not collect resources there?

What is Fortnite? In the game, everyone has their base that needs to be equipped: in the center, there is a shield generator, which creates a barrier where evil spirits do not breed. But the player cannot go beyond the “dome,” which means that the resources at the base are limited.

Fortnite for beginners

Over time, the shield expands, opening up new areas to explore. Each has its base, but you can invite friends to reflect the hordes of zombies. Moreover, colleagues cannot build or destroy anything. They need to be permitted to do so. The saddest thing is that you cannot create one base per group of players.

It’s a dilly of a game with friends, right?

What is Fortnite? Anything is best played with friends. Fortnite is no exception. No strings attached, they will be able to save even the dullest game, so the answer is yes. But we haven’t noticed any noticeable cooperation yet. Fortnite feels like a single-player game that can be played by four somehow.

It would be possible to transfer resources, cartridges, to do at least some interaction on the battlefield. Sounds fancy, huh?

What about boosting?

What is Fortnite? You can improve almost anything in the game. For completing missions, the player gains experience, and as the level rises, he is given one point, which can be spent in a very branched skill tree, of which there are four. The base also continuously accumulates research points – there are four more trees with passive perks for them. With the need to “receive” these points, players are encouraged to enter the game more often because research points stop accumulating after reaching a certain amount.

Fortnite boosting

You can also improve weapons, heroes, and survivors – for this, there are unique items that drop from piñatas (local analog of chests, although there are chests). Most upgrades, skills, and perks are expressed in a simple increase in numerical indicators, the meaning of which is not explained in the game: an item in the pumping tree can add +5 to resilience, but what is resilience is not said anywhere.


It won’t be a cakewalk for the newbies. The game explains the basics like how to shoot and build, but there are many nuances that you have to reach on your own. The game has many tabs, menus, and submenus, the purpose of which is not always explained. We’ll have to be patient and ask questions in the general game chat.

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