The Best LoL Champions For Beginners

The Best LoL Champions For Beginners

30 September 2020

Are you a beginner and still can’t figure out how to play in LoL? Unlike Dota 2, League of Legends has certain game mechanics and a large selection of characters. We will tell you about the choice of a champion today. After all, your game learning begins with the right hero, doesn’t it? Starting to play with the most difficult champions means spending your energy not on learning the game itself, but on controlling one single hero. Everything comes with experience, but it shouldn’t be acquired in such a terrible way. Once you get the hang of the game, it will be much easier to learn new characters. We will help you determine the role that suits you best, so you can immediately go into the world of LoL and enjoy the addicting game!

Briefly about the main

League of Legends has five main roles: tops, jungle, mid laners, carries and supports, and 150 champions! Because of such a large selection of heroes you can get dizzy, especially if you’re a beginner. Moreover, even the old champions have received cool updates since the last update from August 2020, so the choice only gets more complicated, doesn’t it?

From the very beginning, you need to decide on the choice of the champion. For example, you liked Galio’s gargoyle. Not a bad character, suitable for playing on top and mid. Suppose a beginner manages to cope with a champion – great! Keep it and play it as often as possible.

But how to understand who is better to choose? Taking a wild guess will not always hit the right spot, leading to frustration in the game.

After asking more experienced League of Legends players, we found out that everyone has different answers: there is no specific character that would be great for an easy start. But you can choose the role! Many gamers claim that it is better to start learning the game as jungle or top lane players. The second one will allow you to screw up and not take the whole team down. Jungle usually plays leisurely in their own separate world, forgetting about the existence of others. Let’s make an example of them and not rush, putting everything in order.

Toppers and foresters

The top, or upper line, is an exciting place for various types of heroes – tanks, warriors, assassins. On this line, LoL players in a solo stand against each other and have the ability to pack their champions fully. It is necessary to remember that the class of the champion, who is on the top line, also determines his game style. Toppers most often have quite comfortable conditions for the game: sometimes, there is no one on the enemy lane at all, and you can safely farm, defending your tower. But if a forester suddenly appears from the forest, you can forget about a calm life. Keep an eye on the minimap and retreat to safety if a forester appears.

Toppers and foresters in Lol

The following toppers are perfect for beginners:

1. Tanks: Garen, Maokai, Shen.

Tanks are very common on the top lane, as they have high endurance due to the amount of health, armor, and magic resistance. They buy special items to improve damage.

2. Warriors: Darius, Riven, Olaf.

Warriors are strong in fights 1 on 1, can perfectly shape the line, and make keels if their opponent will play inappropriately or too haphazardly.

3. Assassins: Quinn, Wayne, Pike.

Recently, killers can often be found at the top. If you feel like aggressive combat is right for you, then these toppers are for you. But keep in mind that to play on the top lane, you should choose champions that have an escape ability or good defense.

4. Mages: Rise, Rumble, Vladimir.

Mages are quite often found at the top because they know how to show themselves at the right time in the game effectively. The main mages’ plus is a large amount of health.

If you want to use the champion who can enter the enemy forest and fight one on one with the rival, feel free to pick Olaf or Master Yi. Both of these heroes have no complex mechanics. You just need to learn a set of their abilities. As soon as you understand the game better, Master Yi will be able to master such complex mechanics as “reset auto-attacks,” so you won’t be bored even after a hundred games with this forester.

Playing jungle is different from playing any other lane, but this is where you don’t need to learn to finish off minions! It’s a joke, in fact, this skill will come in handy for an LoL player of any position, but you can do it later in the forest, after giving all your strength to the study of the most relevant forest paths.

For those who have not decided whether he wants to play on the top or in the forest, there is an excellent “universal” champion – Trundle. The troll feels equally well in two positions and is not too difficult to master.

To choose support or not to choose? That is the question.

Many inexperienced League of Legends players mistakenly believe that supports are the easiest to play. However, keep in mind that support champions often have complex gameplay mechanics and take on difficult positions. It will be hard to master Pyke’s skills quickly for a beginner, which will lead to a poor-quality game. Thus, you will only waste time and let the team down.

support  in lol

Start the game with Leona if you like the support position the most. This is an excellent tank and initiator with a lot of control and good lane damage. She’s not so easy to kill: she carries a lot of stuns and additional resists. After successfully mastering Leona, you can move on to more difficult champions like Pyke. This will help improve the acquired skills, developing with different characters.

If you want to play on the mage, we advise you to pay attention to Morgana: she has an excellent protection ability. Sona will help you protect and heal hurt allies. These girls do not have complicated mechanics, which is very convenient for learning the game. BUT you are always in the danger zone since health and resists are their weak points.

Everyone thinks that the largest number of champions for beginners live on this lane, but in reality, most meaders have very complex mechanics, and it is difficult to start from scratch on this lane. The best mid lane champion is one who can make the biggest amounts of damage in a minimal amount of time. Before yelling “Mid or Feed”, find several heroes with different playstyle to confidently face a variety of enemy heroes.


Mid is a big responsibility because you will have to use as many minions as possible in addition to your champion’s main control.

If you decide to start on the midline choose Annie. Firstly, it is inexpensive (only 450 BE), and secondly, it has powerful control, which reduces the received damage. You can also finish off minions with her Q, and you will get the spent mana back. If farming minions is not your strong point yet, Annie will help: her spell does much more damage than an auto-attack.

This champion can be considered the best for any beginner to perform. Besides, Annie has hidden mechanics, like most “simple” champions. After you figure out how to cast spells and how to finish off the minions, try to make your first trick. After her maneuvers, the game will be in your bag.

Midline in Lol

Another mage with good control and high damage that perfectly suits for newbies is Malzahar. Malzahar’s skill shot will help you to get the upper hand on your rivals: you won’t need aiming at all. Malzahar’s advantage is also the high speed of killing minions. It will be possible to master roams almost immediately with this midline, – moving to another line to help teammates.

If you want to play mid-on, opt for Jace – a champion that deals with physical damage. Compared to Annie or Malzahar, Jace has a huge number of spells: a whopping eight! And yet, Jace is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is quite convenient to stand in the lane with him since one of its positions allows you to finish off minions at a distance. At the same time powerful procast will make it possible to damage enemies even to the strongest mage, like Lux or Xerath.

Shooter in LoL

The duo lane is the choice of many best League of Legends players who decide to start playing League of Legends with a friend. A more experienced teammate can play on any support champion, but you should choose an easier shooter. However, it is not necessary to start playing as a carry with a friend, because you can find a friend right on the Summoner’s Rift.

The shooter is a game about profitable farming and confident positioning. In fact, the mechanical part of the roleplaying is essential for the shooter, but not the highest priority: if you know how to press the right button, move well during the fight and avoid the maximum number of enemy attacks, you have passed the preliminary casting for this role.

Try to get the right shooter who can finish off minions from a long distance and forgive some of the newbies’ mistakes. For example, Sivir has an excellent shield that will help you cope with enemy control and restore lost mana. Another advantage is a profitable price: 450 BE will pay off after a few successful games.

Shooters in LoL

Another popular shooter that will be comfortable for a beginner is the beautiful Caitlyn. Of course, she has traps, but the true strength of this shooter is in auto-attacks. Her base attack range is 650, while most other shooters’ standard base attack is only 550. If you know how to use this advantage, you will not take damage from the enemy’s auto-attacks, but cause damage to him. Sounds great?

In fact, you can play any champion, but their effectiveness will be higher if you have basic game knowledge. So do not hesitate to take the “simpler” heroes to explore the most hidden corners of League of Legends. The experience of playing on such champions will definitely come in handy in ranked matches, and your time will not be wasted.

There is no answer to the question of which role is “easier” in League of Legends. Best League of Legends players usually take one or two positions, and everything will depend on the role you like and how you will progress on it. To act skillfully, you need to practice all the time, but not forget about theory. In order to assimilate the theoretical material better, study it with Fineboosting!

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