Announcing Valorant first strike tournament

Announcing Valorant first strike tournament

29 September 2020

Riot will host a series of top 8 finals from December 3rd to December 6th. All players over the age of 16 who has achieved the Immortal 1 rank will participate in the qualifying matches. There are no other details yet. Riot also recalled that it has already spent over a million dollars on prize money for various Valorant tournaments. But the prize fund for First Strike is still unknown.

Riot Games has announced the launch of First Strike, the first official VALORANT tournament. Participants in the international competition will compete for the title of champions of their region. First Strike will continue to develop VALORANT as a competitive discipline, building on Riot Games’ ten years of experience in hosting eSports tournaments and broadcasts.

According to the twitter post, each region will have qualifying matches, and Riot will host a series of top 8 finals from December 3-6. The winners will receive the title of the first official VALORANT champion in their region. Professional and forward-looking amateur teams have chances to advance to the First Strike Finals by competing in online clashes hosted by the best esports organizations.

To support the development of VALORANT, Riot Games has previously recruited over 20 top event organizers through the VALORANT Ignition Series, which have been watched by millions of players. Over the past six months, hundreds of tournaments of various formats have been held worldwide in VALORANT. The total prize money of which amounted to more than $ 1 million.

The game is loved by gamers worldwide and has all the makings to be the next top-tier esports discipline. First Strike is the place to showcase your skill and glorify your region. It is the basis for development for years to come.

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