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What is LoL Placement Matches Boost?

Placement matches represent an important role in the balance in League of Legends, as you should come across other gamers of roughly the same skill level when entering ranked games. But unfortunately, they do not always distribute the players fairly. The fact is that there is a great risk of falling into Elo chaos, where players from both low and high leagues are mixed at the same time, which significantly complicates obtaining the proper rank. How, then, do you get the desired rank without any kind of difficulty?
LoL Placement Matches Boost is a great solution that guarantees 80% wins in the matches you bought. The service provides you with one of the best professional players who will do his best to get you all the victories. Thus, you can easily and quickly get the previous rank or even a new, higher, and desired one!

Why do you need LoL Placement Matches Boost?

Not every player has time to play placement matches, as they are not ranked games, and there is less and less sense in playing them. They also can interfere with normal play. For example, you played with the rank of Gold, and at the end of the matches, you received Silver, and now you will have a long road to return to the previous division. LoL Placement Matches Boost is the right way out for their situation because the service will help save your time, and you can get a ready rank today!

LoL Placement Matches Boost helps you get:

Nice start

The service provides an excellent opportunity to get a high rank in the shortest way by winning most of the games. Each placement match won brings you closer to the coveted Challenger rank. It will turn an unpleasant start to the season into a great chance to grab a higher rankings position!

Simplification of the game

Placement matches are games where lawlessness reigns, and it is time to play by their rules. Now, only you can control the game's balance, as our top experienced player will play on your side. He will do everything possible and impossible to ensure a loss to the opposing team, even with powerful enemies!

Good teammates

Are you tired of suffering from the poor performance of your dimwitted teammates? Then it is time to raise your rank and take your game to the next level. AFK and toxic teammates do not make it to high divisions because they do not know how to play in a team. That is why you can finally find pleasant and responsible teammates!

How does LoL Placement Matches Boost work?

LoL Placement Matches

By default, LoL Placement Matches Boost is performed directly on the client's account. You do not have to worry about your account's safety since we do not request the mail to which it is linked; therefore, theft is impossible! You also have the opportunity to play alongside our pro booster, thanks to the "Play with the booster" option. This is an incredible chance to get the most out of boosting while recharging yourself for future matches with uncommonly positive energy!

Do not worry if you have already started playing the first games because you can get any number of placement matches in this LoL boost service. Do not forget to include other parameters as well, such as the last known or desired rank, queue, and additional options of your choice. As soon as you pay for the order, we will immediately select a booster for you.

You will have access to your personal account's new functions, with the help of following the LoL Placement Matches Boost process in text format and communicating with the booster. Our player will contact you within a few minutes. Together with him, you will draw up a boosting schedule and terms that are most suitable for you. Please contact our online 24/7 support if you still have questions!

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

Our top priority is to super-fast any service you desire, including special conditions orders, which gives us many unique offers for League of Legends. We provide a premium service, where each of our employees is extremely responsible and attentive to their work, helping at any time and accompanying each customer from the beginning to the end of the order! Fineboosting provides a guarantee for every boosting service, as it values ​​its reputation and positive feedback is a clear confirmation of this!

With our platform, you can get one hundred percent:

Like other types of data, any transaction is under reliable protection of the SSL protocol, which encrypts information between the server. All our players are well aware of the non-disclosure policy, so be sure about the safety of any information about your services. They are also not allowed to communicate with your friends, which will allow you to remain completely anonymous. By using a paid VPN program, we can easily avoid the ban. It allows our boosters to generate your IP address so that security systems would never notice the Account Sharing.


Our company has existed for more than a year, during which we managed to master many aspects that help to maintain the quality of the result and further at the proper level! At the same time, our pro gamers have been in LoL for more than seven years, which undoubtedly plays an important role in achieving not only the correct result but also fast. With us, you will not have time to get bored of the game!


We have brought together great players from all over the world who are longtime community members. Each of them has been thoroughly tested in accordance with our main criterion - the Challenger rank. None of them use hacks, cheats, or scripts. All work is done exclusively by hand!

Frequently asked questions

What is the highest placement you can get in League of Legends?

If you are just starting your way to League of Legends, then when you reach 9-10 wins, you will receive a maximum rank that is Gold 3-1. However, if you have a previous MMR, you can rank even one higher division. To win all the matches, you may need a reliable assistant like LoL Placement Matches Boost. By purchasing the service, you get a professional player with many years of experience who will do everything to win the number of games you bought for you in the shortest possible time.

Does winning placement matches matter?

Placement matches are especially important at the beginning of the game, as they determine your skill level and therefore allow you to get to a higher rank. When it comes to players who have already had a rank, then placement matches can help them get to the position higher if they win at least 9-10 games. If you do not want to lose or waste time playing these matches, then use LoL Placement Matches Boost. Our best booster will win any number of games, and you can get your account with a ready-made rank even on the day of order!

Can you dodge in placements LoL?

In League of Legends, every player has the right to dodge placement matches, however, with fraught consequences for him or her. The first time you can get -3 LP, -10 LP for the second time before the timer reset. This way, you can get up to -100 LP. At the same time, resetting the rank is not possible. Nevertheless, we recommend playing these matches, and if you do not feel like doing it, then our professional gamer can do it for you! Apply for the LoL Placement Matches Boost service, choosing the number of games you need, and our top booster will do everything to win each of them. You just have to be content with the result!

Can you Duo placements LoL?

All placement matches can be played in Duo, which is a great opportunity to increase your chances of winning, especially with the purchase of LoL Placement Matches Boost. With the additional "Play with the booster" option, this service provides you with a top player with outstanding knowledge of play tactics and the game in general. This will allow you to get a win after win without any difficulty. You can also invite a friend and thus get the benefits of boosting twice as profitable and effective! Don't waste your chance and increase your rank with LoL Placement Matches Boost quickly and easily!

3 reviews for LoL Placement Matches

  1. Anonymous

    very helpful, done quickly

  2. 123michael

    Good communication, and order time was good. Thanks

  3. Chris


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