The War To Save Reality Starts Right Now

The War To Save Reality Starts Right Now

02 October 2020

Epic Games has announced the launch of the new season of the Nexus War (Chapter 2: Season 4) of Fortnite Battle Royale. This time, several Marvel superheroes are landing on the island, including Wolverine.

Traditionally, the players will have the opportunity to try on superheroes’ equipment and gadgets, use their superpowers, and visit themed shelters and locations.

Some of the content will be available only for those who have purchased the Battle Pass.

The Season 4 is dedicated to Marvel Heroes

According to the twitter post, Fortnite’s Battle Royale Season 4 is all about the Marvel Universe in Season 4. During the game, you can master the heroes’ power using the magic gloves of Doctor Doom, Groot’s shield of thorns, the Silver Surfer’s board, and much more.

Besides, there are new themed locations on the island that can be looted. The new Stark Industries Energy Rifle is a unique weapon whose benefits depend on how you aim. Stark’s drones occasionally drop a load of powerful weapons and heroes’ abilities at special places on the map.

Season four seems like one of Fortnite’s most story-driven updates. In the trailer, the battle pass creates a high-stakes drama where Thor reveals that the heroes were brought together to “defend reality.” Other Marvel Easter eggs are SHIELD Helicarrier, which serves as the season’s lobby, are also popping up.

The update features an original digital comic that can be unlocked in the lobby, giving more details on the plot. In the new update, this relationship is further developed, presenting a full-fledged comic-style event. Shortly after Fortnite Season 4 began, impacting login and matchmaking.

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