New Nexus Anomaly: Gladiator’s Medallion in Hots

New Nexus Anomaly: Gladiator’s Medallion in Hots

01 October 2020

Each anomaly in the Nexus is a unique, limited-time event during which you can test out the gameplay changes. In accordance with the new post, the newest and fourth anomaly in the Nexus, the Gladiator’s Medallion, will allow you to avoid crowd control effects. While the new anomaly is active, each hero gains an activated ability that dispels most of the crowd control effects and imposes the Unstoppable effect, but it takes 5 minutes to recover.

As with past anomalies, this new edition will be available in the Nexus for a limited time. Not only the Nexus is constantly changing and evolving, but also its inhabitants. Two of your favorite heroes who have never been able to find their place have undergone major changes designed to expand the variety of gameplay and opportunities for teamwork while maintaining unique characters.

  • When activated, Gladiator’s Medallion grants an Unstoppable effect for 1 sec.
  • Recovery time – 300 sec. (5 minutes.)
  • Deathwing and Gallus do not receive the Gladiator’s Medallion.
  • When the medallion is activated, all three lost Vikings receive its effect.

The goal is to provide players with more opportunities to implement aggressive strategies, as well as help get rid of the feeling of helplessness when several control effects are applied to you one after the other.

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