2021 LoL preseason plans: Class Item Goals

2021 LoL preseason plans: Class Item Goals

24 September 2020

This year all LoL developers hardly work on champion class items to make your game more exciting and attractive. Of course, we are all looking forward to the release and are happy to follow all the news. Let’s check the Riot plans on lol preseason and see what novelties do they have for us!

Effects in Lol preseason


The game is famous for its healing abilities. But it became available almost for every champion at last time, so we face healing around every corner. Gamers are not afraid of grievous wounds anymore. So, developers decided to reduce healing, where we think it’s unnecessary to make players worry about their game lives.

Unfortunately, Grievous Wounds do not always help beat the strong healer when they dominate the match. So Riot wants to make Grievous Wounds more effective in the battles with powerful Champions with extra healing.

Effects in Lol preseason

Changing the CDR

They plan to change the principle of Cooldown Reduction working, to make the game more exciting, enabling flexibility and making clearer build choices without affecting the purpose.

The Haste Ability

The rate of application of skills is calculated linearly: that is, the effectiveness of cooldown reduction grows exponentially, that is, the higher this indicator, the more benefit it brings.


This unusual and useful stat, but the way of dealing with various Crowd Control is too hard to understand. Ideally, tenacity must be easy-to-use and effective against players with CC, which will reduce the duration of knock-ups.

Jungle Items

Last season pleased LoL fans with starting items, to make access to the store, and to give more choices. This had a positive effect on the game, so they decided to apply it to the jungle. This way, the jungle receives one combined starting item, which will not cost extra points. Moreover, the jungle receives additional parameters and pleasant bonuses that will allow them to buy new items. Additional nuances will still be added, but these changes are incredibly pleasing to all players. The developments will highlight the unique characteristics of champion classes and improve the overall item system.

Jungle Items in LoL

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Marksman Items

The developers have taken care of the dedicated players, giving Marksmen more options for strategy. It is planned to provide situational items with more essential parameters so that they can play more efficiently.

The independence of the players. Now the Marksmen will not be so dependent on team play, which will help balance this class. Of course, you will have to lose something in exchange for independence, and it will be optimal damage. Thus, the Marksmen will be able to be independent of the team’s play.

The first item has a significant impact. Marksmen usually only gain strength towards the end of the match, so the developers made sure that they got more advantages from the beginning of the game. Thus, now the first items will be more powerful.

Mage Items

Stronger start. Mages have the same problem as Marksmen: the inability to play at full strength from the game’s beginning. Therefore, the developers tried to add variety at the early stage of the game so that the magicians did not lose interest and were more powerful.

Artillery mages will get new effects. Finally, this class will have the opportunity to stand out and will receive unique skills and attacks. We are sure that you are looking forward to this as much as we are.

AP Fighter and AP Assassin Items

As AP Fighter and Assassins are quite rare game Champions, the lol preseason has combined them into one large group to have a set of key items. This is really a great decision since these players have the opportunity to choose: improve their defensive performance or further increase the damage only after inflicting damage.

An exciting game start. LoL developers decided to interest players from the very beginning in the new update. AP Fighter and Assassin will have unique items from the first game minutes now.

Choosing between defense and damage in the late stage. Players will be able to include items for tanks or mages in their builds as final items now. This will give them freedom of choice and build flexibility.

Tank Items

Choice of strategies. Most often, tanks have to do several actions at the same time, so the developers tried to make protecting and the team supporting more effective. Riot will also provide tanks with a wide variety of items for different battles.

Magic Resistance. The selection of items will be expanded soon, which helps to resist magic. This is a cool advantage compared to the fact that tanks could not effectively fight with mages.

Tank Items in LoL

More useful qualities. Tanks will not only absorb damage but also be more useful for their team now. Many gamers will be happy to expand their champion’s features.

Great ending. So that the tanks are not sad about the absences of the final strong item, the developers will create new ones that will reveal the tanks’ power.

Enchanter Items

A varied selection. Due to the fact that there are only a few popular items in the game that keep players’ attention, developers are working hard to improve unwanted items now. It will give a larger variety of choices.

Clearly marked areas of item use: some items offer everything at once. But the developers will put specific limits on usage for each item now.

Enchanter Items in LoL

In the new LoL preseason, Rsot has prepared many new items for the development of champions. This is a cool opportunity to diversify the game from the very beginning, studying the hero from different angles. We look forward to the preseason release and share our impressions with you!

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