FPS games are very popular nowadays, many players decide to try some action. FPS games require good hardware, high reaction speed, and of course your tenacity because as in all other games, you should be ready that sometimes your allies will play unprofessionally and do some strange things rather than follow a rational game plan and do only informed tactical moves. Now, let’s move to today’s topic. Today we are going to tell you about a fresh-made shooter, and tell you – what is Valorant.

How Valorant was created

So, what is Valorant? Valorant is an FPS shooter from Riot Games, maybe you’ve heard about it with the name Project A. This new game collected heroes from the League of Legends, it was made with love by the most experienced Riot Games game developers.

Riots kept this project a secret because they wanted to announce this project to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the League of Legends. They announced this game as a new FPS with favorite heroes from League of Legends.

Players will fight in two different teams, five players for each team. The game will have some interesting game mechanics that were shown during the presentation.

What is the main feature is that Valorant collected the most popular and interesting features of this game genre. One of the most important aspects that the developer’s team was focused on, is optimizing the game and canceling all bugs.

It was important not only because of comfort or making the game generally better but also because of a plan to compete with other popular FPS in the future. Riot Games are sure that their new product will be very successful in the Esports Arena. That’s why they were so focused on the stable working of the game.


As for gameplay – everything is good, developers promised to make a good balance of heroes. As we said before, the battle goes between two teams, five versus five, it’s a normal format for this game genre.

valorant shooting

The shooting system will be focused on accuracy, which means that players will have to learn to aim specifically to the head, body shots will have less damage.

Heroes also have some important features that you should know before playing:

There were the main points, and you better remember these general pieces of advice. A few more words about the abilities, of course, they are useful and various, and you can build a very effective setup and game plan, but you should realize that they are more like additional buff, because the main focus in this game is on shooting. You should focus on training your aiming skills because your abilities could have a long time of cooldown, but the only time of cooldown that your weapon has is reloading, and it’s often short. 

valorant fp

Another important aspect that refers both to FPS games, and abilities is timing. As we mentioned earlier, using abilities can influence the match, but only if you use the right ability at the right moment. It sounds simple, but many players do not realize that they try to spam by their skills, while their enemies just make perfect headshots without spending ready abilities, and winning the round.

Heroes and classes

As for heroes, they all are different, with unique features. They all are interesting, because of the possible variety of strategies that you can build with them.

Some of them are good at defending their allies and could be used to defend points that are important for the team to win the round. Scout is a different class of hero, he has high mobility and less armor, the most preferable tactic for him is to rush and give the info to the team, about seen enemies and their location.

Developers also add a support class, which is represented by healers. The healer’s main role in the battle is to cure the allies, but they also have a unique ability that allows them to reanimate recently killed teammates.

Another interesting class that was made for those who love stealth is controllers. They have high mobility like a scout, but they prefer not to rush, but to hide somewhere with a rifle and wait. They also can become invisible for a short time, to change their position, it’s very useful for any stealth tactical moves.


The weapon is ordinary for this game genre:

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Accuracy is an important skill if you play shooters. In Valorant, the aim has some moments that are good to know to increase your accuracy. That’s why мwe decided to make a list of tips on how to aim better in Valorant matches, what features you should know and how to increase your accuracy in different battle situations.

Shooting in motion and strafing

Most of the gamer’s community thinks that shooting in motion is not really effective, because it’s really hard to control spray in action, and you can kill somebody only if you are lucky enough, but they miss strafing. Shooting in motion could have the same effect if you know how to strafe. So, what is strafing?

Strafing is a countermoving, running from side to side, and shooting at the same time. Here we should stop to explain some mechanics’ details: when you change your direction, for example, you start running from the right to the left, for a short moment game think that you stopped and gives you a perfect spray, it’s a very short time, but for the professional Valorant players it’s enough for aim and shoot.

Using strafing is a necessary skill if you play with some high-rank opponents, but you also can surprise enemies of all ranks by accurate shooting and evading their shots.

Aggression priority

This is an important tactical feature, that you should know, especially if you get used to camping your enemies and avoid rushing, as in other games like this.

In Valorant matches, you will always see a lot of action, and if you are stuck somewhere, hiding from your enemies, the best strategy for you is to start an aggressive rush. You should understand that if they know the gaming map well, they already know where you can hide, and they will be ready to find you around the corner. Starting rush attack, you have higher chances to stay alive and surprise your enemies, and you can also use strafing from the previous tip.

Headshots are not always your best result

valorant aim

There are different types of aiming that depends on the situation, sometimes you can try to make a long-shot headshot, but sometimes you need to hit a moving target. Valorant is not only about shooting, but it’s also about strategy and tactics, so sometimes you can anticipate, where is your enemy and use Pre-Aiming, and maybe tracking aiming to finish him.

If to be honest, your enemy would sit without moving very rarely and not for a long time, so yes, flicking aiming and headshots looks cool, but being useful for your team is a much more significant point.

Don’t help your enemies, stop crouching

It’s a common mistake of many players to crouch everywhere and be sure that it will help them to be more accurate or stealthy. But it’s a Valorant aiming guide, so let’s look at your enemies’ aims and how they will react.

Some of the players always try to make a headshot, but most of them will try to aim at your body because it’s much bigger and easy to hit. But if you are still crouching, aiming your body, they will accurately hit your head and will be very happy about this. Don’t worry, crouching could be useful with the right tactic.

Use crouching if you have a long-shot duel when it becomes really hard to control your spray, but stop using it everywhere and every time, be smarter than your enemies.

Beware of angles

Angles could be very dangerous, but if you have a habit of pre-aiming all possible enemies’ positions, you can relax with that. We already siad before that some players prefer to hide but not to rush, so you can often predict their position.

Sometimes you can have difficult situations because of possible multipositioning of your enemy, for example, if there is more than one angle and you need to check them all, but it’s impossible, so you have two possible tactics.

The first one is to choose the most dangerous one and rush it, you will have a fifty-fifty chance to make a frag, but if you make a wrong choice – you will lose. The second one is really simple, you can ask your allies to help you, go with you or just warn them about possible enemies’ position.

Keep calm and win

valorant first person

Playing FPS games, you already know that it could be very stressful. If you would panic in Valorant matches, it will be close to impossible for you to aim well. But how to stop panicking and play with the cold head? The answer is – improve yourself.

Hope that our guide will help you to improve your aiming and understanding of the game, use these tips to raise your skills level and enjoy playing Valorant.

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Today our team wants to take a closer look at one of the original characters in Valorant – Reyna. At first, look to see a life-stealing agent here, she deals a lot of damage and can restore her heal points. This agent is self-sufficient, meaning she can handle many combat situations without the help of crowd-control or healer.

Reyna’s role is to be the initial encounter. Her abilities help her to appear on the other sides of walls and take enemies by surprise, thus making first kills very easy. Nevertheless, this character is highly dependent on kills, she is pretty useless if she doesn’t make a kill at all. Sure, her C ability helps her to near-sight enemies on a consistent basis, but the other her abilities (not counting her ultimate) require kills to be performed.

This agent needs a killer to use her badass abilities? Yep, you’ve heard us correctly – Reyna’s abilities need kills. Q and E skills create little soul orbs near foes she kills, allowing Reyna to restore health or become intangible or invisible for a couple of seconds. But, enough talking about her skills in the introduction. In this guide, our team explains every single thing you need to know in order to play Reyna efficiently.

Reynas skills at Valorant


Let’s start our guide with Leer as the 1st skill in this agent kit. This skill provides her with a huge poking potential. Leer is a throwable orb that marks the enemies who look at it. The effect of this ability works kind of like a flashbang, though this skill lasts slightly longer enemy players can destroy it by shooting at it. Players are able to buy 2 Leer orbs at the beginning of every round, it serves as a great engagement tool



Next in the list, we have the 1st of 2 Reynas abilities that need kills to be utilized. The name of this ability is Devour, it restores Reyna back to full health in several seconds, besides that you can also yield a temporary shield or armor instead of health restoration too. In the game, this basically means that Reyna has the potential to have 100% HP with every next kill and she is pretty competent to take out multiple enemies at once. The enemy team better be ready for 1v5 aces.


Similar to Devour, Dismiss relies on kills too. In particular, this skill more relies on Soul Orbs that spawn after you kill foes. In order to take it you have to be fast, Soul Orbs remain on the ground for only a couple of seconds and that’s it. You can easily miss your shot to use these two skills, you’ll have to perform additional kill to get an opportunity.

Upon activation, this skill makes Reyna intangible. What does intangible mean in particular? In essence, Dismiss makes Reyna unkillable for several seconds, creating an opportunity for this agent to engage or disengage more effectively than over agents.

There is a single “but” , you can’t shoot while you are invisible or invulnerable and there’s a short post-effect period that makes your character more attackable if players from enemy teams have a direct vision of Reyna.

You can fuse this ability with Reyna’s ultimate skills, which makes this agent invisible as long as she is invulnerable. This combination brings forth additional opportunities for her, and makes her a proper badass with ultimate activated.


Last on our list, but not the least cool ability is Reyna’s ultimate skill, Mistress! It takes six ultimate charges to become available, which is a pretty reasonable requirement, considering what Reyna’s ultimate ability is all about. It’s nothing super-duper cool, mind you, but this skill suits Reyna perfectly and completes the ideal package of her abilities.

Mistress is not an ability with effects of its own, but adds additional strength to both Devour and Dismiss. Devour utilizes automatically after every next kill, while Dismiss makes Reyna invisible instead of “only” invulnerable. In addition to all that, the ultimate skill also increases Reyna’s rate of fire, reload speed, and improves recoil speed. But there is one thing that makes this ultimate super-cool. Mistress’s duration resets on every next kill, making Reyna’s snowballing potential next to infinite.

Key Skills to master Reyna in Valorant  


Reyna is a difficult agent, you need to be very dedicated and crazy to use Reyna as your main character! We are not trying to scare you, so you will never select this agent. We are just staying realistic. Her abilities aren’t all that fancy mechanics-wise, but they require kills of the enemy team to be used and kill dealing needs a decent level of knowledge and understanding of the main gameplay sections.

The decent level of Aim

Overall aim and shooting skill need to be your main concern if you are going to main Reyna. There’s no way to avoid aiming skills, you are not going to make a Reyna main if you can’t aim somewhat decently. In addition to a high-level aim, though, you’ll need the right mindset. We are referring to your personal confidence and focus, both of which we’ll cover down below

Focus and Confidence to use Rayna in Valorant

A bad mindset can make your aiming skills absolutely useless. What good is to have an S-tier aim if you’re not confident in your ability to peek and you are unable to focus on the action and eliminate all external distractions.

Aim, confidence, and focus – are the 3 key characteristics of great Reyna mains. By actively improving them, you increase your chances of becoming a squad-annihilation super-soldier is going to increase dramatically.

At the end of this article, we want to answer the question that many players are interested in. Is Rayna a good pick for new players? This highly depends on the beginner’s mechanical abilities. If we’re talking about an absolute newbie with no history of playing first-person shooter games, then we do not recommend Reyna.

Reyna’s abilities are pretty difficult to use. And not only because you have to manually trigger them after killing your foes, but the core reason for this is also a single fact that Reyna’s is absolutely useless if she’s not getting kills on a consistent basis.

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From the Valorant’s launch in 2020 Riot Games has been putting a lot of effort into it. Adding unique characters, nerfing the weapons, and introducing a brand new map to the mix: IceBox. This article will give you some fundamental knowledge about IceBox, what specific tricks it has and how to hold and attack every spike site most efficiently.

Valorant is a blend of an Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege character system combined with gunplay from a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Your chance of winning on this map solely relies on your tactical skill and knowledge when to use certain abilities. With that in mind, here’s every single detail you require to understand regarding this Valorant new icy map

General knowledge about Valorant new map

Besides getting inspiration from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer “Sub base” map”, Riot Games mixed different parts of other Valorant maps into this one.

It inclines towards the tactical side of Valorant, with sightlines and rotation blocking remaining the most crucial parts here. This map highlights a simple, two-spike site style, with a three-lane set up, which is a common thing for competitive first-person shooters these days. It has broad, but short areas, implying there are going to be a lot of close-quarters battles in the IceBox. Just don’t forget your shotgun.

Gimmik in Valorant new map

Every Valorant map has a special element. Like the teleporters in Bind, but different maps can add a site, lockable gateways, or other mechanics.

Ice Box has a zipline, which is the greatest representation of the “risk vs reward” thing Valorant is capable of offering beyond all maps. Using zipline players can take the high ground of Spike Site A, which provides the attacking team complete control across the region. But, the zipline is exposed and the defending side will try to kill everyone that tries to use it. Because of the inherent danger, that occurs with the zipline, you will use it solely if there are no opponents near you.

Spike Site A on the Valorant new map

icebox A site

This site is situated in a large enclosed area, so explosives skills and guns will be very useful. Spike Site A is prone to feature close-quarters fights. Besides that, defenders are going to locate some hiding spots nearby this site, which can be utilized to ambush the attackers.

With Mid-lane being a lot closer to B, Site A is a straight-up firefight between two teams. Attackers enter one end, defenders the opposite. As previously mentioned zipline can bring you to an excellent spot in A, but you have a very slim chance of surviving while utilizing it. With that in mind, any blinding skills are going to be helpful when you attack A site, but explosives need to be your first choice, as you can truly benefit from that splash damage.

Spike SIte B on the Valorant new map

Defenders spawn is situated much closer to B, than the spawn of the Attack team, so defenders need to consider maintaining control not only for Spike B but additionally for the mid-lane to prevent enemy rotation. It will be useful to possess a long-range player to keep this space and drive the attackers to do whatever you want them to.

You can approach B in many diverse directions, so defenders have to be really cautious of corners. Site B is much simpler to claim than site A, however more troublesome to keep. The kitchen is the central reason for this. It has a couple of pathways and can be pretty helpful for luring defenders out and killing them one at a time.

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During the year, there are a lot of occasions when you need to come up with presents for your family and friends. If, by chance, it appears that one of your best peers is an enthusiastic Valorant fan, this article is for you. It will be very helpful for choosing the best possible fan-oriented present!

When Valorant entered the market, it experienced a rapid boom in popularity. There were countless Twitch streams with tens of thousands of viewers. Valorant was surrounded by a huge amount of famous streamers and YouTubers highlighting the game at its release. It resulted in a swift increase of players and fanbase. Hundreds and hundreds of new players still come to Valorant for its innovations and style. If you need to make a great impression and want to demonstrate how deeply you cherish your close one’s interests, let’s take a look at the list of the most creative and special Valorand-themed presents:

Present №1: Certified Valorant products

There is even no need to mention that you can always find a good gift idea in the official Valorant merchandise store. You should visit the online Riot Games merchandise shop for Valorant clothing. At the moment, there are plenty of Valorant-themed merchandise to buy from the official store. For example, there is a great Valorant branded hat for only 30 dollars, not to mention a wide variety of hoodies, T-Shirts, and even figurines!

Present №2: Valorant gift cards

Valorant gift cards

If you want to give your friend an opportunity to decide what exactly he or she wants, Valorant gift cards are the best presents of all. If he/she wants to add some diversity to their skin pool, desires to buy a new character, or even the battle pass – it’s all up to them.

There are four variations of Valorant gift cards: for ten, twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred American Dollars. You can make this present more surprising to leave a long-lasting impression: buy the card for yourself and just send the code written on the card to the receiver

Gift idea №3: Champion’s backpack

A very popular and special gift for any enthusiastic fan. This perfect backpack might be considered one of the best examples of Valorant merch: it’s very practical, good-looking, spacious, and useful. Each and every true fan will be honored to use such a backpack on a daily basis. Also, the main feature is that this backpack can be customized with embroidery of popular characters. You can buy it for fifty dollars, so it’s a pretty low price for such a great present!

Gift idea №4: Valorant logo keycap

It is a pretty unique piece of merchandise to express one’s love to the game. It will perfectly fit your friend keyboard’s top rows. This keycap may be considered “custom” because the print on it is made by hand and the emblem/color can vary. Also, It’s quite cheap: costing nearly twenty dollars.Keycap is a creative way to fit fan’s love for the Valorant.

Gift idea №5: Prime Melee Axe prop

Giving such a prestigious weapon as a present may be one of the most impressive gifts! It is perfect for cosplay or can be an amazing item for your friend to display. If your friend likes collecting game merch, this present is absolutely irreplaceable. This magnificent piece of Valorant merchandise will definitely become the pride of an individual’s collection. It has high quality, beautiful color scheme and a friendly price near a hundred dollars.

Gift idea №6:Valorant Poster

There is a special line of posters in retro-style that can become an amazing present for any fan. It is very stylish and great-looking! This poster will give your friend’s room/cabinet ten times better look. Posters have many variations in sizes, colors, and images..


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In this guide, you will learn how to most effectively use Sova characters’ abilities, which game tactics are most suitable, and how to behave properly on the battlefield. We spill the beans about how and when it is better to use the Sova agent’s unique and ultimate abilities.

Sova is one of the first characters you can play. (you can do this at the training stage). This agent is not a scout, but you can still identify the enemy’s location, as well as disorient and distract them thanks to some of the skills. If you learn how to use them properly, you will be able to deal with enemy fighters in two shakes. In this guide, we’ve prepared a series of tips to help you master this character’s skills faster.

Sova is an archer and scout character. Her skills allow the team to gain enough tactical information to know precisely what they will have to face. Her trump card is the Recon Bolt, which allows revealing enemy positions. This ability makes Sova a potent agent both offensively and defensively. But although Sova excels at exploration, she is a very powerful character overall. Below you will learn more about each of her abilities and understand how to use them most effectively.

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Shock Bolt

Sova fires a bolt that explodes and emits a devastating burst of static energy. Make your move and use the bolt to finish off targets from afar rather than kill an enemy agent directly with full HP.

Owl Drone

Sova launches a controlled drone that can shoot a dart at enemies and mark them. All marked enemies are always visible on the map. While you are flying the drone, you can easily get killed. It would be a great idea to use the drone for reconnaissance so that a teammate would follow it a few steps behind.

Owl Drone

Recon Bolt

It unfolds sonar that emits sound waves. Sonar scans the area, marking nearby enemies that will eventually become discovered. But only on one condition: the enemies must be within radiation reach. Sonar can be destroyed (which is very important if you are playing against the Sova agent). The cooldown is 35 seconds.

Shock Arrow Skill

Sova uses a bow to fire an arrow with an electric charge. You can control the range of the arrow by pressing the attack key. Upon collision with an object or character, the arrow emits an electric charge that stuns enemies and deals with minor damage. You can acquire two charges of skill during the shopping phase.

Scouting Skill

Scouting Skill

It is an agent’s class skill that recovers over time. You can only use one charge for an entire round. Sova chooses a bow with a special arrow, which emits an impulse in a large radius of action and identifies all enemies in the arrow’s line of sight. Opponents who covered obstacles and walls will not be displayed on the radar and the game map.

Drone Owl Skill

Sova launches a flying drone and flies it for a while. Enemies can destroy the drone. With this device, you can explore hard-to-reach parts of the location without fear of being ambushed. Apart from exploring the area, you can also shoot special darts and mark enemies. An opponent with a dart will appear on the minimap and will be immediately visible to all members of your team for several seconds.

An ultimate skill, during which the Owl draws a bow and releases three powerful impulses in a row. Such impulses pass through all walls and obstacles and can kill an enemy even with maximum health. In addition to massive damage, the pulse also highlights enemies within its range.

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Why do you need Valorant boosting services in 2021?

Many players understand their playing skills are much higher than the usual player, but at the same time, they are not good enough to become cyber sportsmen. Such gamers can choose different ways of their progress. Some will continue to improve their skills and try to get into the team of cyber sportsmen. Others begin to help players to improve their skills. Gamers use booster services for different reasons. Someone does not have enough time to get awards; someone just wants to brag the rating to friends. Sometimes players with high skills are thrown into the weak team, and they lose. As the system automatically selects the team composition, it can be challenging to raise your rating. It is often happening in team games. It’s a shame when you solo play good, but your rating leaves much to be desired in a team fight. The matchmaking system works differently in each game, and no one knows how. When the game throws a player to a weak team, you need to play at 200% to win such a match. Valorant Boosting can help you to raise the rating, as the victory depends on team play.

Why do you need booster services

You can use the boosting service on our website. Boosting is not cheating; it is a legitimate service that aims to improve your game statistics.

Pros and cons of Valorant boosting

The problem of boosting is urgent for many players in online games. Players believe boosting harms the gaming community. Unfortunately, boosting services in Valorant and other games are used not only by people who play well but also by players with low skills and low rank. It would be better to use coach services if you do not want to give your account to a booster but still want to learn how to play well. A professional trainer will teach you to use the characters and their mechanics. Because of the players who destroy the point of the gameplay, boosting has become synonymous with cheating. You definitely met players who do not understand how to play, and they ruin your match at high ranks. At such moments, you wonder why a player with such a low skill got into your team. Boosting always has two sides, and let’s take a closer look at this.

Boosting advantages

In cold blood, let’s find the benefits of boosting your Valorant rank in 2021 or another online game. If you feel your rating should be higher, but you cannot lead your team to victory alone, use the services of a professional booster. 

In what cases use boosting:

The main advantages of boosting are new opportunities and time saving.

Pros and cons of boosting

Disadvantages of Valorant boosting

The main disadvantage of boosting is the pleasure of the game and the ability to increase the experience of your own mistakes. Boosting is an easy way to the top of the rankings in 2021, but you need to learn how to play on your own to become a truly skillful player. Understanding the tactics and interactions of the characters come from personal experience. Besides, playing against strong characters is more complicated. You will hardly enjoy always dying and running from spawn. 

The opinion is quite widespread; you need to play certain characters to raise your rating. If you are the main support, you have no chance of raising your rating because you do not influence the gameplay so much. Pro players have long ago denied these rumors. If you play often, your rating will start to rise anyway. All you need is practice and a good mood. Besides, the mood strongly affects your victory and if you start to freak out, stop to play.

Knowing about all the pros and cons of boosting, you decide whether to raise your rating in Valorant.

How to choose a site for Valorant boosting in 2021

If you decide to use the boosting service, the next step is to find the right site. Boosting services have become in great demand over the past few years. What should you pay attention to when choosing a boosting site?

Fast boosting

Speed will be one of the main benefits. If you still have to pay to boost your Valorant account, try to find a site that will quickly raise your rating. It is desirable the booster did its job quickly but efficiently, and you could return to the game faster. If the site does not indicate how long it will take for boosting, ask for support.


Look for a site that encourages communication between the customer and the booster. Do you want to know how progress is going? The account is your property for which you paid, and it will be much calmer if the booster will communicate with you.

How to choose a site for boosting

Payment through secure services

Secure one of the most critical factors that should influence your choice. If the site offers to pay for boosting services through PayPal or similar systems, it will be a good sign. Moreover, if you doubt about the site’s security, it is better to look for other options.


There are always reviews on websites providing any services. Read what other players say about this site. If most of the reviews are positive, you’ve found a good site.

There are different opinions about boosting games, but you have to draw your own conclusions. This service helps many avoid losing important loot in games and help someone to raise the rating. Whatever decision you make, study the site well before you start interacting with it.