The main things that you should know to boost your progress effectively are the Modern Warfare leveling, and you will find interesting the info, explained in this guide. How everything works, mechanics features, and other useful tips.

How CoD Modern Warfare leveling works?

Many players are puzzled because they don’t really understand how it works and how to count and predict your progress. All these mechanics are works simply and you will agree with that soon, after reading our guide.

When you complete online matches you gain experience that raises your rank. Your progress mostly depends on how much and how good you play. There are fifty-five levels to acquire, starting on the first one. With acquiring new levels you will be able to collect Killstreaks, perks to use in matches, and of course, various possibilities to made specialized items setup.

After acquiring the fifty-fifth level, the player is able to boost one hundred extra ranks. They are also termed Prestige. Players gain unique aesthetics stuff for each rank, and tasks they should accomplish in time to get some special extra benefits.

Officer ranks work like seasonal passes from other games, you lose all your extra progress every new season, so you will start from level fifty-five. It’s a good option because by resetting your progress you will able again to get new bonuses for reaching levels. It will be more interesting and maybe even easier to play after resetting, than for the first time, because your own skill could not be reset.

Enlisted ranks list and how to gain them effectively

cod mw ranks

In online matches levels from one to fifty-five refer to the Enlisted ranks list. As we said before, gaining levels gives you new opportunities in skill setups to use in matches, cosmetic stuff, and new weapon options for your loadout.

The resource that you should collect to have level-ups is experience. Players could gain it while playing online matches, doing various in-game tasks, also in Spec Ops. We made a list of tips on how to boost your level easy and effectively:

Officer ranks and how do they work

This part of the ranking system has some differences. Reaching the fifty-six level, you unblock additional tasks, they work like all previous types of in-game tasks. So you will have a new one every day, and as it was with daily tasks, you will collect experience and experience boosters, and a unique sign to collect called Ribbon.

Collecting Ribbons to get a unique seasonal sign – Emblem, collecting them, the player will get a new one for every ten collected Ribbons. A player could maximally have the 10th grade of this Emblem. Other players and you can see it in your profile, to show how cool you are.

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Today we want to give you some tips about Gulage in Call of Duty Warzone. When you perish in the game, the CoD will present an opportunity to fight in Gulag. The winner s going to be respawned in the game. Multiple members of the community find it challenging to win in 1v1 Gunfights. So we decided to provide you with some essential advice about how to win in CoD Warzone Gulag. Stay serene and calm in the Gulag warzone.

Stay patient in the Gulag warzone

Our 1st advice concerns the mental state of the user. It is easily the most significant piece of advice we can give you. Patient players always win. After dying, a user is angry. This manifests in anger and playing in Gulag aggressively. Stay calm and let your foe come to you. We will explain this part more later.

Let enemies approach you in the Gulag warzone.

As we mentioned previously, the user becomes angry when he or she dies in the game. He or she furious, and that is a typical reaction. However, the way to win is to restrain your temper. Stay serene and allow the mad player to approach you. When they are coming to you, they aren’t aware of where you are waiting for them. At the exact moment, you can hear steps and be mindful of where’s, the foe is approaching you. Additionally, you can throw some grenades on the potential path of the rusher. You will stun your enemy for a couple of seconds or even get the kill (If you are lucky). If you are fighting against a patient player, try to move from one side to another of the Gulag. When you failed to spot him, he’s still expecting your rush or moving alongside the wall on the opposing side. You can track him down and kill him from behind. If he continues to expect you on spawn, don’t rush your foe. Just anticipate the flag and then expect him to come to you. Eventually, he will attempt to steal your flag, and then you can kill him. A different way to use this method is to quickly run on your side to the 1st center wall where the flag spawns and wait there. The furious player can run from either side, so it is essential to hear his steps and kill him.

Get acquainted with weapon classes in Gulag of CoD Warzone

CoD Gulag

The wast majority of times, you are spawned with a pistol or a shotgun. Thus, it is essential to exercise with them and learn all potential classes. It will be frustrating to get spawned with an entirely unfamiliar weapon.

Ask your friend in Gulag to call them out.

If you and your companion got in the corresponding Gulag, you could find him on the higher level, and he can recognize you. Then you can ask your mate to call out your foe in the voice chat or throw a rock at them. Technically, this is a bug, and developers can fix it in the future. However, this works fine right now.

When you are in Gulag, turn your Warzone sound up

One of the most critical things in the Gulag is to hear the enemy’s footsteps. 1 versus 1 match is basically a game of cat and mouse, and you want to listen to your foe.

As we mentioned previously, countless players are going to be furious and eager to kill you. At that moment, you should be listening and figuring out where they’re coming from. Utilize your weapon and grenades correctly, and you will win.


In Warzone, headshots cause an insane amount of damage. That means that the vast majority of headshots are one-shot kill. We recommend you practice shooting in the head for some time. You will find it helpful later. Trust us.

Check out the spectators.

CoD Gulag spectators

Even you are all alone in the Gulag, you can utilize spectators for your benefit. Usually, they will be throwing rocks at players inside the Gulag. It is the perfect chance for you to understand where your foe is.

Be smart with your equipment.

We advise you to save grenade or Molotov for the rejection of flag capture. Smokes can serve as a great decoy. Trick your enemy by throwing them in one place while you’re moving in the opposite direction.

If you figure out how to use stuns and flashes efficiently, they will prove themselves useful. You are not required to throw grenades perfectly every time. You just need to throw it somewhat close to the enemy position. Your crosshair will flash, and you will know that they are there. Our team suggests using grenades only when you are aware of their position. You will be able to achieve the full effect and finish your enemy off.

Corners are your best friend in Gulag

Hugging the corners proves to be crucial for a long time. Peeking carefully and getting headshots are the key. We don’t recommend you to be fully exposed; make sure that you are at least partially protected at all times.

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The call of duty is one of the most popular military shooters in the video game industry. Warzone is a spin-off of the main Call of Duty. One map consists of 150 players, instead of 100. They said that the game field is going to increase to 200 players per match. This part of the game is made of the previous Call of Duty maps, but they’re also wholly new ones. The advantage of this game is when you land on the mainland, you already have a pistol, magazine, and armor. If it weren’t so, you would be dead in the first 3 seconds. However, the main goal here is to kill your enemies. But to win in this game, you need to remain the last player on the map. This task is not made for weak, slow, and inattentive gamers. To confront all of your opponents, you need to have master skills, a bit of luck, and a strong desire to conquer. CoD Warzone basics are easy to learn, but it is more comfortable with assistance from highly experienced gamers. Fortunately, we have these top-rate players to achieve any goal you want. Let’s get acquainted with the services you can obtain:

Win Boosting

call of duty win boosting service

As in similar battle games, the CoD strategy tied up in wins, so you need a bunch of experience, perfect weapon skills, a high level of attention, and accuracy to earn points and lift up. Your game progress depends on how much XP you’ve got, these points increase your game Rank and eventually allows you to unlock level weapons and different items.

To achieve your desired goal, to level up your weapon and regular XP, you need to perform various missions and actions.

We are well aware that most parts of CoD players have their work, family lives and can have no time to sit and play for hours to achieve the needed number of XP and wins. Therefore we can offer you our top quality specialists with hundreds of playtime hours and the baggage of experience and wins. We can complete wins for you in no time playing in your account. All of our boosters are reliable and mature persons, that’s why your orders will be complete as fast as it is possible.

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call of duty kill boosting service

Kill Boosting

As we said earlier, when you get specific XP points, you unlock the affordable weapons and items. This, in turn, increases your skill and allows you to kill more enemies with more accuracy. But there are various actions that you can make to achieve these desirable XP points. There are different actions to earn XP, for example, complete missions (the exact amount of kills), daily challenges (get 20 kills with certain guns), weekly challenges (get a high number of kills with a Molotov Cocktail).

The reasons why you read it can be different: you have a certain amount of time on playing CoD, you want to be the best you can by using our service, or you are not good at killing.

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Weapon Missions

call of duty weapon missons boosting

CoD Missions are the set of objectives grouped in every weapon mission. CoD has a lot of missions to pass, and each of them requires you to invest your time, efforts, and skills. The good thing about it is the rewards. At first glance, there is nothing hard to complete, but there’s one exception. Instead of running and killing your enemies and earn XP freely, you’ll be compelled to pass the missions. It can be a sort of fun for someone, but you may be an exception. That’s why you became interested in this service.

We prepared the best boosters who are ready to better your account by completing the missions you need.

Here you can find out what Missions we offer and the objectives that need to be completed:

Daily Challenges

The Daily Challenges became an integral part of CoD Warzone in the middle of 2020 and began to delight many players. This is because they provide new ways to earn XP bonuses by completing in-game objectives. At first, players only had to go to the Challenges menu to receive three Daily Challenges every 24 hours. But now they have to find the strength and time to fulfill them since the novelty has become boring. However, players still want to get bonus XP, so what to do then?

Fineboosting and its Daily Challenges in CoD Warzone service is an option that helps you complete annoying challenges without you participating. We understand that not everyone has time to do all of them, especially when their difficulty can be too serious. Therefore, not to lose rewards and save your time for pleasant gameplay, Fineboosting offers to complete CoD Warzone daily challenges for you.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone permits you to play the game with a variety of different operators, which you can gear into unique skins. They don’t give any in-game advantages, nevertheless, users can show off their rare skin to other users, which makes them pretty valuable. In this article, our team decided to create a list of the most precious operators and their skins in Call of Duty: Warzone.

UDT Ghost

Simon “Ghost” Riley from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. His epic look caused him to become a fan-favorite character in the instance. So, Activision decided to add him to the Call of Duty Duty Warzone due to the publicity of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered in March of 2020. For you to acquire this operator, you should buy a copy of MW:2 Remastered. After you do it, you will get various prizes: this skin, two guns, and user card awards.

Marsh Demon

This Call of Duty skin for Krueger, which reminds me of NØKK from Rainbow Six: Siege, Marsh demon has the bizarre process of getting. Users that desire to get this operator skin need to acquire the Making CoD: Modern Warfare book, which was released in October 2019 by Activision. This book contains amazing insights from Call of Duty Modern Warfare development and artworks linked to the game. In this book, you are going to find digests that you can insert into the game to open this fashionable appearance for Kruger.

True Victory

The brightest clothes in the COW: MW, True Victory is an appearance for the D-Day character. It consists of azure clothes with a dark bulletproof vest and headband. To get this Call of duty skin, you must finish the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign to open the D-Day character. Once you did it, you must buy a can of Mountain Dew’s Amp Game Fuel that holds the Modern Warfare brand on it. Next to that, you can insert the code in your account and open this skin.

The Woodsman

This skin is a reference to Joel, the main protagonist of the 2013 PlayStation game The Last of Us. So, it’s no surprise that only players who play on PlayStation can obtain it.



Do you recall the 2019-20 Australian bushfire season? When the furies scorched 186,000 square kilometers of land. Infinity Ward and Activision produced “Outback Pack” and assured that all sales out of it will go to relief organizations. This costs 1.800 CP (20$) and includes an elite sniper Rifle Charlie, a koala charm, Bushranger clothes, and extra cosmetics. So, if you desire to open these clothes, you should buy an “Outback pack”.

Snow Force

From flaming Australia, we go to cold Canada. Snow Force appearance was added with the Holideadly bundle in Season One. It is an individual appearance for the Bale character that switches his regular equipment to azure clothes with a red vest. What makes it the most beautiful clothes in the whole video game.

Dark Vision

The fan-favorite clothes, Dark Vision is an appearance for the Ghost character and was solely obtainable throughout Season 2. You could obtain these clothes by finishing certain in-game challenges, but you can’t get them any longer. It’s just sad.

Dune Hunter

Finally, we made our way to the most precious appearance. This clothes for Mara character was a first season award and only was available to users who ended the list of tasks throughout season One. Dune Hunter looks similar to any other appearance available to the character, though its overall rarity makes it the most craved clothes in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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The Call of Duty series is hugely popular among players today, as is Battlefield. More precisely, they oppose them, proving the superiority of one over the other (the polarity can change depending on the camp to which the gamer belongs). Objectively both games have positive and negative sides. Much was expected from the relaunch of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Shooter classics are visible throughout drama, settings, and gameplay. Drama, setting, gameplay. The level, fellow players!

Shortly before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it received an age rating of 17+ because of violence against children (the reason is in harsh interrogations, blood, and the possible death of civilians). Then it became apparent that the developers were preparing to release something genuinely adult.

Fans of Modern Warfare were eager to see the continuation of history or a new look at it. Before that, the developers mentioned several times: this is not a remake or a sequel, but a full-fledged restart.It unties the hands and allows the game to consider new trends in the geopolitical arena including gender-social problems. Whether it is wrong or not, we will not judge subjectively; now and then, there is a dissonance between reality and fiction.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

As in the case of the last Battlefield, the fiction acts selectively: there are no hints, everything is self-explanatory. Only Urzykstan falls out – a state suffering from aggression and cities with false names.

The “bad” side is the terrorist organization Al-Katala, but this enemy is not so obvious – it acts more like a fictional character. Post-Soviet Russia or Castovia in an adapted version – a bad guy under the names of cities, departments. General Roman Barkov (an obvious villain) and his army by the US and British secret services, plus several allies. Here’s what you can see in this game. There are also “good Russians” – from the single-player campaign. Do you remember how hard it is to fight heavily armed opponents? They form a team of main characters with the necessary racial diversity.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

Bad Russian and good Russian. These are the irreconcilable opponents that the player will have to face in the sixth season of call of duty. But the biggest complaints from the audience were caused by how freely the developers handled historical facts (at one time, the creators of Battlefield V stepped on the same rake twice). In particular, the plot mentions the “road of death” attacked in MW by “Russian” troops. The attack was undertaken by the United States and its allies – during the Gulf War.

“We are telling a made-up story”, – Infinity Ward said in response to the accusations.

It’s pure slyness, which makes no sense to comment. At the same time, most gamers are unlikely to pay attention to this inconsistency

CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 gameplay

If we abstract from the setting and do not look for similarities with the Cod season 6, it comes out fervently and dynamically. The developers change locations, time of day, arrange flashbacks, show beautiful cutscenes, which are then replaced by a picture of a new game engine. Long-range canopy shooting is fun. In multiplayer, however, it comes in handy only on a couple of maps.

Unfortunately, in terms of the variety of events, Modern Warfare 2019 is inferior to the original. It seems short – you got a taste, and you are shown a video hinting at a sequel, and you follow the development of events in the “Special Operation” mode. And where are the story flights on the AC-130, the firing from tanks and fast-paced jeeps?

Algorithms for respawning enemies remained from the classic cod warzone update. Are you tired of slowly making your way through the enemy ranks? You “rush” forward to the nearest trigger, finish off the rest – victory! Or you hone your patience, crawl a meter a minute in a bloody fog of half-death from an RPG. However, mini battle royale may require several attempts (either your nerves will not stand it, or simply inattention will play a bad joke). Then death and all over again. One of the mini-games suggests leading an embassy employee through a room filled with terrorists.

The gamer switches to different surveillance cameras, indicating where to go in Cod season 6. AI is triggered when the enemy is in a particular area. And then death follows.

However, the flaws are not noticeable for a shooter that implies an always fast pace – there is no time to look at them. Beautiful views, detailed weapons with excellent animation and sound effects.

What is the size of the Cod season 6?

The game is weighty. You need to understand this when you download updates to your PlayStation 4 19.3 GB, Xbox One 22.66 GB, and PC 57 GB.

Something else of Cod season 6

The developers have prepared even more interactive content for PS4 and Xbox One players. It’s about multiplayer mode and new special operations. PlayStation 4 requires 7GB, 5GB for PlayStation 4 Survival Pack, 8GB for Xbox One, and 5.9GB for Xbox One Survival Pack.

CoD Warzone boosting

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The changes in the Cod season 6 include the following:

Now Nikolay and Farakh are your new operators. How much equipment you have and how you can use it depends on them. Survival lag after respawning a teammate is less. The defending player on the Battlefield no longer has an advantage: he is now the same as other players of the cod warzone update.

changes in the Cod season 6

Fixed: a model of the receiving player in the prone position. Damage received in close combat is noticeably less.

Best assault rifle in the Cod warzone update

You can now more accurately track your Cod season 6 victories. But the enemies are invulnerable to the attacks of the players from the firearms on the elevator.

The good news: now even better performance Cod warzone update on powerful computers with NVIDIA Reflex GPU. If using a GTX 900, it will be more comfortable to play on a PC.

Cod warzone update

Have you already participated in the shootout in the arena? Try it. You have one try – and it should be successful. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the enemy. And by the way, each squad will have a truck. It protects the maximum from bullets and other weapons that can destroy infantry in just a few minutes. Well, how can you resist installing the Cod season 6 update?

It may be interesting: All games of the action Call of Duty

The Call of Duty game series is a very popular shooter for PC and consoles. Gamers worldwide have been eagerly awaiting autumn to see the popular game’s next version for over sixteen years. The Activision franchise has everything you need: a complicated story, different periods, incredible locations, and a wide range of regimes. Call of Duty is a shooter game in the center of which situations where elite special forces units are required. You will be able to participate in exciting operations around the world. You can free hostages from an alien race and complete missions in the center of Berlin during World War II. Get an unforgettable experience with realistic weapons of the past century, futuristic technology of the future, fight in exciting locations, and carefully thought-out graphics. We have written a complete list of all COD games in chronological order of their release to give you a sense of nostalgia.

GameRelease DateCopies Sold
Call of DutyOctober 29, 20034,5 million
Call of Duty: United OffensiveSeptember 14, 20045,8 million
Call of Duty 2October 25, 2005nearly 6 million
Call of Duty 3November 7, 20067,2 million
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareNovember 5, 200730 million
Call of Duty 5: World at WarNovember 11, 2008nearly 18 million
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2November 10, 2009over 25 million
Call of Duty: Black OpsNovember 9, 2010over 30 million
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3November 8, 2011over 30 million
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2November 12, 2012nearly 30 million
Call of Duty: GhostsNovember 5, 2013nearly 29 million
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareNovember 4, 201427,8 million
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3November 6, 2015nearly 27 million
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareNovember 4, 201613,3 million
Call of Duty: WWIINovember 3, 201719.82 million
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4October 12, 20183,5 million

Call of Duty

The long journey of the most popular series of first-person shooters begins from this part. The first detail of the Call of Duty invites the player to participate in World War II’s most iconic battles. The developers did an incredible reconstruction of the events of those years. The COD plot stars three characters: an ordinary Soviet soldier, British and American paratroopers. Moreover, you will become a participant in twenty-four challenging missions and fight other players in cruel multiplayer battles. Take part in the famous Volga crossing, the Normandy landings, many sabotage operations in Western Europe, the Battle of Berlin, and much more. COD revolutionized all games available to players in 2003. AI supports the player throughout the mission, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s plot, well-staged action, high-quality picture, and unique atmosphere. It will be pleasant to play this game even today.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: United Offensive

It is a standalone add-on to the first part of the game. This addition allows you to get access to twelve exciting story missions. You can become a part of real-life past hostilities of the COD: United Offensive missions. You will feel like a real participant in the battle scenes during the Battle of Stalingrad, the sabotage squadron’s sorties to Sicily, Kharkiv’s battles, and others. Besides, you will receive improved graphics, a massive arsenal of weapons, original action scenes, and battles in multiplayer modes along with the new missions.

Call of Duty 2

The first part of Call of Duty received positive reviews from critics, so the second part was not long in coming. The concept of the game remains the same, with the focus on large-scale battles. You will plunge into the battle of Moscow, the operation in Tunisia, and some missions will take place in the same locations as the events of the original, but with significant technical improvements. The player will take part in 27 new missions with accurately reproduced military equipment. Call of Duty 2 sets the direction for game mechanics and is considered an integral part of the genre now. All the shooters’ usual elements have changed; your character will have automatic health regeneration, new acrobatics abilities, and handy hints marking the tasks’ objectives right on the screen in this part of the COD game. Besides, the game has everything players love in it, but with better graphics.

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 3

The game was released in 2006 and was only available on consoles. The game’s story tells about the events of 1944 from the perspective of the Americans, British, Canadians, and even Poles. The developers of COD games have improved all the graphics hardware. The game has decent facial animation, first-class special effects, high-quality textures, grass, and many other little things thanks to the new engine. The players remembered this part thanks to the multiplayer that it was in previous games, but this part set the vector for the development of Call of Duty. You could arrange massive gunplays with the participation of 24 players in multiplayer.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The fourth part of Call of Duty was released in 2007, and this game changes the entire series. Players will carry out special operations in modern hotspots now. Moreover, the new COD game has evolved the action, graphics, and all weapons. The plot centered around the fate of several soldiers. Captain Price first appears in this part of COD, and he will later become the face of the Modern Warfare franchise. All story missions are fictional and have no relation to reality in this part. MW tells the story of a brave American and British military battling with Islamic terrorists.

The developers have significantly updated Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer. The players can customize their characters, select perks, and weapons to their liking. Players have kill streak rewards now. For many gamers, MW has become a benchmark multiplayer.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 5: World at War

The developers try to return to the classic stories of the Second World War here but use the experience of Modern Warfare in this part. You will find yourself in the center of events on the Pacific Islands and Berlin’s streets. The game COD World at War shows all the brutality of the war. Blood will flow like a river. The game has a mechanic of dismemberment, burning of enemies with a flamethrower, and all this in realistic graphics. New zombie mode is the essential addition to Call of Duty 5: World at War. No one paid much attention to this mode at first, but it became wildly popular after the release. Four players must fight back the growing waves of the living dead in zombie mode, opening up new areas of the map and buying weapons along the way.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The actions of the second part take place in an alternate reality. Several years have passed since the events of the first Modern Warfare. The world is still trying to fight the hotbeds of the terrorist threat. All missions have become much longer in the new part of the COD game, adding new vehicles and weapons. You have to storm a base with atomic submarines and climb mountains using an ice ax like in a classic action movie. The single-player campaign was even more pleased with the players than the original plot at this time. Fans still remember some of the scenes.

There have been cardinal changes in multiplayer—increased gunfights dynamics by adding new perks, tactical capabilities, and a lot of new weapons. Indeed many new items and rewards.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops takes you to the times of the alternative Cold War and invites you to become a participant in clashes between warring military-political blocs. All events will surprise you by connecting a single plot with non-standard twists and an unexpected COD Black Ops outcome. A US Marine named Alex Mason was sent to Cuba to participate in the destruction of Fidel Castro. The operation failed, and the Soviet special services captured the infantryman. Take part in armed conflicts around the world.

In multiplayer appeared a ballistic knife, a crossbow, and a radio-controlled machine with explosives. But most of all, the players were pleased with the Zombie mode. Missions will not let you relax.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

It was impossible to stop the global conflict despite all the efforts made, and the Third World War began in the game COD Modern Warfare 3. Players will have to carry out sabotage missions, participate in major battles, and disable objects important to opponents around the planet during the storyline campaign to punish the main villain at the end.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The developers decided to try the plots of the future in this highly expected sequel. The second part continues the story of the first, but this time the story is about Mason’s son. The action takes place both during the Cold War and in 2025. Players will have to try the technological weapons of the future. All players can influence certain moments of the storyline thanks to the non-linear storyline in the COD Black Ops 2 game. The duration of the game has increased.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The coalition of South American countries led by Roarke strikes the United States after the global cataclysm. A few volunteers and Ghosts special forces are trying to resist the invaders. In this game, players’ ghosts will have to fight on land and in space using all the advanced arsenal weapons in COD.

The game did not impress the audience, which is often called the worst game in the series.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games studio has thoroughly redesigned the game both in concept and in gameplay. The action takes place in 2054. All power over the world is held by corporations to develop high-tech weapons. Your hero will meet with the villain whom Kevin Spacey gave his face in the plot. All players will participate in an eight-hour story campaign of the COD Advanced Warfare game filled with epic action scenes. The game was able to boast updated graphics and AI behavior thanks to the new engine.

Multiplayer and Zombie mode also received their changes. The gameplay has been refreshed by double jumping and dodging in the air.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

The third part of Black Ops continues to develop the chapter of an alternative future. The main character will have to fight many opponents in futuristic locations and computer simulations. The plot is traditionally confusing, but this only makes it more interesting. All innovations will be available to play online and in a single-player mode in COD Black Ops 3 game. Players can run on walls and jump using rocket packs now.

Character classes have appeared in multiplayer. Each character has its ultimate ability that gives an advantage in battle now.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Infinity Ward came up with a plot where earthlings confront alien invaders. The action takes place in the distant future. Earthlings successfully colonized Mars, but the planet’s power belongs to radical forces who took the planet under their control. The player will spend a lot of time in space battles in the story. You will be able to control space fighters and visit other planets for the first time in the game’s history. Take part in exciting battles in zero gravity conditions. Kit Harington plays the main villain, which fuels interest in the game.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: WWII

The creators of all COD games have always analyzed the audience’s needs and created an exciting product. This time, the game returns to its origins. The action takes place at the end of World War II, namely, from 1944 to 1945. The campaign covers actions in the occupied cities of France and Belgium. Players will play on two soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division in the single-player campaign. The story focuses on the American military fighting battles in Western Europe. In the surroundings of the Second World War, there is also a general storyline. The developers abandoned automatic health regeneration in favor of classic first aid kits in this game.

The game has a cooperative zombie mode with its original storyline. Zombie mode also takes place in the context of World War II and tells how the Reich attempts to create an army of the walking dead.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

This part stands out from the rest; it no longer has the usual single-player campaign. A zombie apocalypse, and a battle royale for a hundred participants, and an online regime remained. Get ready because realistic battles, three adventures about the fight against the dead, and the popular Eclipse mode, which is a royal battle, await you. A competitive regime has appeared in multiplayer, where you need to interact with the team to win. The characters have additional features like ballistic shields.

Restart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The studio decided to restart this story because the plot of the past parts came to a standstill. The main idea was to tell a war drama and military conflicts. The developers have made an even darker and more ambiguous plot in Modern Warfare 2019.

Restart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

For sixteen years, all COD games have managed to change many stories. The franchise has tried everything from WWII to travel to other planets. Around 20 studios led by Activision have contributed to the game series. The COD experience is the legacy of the entire gaming industry. However, if you have difficulties achieving any awards, you can order Call of Duty boosting on our website. This is an honest way to get the perks you want or get high rankings if you don’t have enough free time.

In Season 6, Modern Warfare will introduce a tunnel system that allows you to move between the city areas quickly. Besides, new operatives, Farah and Nikolai, will become available in the game and new weapons, a battle pass, and much more. The update weighs a little over 20 GB, but you will need around 62 GB of free hard disk space to download.

The sixth season will be the last one before the Black Ops Cold War release; however, the developers stated that they would continue to support the game after releasing the new part. Cold War will be out on November 13 on current and next-generation consoles.

Few words about Survival mode in CoD

Infinity Ward will expand access to Survival mode for CoD MW users. It was announced by the company’s senior public relations manager Ashton Williams on Twitter. During the year, the game mode was only available to owners of PS4 consoles. Users of other platforms criticized the studio’s decision. On October 1, Infinity Ward expanded access to Survival on Xbox and PC.

Survival mode in CoD

The released update 1.28, with which the game added the option to remove certain game modes. The developers also fixed some bugs and nerfed the SP-R 208 weapon. In multiplayer, the list of modes has been updated. Besides, the developers increased the minimum damage at a distance from Kar98 and reduced from SP-R 208 in the Royal Battle.

Fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has recently been extremely surprised by the amount of space occupied by updates and DLC. Now, disgruntled fans will have the opportunity to decide whether to play the campaign or multiplayer and delete unnecessary data.

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What about the crossplay

The devs have presented a plan for developing a shooter for the sixth season, a potentially final operation for MW as it will end exactly in time for the premiere of the Cold War. Infinity Ward will give players a choice to play with or without crossplay. You will need a CoD account to play. They will also select opponents depending on whether they are playing with a gamepad or with a mouse and keyboard. The latter have an advantage, so the filter will help equalize the chances of winning.

From the first seconds of the game, you feel like you are completely immersed in the world of Call of Duty. After all, clear detailing of textures, sounds of steps, everything is so realistic. Not only sounds but also shooting animation and weapon reloading animation for each of its types is different. You are offered a certain technique. The game keeps every cell of the body so tense that the wild excitement does not leave for a second. You seem to feel the taste of sand in your mouth and the scorching sun on your face. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of weapons and military equipment because there are a lot of them here.

world of Call of Duty

New maps, modes, and missions will be released on all platforms simultaneously, but PlayStation 4 owners will receive bonuses. Evidently, it’s a phenomenal game that requires a wealth of experience and prowess from the gamer. Tons of newbies can’t cope with severe missions. How to play like a real ace without fear of being shot in your first mission? Just order the CoD boosting services. The seasoned pros will make the job done for you. It’s an extremely cheap, fast, and dead safe process. Don’t waste any second and start winning now with the aid of boosting services.