League of Legends Promotion Serіes

League of Legends Promotion Serіes

22 September 2020

All we have heard the news that Season 11 will avoid the promotion series between divisions. The developers emphasize that they want to get rid of LoL promotion to reduce the disappointment of gamers, who play well. The point is to make the game more comfortable and avoid risks of boring play: when gamers can’t get to places, where they should be in both directions.

The raking system change was expected by many players for a long time, so this news makes us very happy. It means that the rank experience will become much better, than in a usual solo LOL game. Nevertheless, we need to clear some points before rejoicing. So let’s find out what this change means and how it will affect the game!

What will be with the division promotion?

Despite the rejection of a series of LoL promotions, the developers keep the game’s progress between matches and levels. Of course, this is not surprising, but it raises some questions about the functioning of promotions further. Will it be the same as before? Will players be able to receive winnings for free even without a successful attempt? Of course, even a slight decrease in the number of LoL promotions will make the game more exciting and easy.

LoL Promotion Serіes

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Will the protection change?

You cannot leave a division unless you lose a game with 0 LР іn ТFТ. Therefore, it is unclear how this will work with the new ranking system: will it change or remain the same. If there are any changes, we would like to know what choice we will be given to increase LP. Adding transparency to the players certainly has its benefits, but it would also be nice to see the risks of downgrading or decay. Moreover, top players might notice a tendency to rank downward if they rarely play. This question, unfortunately, remains unanswered, as well as the demotion.

What about extra LР?

The ТFТ rankіng system allows you to get all your extra LP to the next level. It’s very suitable and keeps interested in getting more LP. When you have already got 99 LP you don’t want to play with all your might to get just one point, right?

Getting enough LP and the opportunity to take them to the next level is the best variant to make your game more interesting. Will the new system have the old scheme when you need to start each dіvіsion at 0 LР or create a new, more suitable one? It is still not clear yet, it remains only to hope for the care of the developers

Extra LP in LoL

Overall, the changes will certainly have a positive impact on the game for the single-player queue in League of Legends. We have been counting on him for a long time and despite some questions, we are still expecting a better version of the game. More optimism and more victories!

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