They are popular due to the high demand for exclusive items in the game. It’s a kind of trend for rarest Fortnite items that were offered by the developers, to popularize skins and other cosmetic stuff. Players in Fortnite really love to customize their characters, weapons, and other items, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because some cosmetic items could be collected only for exclusive achievements or events.

If we talk more specifically about skins, they don’t influence the game at all, they can only give you aesthetic pleasure, and remind you about some special game moments that you had.
The most common example of skins for weapons is a gold skin, which is not the same with gold rarity items, as we mentioned before, this cosmetic effect has no influence on your stats and doesn’t give you an advantage. All these stuff are only cosmetic items, it was made for balance, and to avoid claiming the game with “Pay – to – win” tag. By the way, you can buy skins in a shop, for V-bucks, or donating real money.

Why could skins be rare?

That’s all because they are not in permanent access. Most of them are available only for a short period of time, during some special in-game events and holidays. That also means that if you meet an owner of it, you can be sure that he is an experienced one, because playing for a long time, old skins are valuable. Getting high levels you can collect a really rare item to your inventory. So, let’s move to our top 9 rarest Fortnite skins:

Skull Trooper (purple)  

purple skull trooper

It’s one of the earliest and rarest event items in Fortnite skins collection. This item was added in 2017, as a part of the Halloween skins collection. At that time, there was no Battle Pass yet, Fortnite was only gaining popularity. So this skin is still very popular among admirers of the rare skins.
After adding in 2017 it had no styles at all, but Epic Games decided to release it again in 2018 with two new styles. The first one was a gift for those who have an original version of this skin, it was a unique purple style. For other players, they made a green version of it. The purple style of this skin is still one of the most valuable and rarest Fortnite skins in the game.

Renegade Raider

Another very rare skin, from the first season. Players could found it a special item shop. Few players wanted it at that time, because it was not really appealing. By the way, now it is so rare that most of the players haven’t ever seen it in the matches, but it still exists. You can meet this hero in a Save the World mode. If you meet a player with that skin, you can be sure that he is an experienced one, and he is playing for a long time, so be careful with the owners of this skin.

Black Knight 

black knight

Knight is beautiful, ebony armor, that is very exclusive and rare. This skin was a reward for reaching the 80th tier, which was the highest one for those times. Actually, it was the second season, in this season Epic Games added Battle Pass for the first time.
The game was not so popular for those times, but in one year, the estimated number of players was above seventy-eight million, and Battle Pass became much popular, but the Black Knight was not available anymore. Black Knight looks like an ordinary knight with black armor, red eyes that glow in the dark, and an incredibly beautiful black shield on his back. This skin is one of the most beautiful on our top list.


Players asked for this skin literally every day, till the day of the release. Players used Reddit to spam the Epic Games by asking to release Omega lights. This skin was a special reward for reaching the 100th level in a seasonal missions. An interesting fact is that this season is considered to be the most popular season ever.
This skin became popular pretty fast, it was very beautiful and have several styles to choose.Another detail that made it rare as it’s hard to achieve, which is that the player could get the final style only on the 80th level. The grinding of the experience for such a high level was really long, and the average players didn’t reach it. As some of the previous skins, this one shows the owner’s proficiency, so you better not meet him in the match if you want to stay alive, they are really tough guys.

Aerial Assault Trooper 

Aerial Assault Trooper

Trooper is a quite ordinary one, that becomes extremely rare because it is unavailable now. It is the same old as a Renegade Raider and has a very basic look. There is nothing special about it, and you may never have seen it in the match, or even if you do – you probably didn’t recognize it.


It is special not only because of a rarity but also because it was the first secret Fortnite skin. Developers added it in the 4th season. This character ( this is not only a skin) is an important part of a Fortnite story.

To get it, the player had to complete a special quest Risky Reels, he should find seven chests to unlock it, and it was not so simple. It’s a unique, secret, and rare skin, that most players would like to own.


It is a kind of laser gun, that works like a sniper rifle. It was shown in season one for the first time, players could get it while playing a Save the World mode. It became popular among campers because could kill the enemy with one accurate shot.

Eye of the Storm Tracker

It allows players to know about the future location of the Storm Circle. It gives you an advantage in the match, but it is still a dubious choice, medicines or weapons could be much more useful.

Ceiling Zapper Trap

It was shown in a Fortnite teaser. It is very old, because it was added at the very beginning of the game , for a few first months. The trap deals big damage but does typical noisy sounds, and it’s easy to identify where it is.

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Mythic weapons are better than ones that you have grinded and improved over several years.

However, choosing the weapon, how to improve it, and what hero loadout to run it with is a confusing task. Perk up is not easy to grind; thus, it’s essential to choose the right weapon from the beginning. This article will cover all of those aspects concerning Mythic weapon in Fortnite.

How to get Mythic weapons?

You can obtain Mythic weapons only in Fortnite: Save the World. To do it player needs to kill the Mythic Storm King, and you can do it once per week. There is a 100% chance of Mythic weapon drop after defeating the boss. However, you need to complete a weekly Scions quest every single time to obtain the cache with a weapon. This cache provides you with a random Mythic weapon. Luckily, developers excluded the chance of getting a duplicate. That little feature saves a lot of time. Believe us.

Storm King’s Wrath mythic weapon

storm king wraith

Storm King’s Wrath is the Mythic explosive weapon. This gun became so popular because it makes your next battle with Mythic Storm King easier. Storm King’s Wrath is capable of doing eight-digit damage. Basically, after getting this Mythic weapon, Fortnite sets on “Easy” difficult. This weapon consumes energy ammo (Epic Games fixed energy ammo economy), and its special perk allows it to chain many targets on hitting. Besides that, you can charge up the launcher. Charging up generates more heat and consumes more ammo. However, the following charge will split up to a maximum of 3 and deal A LOT of damage. None a single hero loadout is best for this weapon; however, we recommend you go with increased Energy damage.

Most useful perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Physical/Crit Damage/Damage

In conclusion, we want to inform you that you can use Damage to Mist Monsters and Bosses in the last slot to optimize your Storm King mission.

Storm King’s Fury mythic weapon

storm king fury

Storm King’s Fury is a weapon, with Storm King’s hand in it. The hammer’s signature perk permits the player to obtain stacks with every hit he does to the enemy. You can see the stack by tiny purple orbs revolving around the weapon. The player can use a basic heavy attack to summon meteors from the above to 313 percent damage. Understand that you need to use this heavy attack when you’re on the ground. Utilizing a heavy attack with Storm King’s Fury mid-air will trigger that basic attack. This weapon is great to use with a basic melee build. We recommend choosing the constructor way with Tank Penny or a ninja route with Assassins Sara hammer. Have Arleen Izze in the Support slot to restore health.

Most useful perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Physical/Attack Speed/Crit Damage

Remember that the Mythic King’s Fury is the best melee weapon to use for the Storm King’s horns.

Storm King’s Onslaught mythic weapon

storm king onslaught

Storm King’s Onslaught is the Mythic pistol that provides the player with something like an aimbot. The static perk of this weapon: “Fires homing projectiles that seek out the target’s head.” This weapon allows you legally use aimbot, and this is awesome. In addition, this pistol has an absurd range. The reason for this is: “Aiming down sights increase the lock-on range from 4 tiles to 12, but decreases fire rate by 50%”. Storm King’s Onslaught is the pistol with aimbot and a range of assault rifle.

Most useful perks: Crit Damage/Crit Rating/Energy/Crit Damage/Fire Rate-or-Crit Damage

We use Fire Rate on the last slot while using the support character with increased Critical damage. Two critical damage rolls will allow this pistol to cause 345% critical damage in this setup. Our team advises you to use Ranger Beetlejess, and the Crackshot Mad Tidings build.

Storm King’s Scourge mythic weapon

storm king scourge

Storm King’s Scourge is the Mythic Assault Rifle that possesses nearly perfect accuracy. This assault rifle is not too special in itself, to be honest. The reason for this is that this gun has an underwhelming and boring perk in comparison to other mythic weapons. “Hitting an enemy applies a charge. Building up to 5 charges or switching targets detonates the charges, dealing 100% of weapon damage to the target and nearby enemies. Each charge increases the radius up to a max of 0.75 tiles.”

This gun is similar to the Explosive Rounds perk that is already in Fortnite. Yes, Storm King’s Scourge is the best assault weapon in the game, but its perks make it boring to use compared to the ability to summon down meteors with the hammer. Sledgehammer remains the best hero to choose if you like playing with assault rifles.

Most useful perks: Crit Damage/Crit Rating/Physical/Crit Damage/Damage

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Storm King’s Ravager mythic weapon

storm king ravager

Storm King’s Ravager is the Mythic sword. This sword has the noble launcher as its heavy attack, making this weapon funny to use. The mechanics of this sword seems similar to a noble launch if we exclude the charging. Besides that, players can obtain stacks with this weapon to increase the width of the wave with each stack.

Most useful perks: Crit Rating/Crit Damage/Energy/Attack Speed/Crit Damage

Deadly Blade Crash is a great hero pick for this weapon, although you could take several routes with it considering it is pretty much a better Spectral Blade.


The Mythic Storm King’s Portal is an exciting and challenging challenge in itself. Thus it offers the best rewards in the game. It is essential to remember that after your first time beating the Mythic Storm King; you will need to complete the Scions quest again. It means that you can get two Mythic weapons in the first week.

We hope that this Fortnite Mythic Weapons Guide helped you figure out what mythic weapon you want and which to pick for your weapons. Our team wishes you good luck and see you in the next one.

Fortnite developers have recently added the ability to transfer data and cash from the PlayStation4. It enables users to carry their gains including cash from one platform to another. Today we will tell you how to transfer your progress in Fortnite accounts between gaming platforms.

From Which Platforms Can Transfer Your Fortnite account?

The developers care a lot about their players. That’s why they allow the transfer your progression between PC, smartphone, Nintendo Switch, and X-Box.

Nevertheless, for a long time, Fortnite on PlayStation was blamed for not connecting with other systems. Thankfully, that problem is finally solved.

Preparation before transferring Fortnite Account

fortnite android

First, you should go to Fortnite’s merger webpage. There, you need to pick a Main Account (the one you want to keep) and a Sub-Account from which you would like to transfer the progress.

Note that if you connect your accounts, Fortnite will remove your Sub-Account automatically. So, if you want to carry the smartphone progress to a PlayStation4 or PC, you’ll have to say goodbye to it on your phone.

Important! Data and currency transfer may take a while. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks to transfer Fortnite account data from another platform. Don’t get too upset if it doesn’t appear immediately!

Step-by-step guide on how to transfer your Fortnite account to another platform

The process isn’t complicated, so follow us step-by-step, and you will get it right!

1. First, go to the Official Fortnite Account Merge webpage and pick the Get Started option.

2. Choose the system with your main account. Then, the website will redirect you to the chosen platform’s login page. For instance, it will open X-Box Live or PSN login website. There you’ll need to authorize.

3. The website will send you an email with a unique authentication ID.

4. Type in that ID on the Account Merge website.

4. Choose your secondary platform. There, you will need to complete the same procedure as in steps 1-4.

5. Pick Preview Merge after checking the linked accounts for each platform.

6.If everything looks OK, agree with the Terms in a special approval box. Then, click Start Account Merge.

8. You’ve successfully merged your Fortnite accounts. Remember that the transferal of your sub-account’s data and cash may take about two weeks.

Things you need to keep in mind

There are few things to consider before performing a merge. Most of these are rules set by Epic Games, so don’t overlook them!

First, there is a date limit for console accounts. You can’t transfer your progress from your console if you haven’t played Fortnite on it before 09/28/2018.

You must not be blocked or suspended on Epic Games. Also, to perform a transfer, you will need to use your electronic addresses linked to accounts.

It’s worth mentioning that some items won’t be transferred. For example, merge will not carry over the Save World account level, Unreal Marketplace products, and Imaginative Islands

We hope that our post will help you in the account merging process! Fortnite is an awesome game and it definitely deserves your passion and attention. But what if you don’t have enough time for improving your skills yourself?

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Fortnite free is not free for now, because of Apple and Google actions. It started from the news that Apple wants to block Fortnite in the App Store for their mobile platform and all mobile Apple devices. They said that Epic Games don’t want to pay traditional “extra fees” by raising prices for every item in the game that you can donate for. Of course, it’s not fair concerning the players and Epic Games refused to do it.

By the way, Google also removed Fortnite from Google play, but in contrast to Apple, Android users still can download the game and new patches from the Fortnite website. That’s where the fight for Fortnite free began.

It’s an unprecedented case of anti-competitive and monopolist’s freedom and economical limitation. So, Epic Games will fight versus this giant mess and already prepared a lawsuit to make Fortnite free again.

While the Fortnite free war is in the run, players of mobile platforms can not worry about their Fortnite accounts. We have cared about all of them, so all their progress, items, V-Bucks, and other game staff will be safe and you will be able to use them.

Especially for iOS and MAC gamers, we decided to make a gift. You will have a bonus to your actual V-Bucks balance that you have bought in the App Store. Nevertheless, to be fair with our audience we also decided to make these V-Backs free to transfer and use on any other gaming platform, so you could spend them wherever you want. And also you will see Fortnite free soon.

Extra fees in Fortnite

fortnite art

Returning to the issue of “Extra fees” we should give you some details for a better understanding of what a horrible distribution policy Apple has. They require above thirty additional percent from every inner game transaction for no visible reasons for it. It’s not fair concerning not only Fortnite players but all mobile gamers community at all. That’s why we will fight for Fortnite free.

It’s an obvious app market monopoly and we can not stand aside when freedoms and rights of all and especially our gamers are violated. And this story is not only about games and gamers. With such a suffocating app distribution policy, Apple gives no chances to small and young developer’s studios to share their products on their marketplace. It kills any fair market competition and is almost illegal concerning the users and developers.

Epic Games reaction

That’s why we already prepared all the needed papers against Apple and want to see justice in courts. Our main point is not only to make things right with Fortnite free but also to show the world, why any market private monopoly is bad. We have sent our lawsuits to European, Australian, United States courts and wait for justice.

We will inform our audience when will have replies from courts, share our #FreeFortnite hashtag to raise public awareness, and support our fighting. We believe that justice will be served soon. Fortnite free!

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The merging feature in Fortnite is aimed to transfer your progress and items data from Secondary to Primary account. Of course, it’s for those players, who use multi-platforms for playing and want to have a single account. The process is not hard and includes only eight steps:

  1. Start to merge accounts Fortnite.
  2. Choose the platform of your Primary one and log it in.
  3. Go to your mailbox and find an authentication code, then put it in.
  4. Do the same with your Secondary one.
  5. Check everything with the “Preview merge” option.
  6. After you’re sure that everything is right, you can start to merge accounts Fortnite.
  7. You will also have to accept it by typing a special phrase and then start to merge accounts Fortnite.
  8. Now the process is in a run and you should wait. It will take up to two weeks to transfer all your data.

It’s better to hurry up because it will be impossible to merge account Fortnite after May 6. That’s because the merge option is aimed mostly at the PS4 and other game console players. So it’s necessary to accept merging before this date because, after it, it would be impossible to merge accounts Fortnite.

How to find a perfect gift for the Fortnite fan? V-Bucks Gift Card, Fortnite Monopoly, Llama Fortnite.


This info will be useful mostly for Fortnite player’s friends and relatives, who want to be creative with their gifts for Christmas, New Year, Birthday, or any other holiday. And will tell about some of them, namely about V-Bucks Gift Card, Fortnite Monopoly, and Llama Fortnite.

V-Bucks Gift Card

The most simple variant is to present a V-Bucks Gift Card, because of its universality. Players could use them to buy a new skin, Llama or whatever that could be bought for V-Bucks in the Fortnite store. Freedom of choice is the main benefit of a V-Bucks Gift Card.

Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly is a special edition of a classic Hasbro’s Monopoly with local changes for the Fortnite world. It’s a good variant for those who want to have some offline activity with their friends or family in the usual entourage. Familiar locations, HP chips, and a lot of other changes will help to get in the atmosphere of your favourite game.

Llama Fortnite

This cute plush toy will impress not only Fortnite fans, but everybody who will touch or even see it. Made for cuddles, Llama Fortnite will become the brightest part of the room interior and could randomly make you smile every time you see it.

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Fortnite fourth Season is now live and is all about superheroes. Doctor Doom and Stark have settled on the island and are preparing to confront the evil Galactus. The main villain of this season has already become visible in the sky. Galactus, the incredible size giant, is rushing to our island. Galactus will destroy the entire planet if the heroes do not prevent him. The Iron Man Development Center is located on the island to help heroes looking for a Victory Royale. The Epic Games team is always good at keeping their audience engaged. Fortnite is preparing to wrap up Chapter 2 of Season 4 with this update. Patch 14.50 removed a large number of Halloween items from the game. The update will begin at 4:00 am ET. Fortnite updates rarely last more than two hours, so don’t rush to check the status of the server; you will not be left without access to the game for a long time.

Jetpacks are back in the game

Fortnite fans last saw jetpacks in June 2018 when it was still available in the Battle Royale regime. This item is back after some tweaking at Star Industries. You will find jetpacks scattered throughout the island and try to hack the sky bases in time for Fortnitemares in the new patch. Jetpacks will return to the game in different versions. Besides, it will have different flight times. It hasn’t appeared in Battle Royale in over two years, and its return will make the game even crazier. Get the most out of the opportunity to fly with your jetpacks. Look for jetpacks in chests all over the map. When you turn on the jetpack, it lifts you into the air for a short time; the left of the screen displays the charge; if it runs out, you will fall. The return of jetpacks will make the game more fun and original.

Jetpacks are back in the game

New Icon skin

This update introduces a skin for the Australian Youtuber Lachlan Power, which will be available on November 12. This skin will be part of the Icon series. You can get it for free. It’s good news for all fans of the game. To have this skin, you need to take part in the Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy tournament. You will have a new series of icons along with the skin.

Bug fixes in patch 14.50

Fortnite devs strive to fix all bugs as always quickly, and you do not need to check the server’s status to enjoy the gameplay frequently. Moreover, the developers create an official Trello board so players can follow the progress of troubleshooting. Fortnite has over 350 million registered players, and the fact that servers’ status works with minimal disruption is incredible. All online games are prone to crashes due to server overload or scheduled maintenance. No one is immune to DDoS attacks and banal failures. Server problems are usually situational. To check the status of the servers, you need to enter the Epic Games website to the Fortnite public page. Besides, the company provides data and reports on previous indents for the last month on this page. Visit the official Fortnite account on Twitter if you need the latest information about how servers’ status works. The company posts the latest news and data on server operation in the Twitter account and we also try to keep you updated with the latest news. If the game doesn’t work, don’t worry; most likely, troubleshooting is already underway.

Ready for equipment of the next generation

The Fortnite patch is ready to be downloaded on new consoles from Xbox and PlayStation. Fast loading, spectacular graphics, 4K resolution at 60fps, and more will become available on new consoles.

New experience

Fortnite introduces new Bonus Challenges to test your team’s skills with patch 14.50. Upgrade your skills and fight the main villain of the Galactus together. Take part in the Marvel Knockout Tournament and win the Ghost Rider.

Fortnite introduces new Bonus Challenges

The new patch promises to be an epic update to the game. If you have been thinking about increasing your level in the game for a long time, but you do not have enough time for this try Fortnite boosting—an honest way to improve your skill and move to a higher level of the game.

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Game currency, money, V-Buck are your goal? We will help you achieve it! Epic Games has been successfully developing their games with in-game currency for a long time, allowing players to get what they want with V-Bucks. For beginners: V-Bucks is virtual money in your favorite game that you can use to get skins. Since Fortnite is rich in various characters, every player wants to dress up his hero and choose a powerful weapon. But what if you have a desire, but you don’t want to spend the extra money? We’ll show you how to get V-Bucks for free, how you can purchase gift cards, and where they are sold. Here goes!

How to get free V-Buck in Fortnite?

In short, the easiest way to get the free V-Bucks you want is to play. Are you surprised? We will tell you more.

Battle Royale and Save the World modes

The usual free mode in Fortnite Battle Royale will allow you to enjoy all the PVP game delights and earn in-game currency. Conquering level by level, defeating your enemies, you increase your chances of earning. At level 11, you will receive your first 100 free V-Bucks. When you reach level 34, you will receive your next free hundred. Certainly, this option takes time and effort, but you are playing a game to enjoy it, right?

How to get free V-Buck in Fortnite?

But the most fantastic thing is that in order to get more free in-game money, you need to spend your savings! This not only helps you level up faster (and easily get V-Bucks) but also pick up more precious rewards when you win. You can also try Save the World mode, which is paid. But you get the opportunity to earn easily in several ways here: everyday login, completing everyday missions(up to 3 pro day) and achieving certain levels.

Other options for getting V-Bucks

If you want to get V-Bucks for free, you will not find a better variant than those as mentioned above. But you can also try to save some money. Still don’t know how to do it? We’ll share with you!


The game often has various discounts on many skins. Sales most often appear on the occasion of holidays like Halloween or Christmas. If a holiday is on the horizon, do not rush to buy the desired weapon, but rather wait until you can get an excellent discount on it.

Your game device

Did you know that depending on the device you use, you might pay less? Thus, owners of Windows, macOSXbox One, and PS4 pay, on average, one dollar less for every 1000 V-Bucks. Moreover, PlayStation users receive very often various bonuses and goodies from different games.

Boosting your Fortnite account

Boosting your Fortnite account

You can save money or get discounts, but it all takes time and effort. If you want to get everything without wasting your time, the best option would be to choose a good Fortnite boosting service. This will help take your account to the next level, get the desired weapons and skins with minimal effort on your part. The best boosters will win as many battles as possible and get your account to the top.

How to get skins in Fortnite for free

Of course, many players are interested not only in free V-Bucks but also in Fortnite skins. But we have some bad news for you because the most reliable and fastest way to get skins in the game is to buy them. Of course, you can purchase the desired model for the money saved from the awards or for other goodies. But only by having a little over 1000 V-Bucks, you can be sure that you will get the skin you want.

Fortnite gift card

Epic Games, highlighting the immense popularity of Fortnite, has taken a new step to meet the gamers’ needs, which has also generated huge profits for the company. The coveted Fortnite gift cards can be purchased in the online game and in retail stores in the USA and many other countries. This plays into the hands of players: they do not have to use a credit card and pay online now because your nearest store will certainly gladly provide you with the desired Fortnite gift cards. Moreover, you can please your friend with an unusual gift for the desired amount. Buying cards guarantees your safety because there is no longer any need to indicate your personal credit card details. Fortnite gift cards also most often have additional bonuses, like extra game money for the regular price.

Fortnite gift card

Avoid Gimmicks in Pursuit of Free V-Bucks

Recently, there are more and more sites and advertising pop-ups that beckon with bright “FREE.” Remember, you mustn’t share your Fortnite account if you are unsure of the source or site. Check reviews on other sites or ask for guarantees. You can also check the HTTPS protocol of the web-page, which should be closed. It allows your data to remain secure.

Among the many games, Fortnite still allows its precious players to receive additional bonuses and in-game money without any investments. Of course, this takes some effort and time. Win, get cool skins and just enjoy the game, and we will definitely show you how to do it!

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