A closer look at CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer

A closer look at CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer

23 September 2020

Many players still can’t figure out how to play CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer correctly, but we decided to come to the rescue! Let’s figure out together what modes and maps are available to players. And also how to play with brand-new insane upgrades at your service. Are you ready to get to know the world of CoD Multiplayer better? Then let’s get started!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Modes

There are two new modes in the cod modern warfare multiplayer. The first is a 2v2 battle, where the teams’ equipment changes in each round. There is no automatic restoration of health so that any mistake can lead to defeat, and good communication with a partner can ensure an unconditional victory. If the round is delayed, a flag appears in the center of the map: capturing it serves as a tie-break.

The second new-fangled cod modern warfare multiplayer mode is called Cyber Attack. It’s a kind of hybrid of Search and Destroy and Sabotage, well suited for esports competitions. Defenders need to either kill all opponents or defuse the bomb.

CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer Modes

Of course, these are not all the differences between the restart and previous games. The absence of radar is immediately evident in the cod modern warfare multiplayer. It is displayed only when a friendly drone is hovering in the air (a classic reward for a kill streak). The rest of the time, you will have to navigate the compass at the top of the screen.

The outfit reverted to the relatively classic Modern Warfare model. A primary weapon, secondary weapon, three perks, an assassination gadget, and a tactical gadget. And besides, there can be a bag of cartridges or, for example, a reconnaissance gyrocopter in the cod modern warfare multiplayer.

And most importantly: now you have two ways to run fast! An endless sprint was customary for the series and even quicker, but now you’ll have a top-notch super spring ability in the cod modern warfare multiplayer. Besides, your fighter will be able to look out of cover. Approach any corner, aim, press the necessary button, and you will hide most of the body from shots.


The design of some locations is frankly unsuccessful in the cod multiplayer. For example, Piccadilly is already hated by all players. Most of the cod multiplayer battles take place in open spaces, and almost every point can be shot from a dozen different positions: sometimes, it is merely impossible to keep track of exactly where you were killed. Moreover, if a fighter takes a good position, he also risks getting under fire.

Maps in CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Game process

The gameplay of the shooter is the spitting image of Modern Warfare 2. You can kill your foe with a few bullets. Thus, the game has lost a certain amount of arcades compared to the Black Ops 4.

A lot of small details have appeared in the cod modern warfare multiplayer gameplay. One of the most notable is the ability to use almost any surface as a weapon rest. When the player approaches any wall/box/curb and presses the button, the fighter will stick to the cover and start shooting using aim.

On the one hand, this is an incredibly useful defense skill in the cod modern warfare multiplayer. On the other hand, the ability to move is entirely disabled, which often becomes fatal. If you press the sprint button twice, the fighter will throw the weapon over his head and sprint for a few seconds. It helps to cross the terrain, but you will die if you meet the enemy in this form.

The call of duty multiplayer series returned to the streak of murders and the rewards for them. Previously, to summon any unmanned reconnaissance, you had to earn points, which were given for everything: for capturing points, for kills, for assists, and so on. Incidentally, the series has returned to its roots, and you can use rewards if you have earned a kill. Again, a double-edged sword: it will be more difficult for newbies to use the headquarters’ help, but it has become more valuable and useful.

Killstreak rewards are familiar to fans from previous installments – drone, anti-drone, automatic turret, shelling call (now arranged differently: you need to aim at the target with a laser pointer), various helicopters, and so on. An assault plan is available at higher levels in the call of duty multiplayer, which turns the protagonist into an unkillable tank with a machine gun. It covers the location with white fog, and the fighters take small damage and slow down.

Brand-new insane upgrades at your service

You’ll have free rein in upgrading weapons. Now there are 60-70 upgrades for each gun in the call of duty multiplayer divided into several main categories: barrel attachment, the barrel itself, barrel mount, buttstock, grip, clip size, sight, or perk. Perks provide various bonuses, from full ammo at the start of a match to increased melee attacks.

CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer upgrades

Each item changes the characteristics of the weapon and its appearance in the call of duty multiplayer. And the characteristics this time are furnished not in the form of abstract numbers but bring in a real impact that can be distinguished with the naked eye. For example, a longer barrel for an assault rifle increases the effective range, but the fighter takes longer to aim and moves the barrel to the sides more slowly.

Perks are back in three classic categories. You can give the character the skill to carry a second primary weapon instead of a pistol, make it invisible to drones, or reduce the impact of stunning or blinding grenades. Classic in its purest form.

The character can be boosted without any severe difficulties in the cod multiplayer. In addition to this, there are tests, which are divided into two types: daily and operations. The daily ones change every day and motivate you to play different modes and use other weapons. Sometimes, the completion status is not displayed on the information board, even if the game has just announced loudly that the test has been completed.

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