Fortnite Mobile. First look at a mobile shooter

Fortnite Mobile. First look at a mobile shooter

05 October 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard about Fortnite as it’s the most popular battle royale game ever. What is a Battle Royale? This is a game mode where about a hundred players fight on one huge map on with narrowing zones, leaving only the one winner. But everyone has an equal chance of winning. Players get to the map by parachute, and after landing, they look for weapons and loot boxes that will help them survive.

Is the mobile version as good as the PC one? Now we will try to dispel your doubts and answer the most popular questions about Fortnite mobile. How good is the game, and is it worth installing? Let’s figure it out together!

Graphics and appearance

Epic Games has done an incredible job. They tried to bring the look of the game from PC to mobile devices. The cool thing is that if you’ve played on a computer or console before, the Fortnite mobile interface will be familiar and natural to you. If your phone meets the requirements of the game, everything will work fine. The graphics look nice, the game doesn’t slow down, and the phone doesn’t overheat. Besides, you get a cool bonus: if you’ve played Fortnite before, all your progress will be transferred from your PC to your mobile device. The map and all the details in the game look amazing with its high-quality graphics despite the fact that this is a mobile game. In fact, Fortnite mobile has a huge advantage over the PC, you can play it anywhere and anytime.


If you often play games on your mobile device, you will easily get used to Fortnite mobile controls. But even if you are just starting to play and some buttons seem inconveniently located to you, you will find a convenient system for configuring the interface layout in the settings.

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play Fortnite mobile

Now let’s talk about how to play Fortnite mobile. On the left, you have an imaginary button that allows you to control the character’s movement, and on the right, you have buttons for crouch, shoot, and jump. Probably the most difficult aspect at the beginning of Fortnite mobile will be that you will need to get used to doing several actions simultaneously. The main thing is not to be discouraged if something does not work out for you. The game supports connecting controllers. Still, can’t get used to the control on the touchscreen phone? Then a Bluetooth gamepad is a perfect solution for you. And the main thing is if you are used to playing on a gamepad, you will have exactly the same controls in Fortnite mobile. Also, other game options will be shown in a hasty manner, for example, a golden chest.

Play with headphones or not?

The Fortnite mobile developers really worked hard and thought about the users when it came to sound. The fact is that when playing games, especially shooters, the player always uses headphones because it is immediately clear where the enemy is coming from. But if you play Fortnite mobile on a smartphone, it may be inconvenient because the headphone jack is on the phone’s side and can interfere. How did the developers solve this issue? In Fortnite mobile, all elements that were supposed to sound in the headphones are displayed as pictures on the screen now. If the enemy appears to the right, this is displayed on the screen with a special element that allows the player to understand where the enemy is moving from intuitively.

Should you install the game?

Are the PC and smartphone versions of the game identical? No, but there is a very cool option – cross-platform. Thanks to this feature, you can play with your friends even if they are playing on other platforms. Graphics, of course, are worse than on PC and consoles, but it good nonetheless. The controls will seem unusual, first, you have to practice to play well. Although if you are used to playing on a console, then a gamepad will eliminate the feeling of discomfort from the control.

Fortnite mobile is for you

Is Fortnite mobile cool? Definitely yes! The developers have raised the bar for other mobile games. Epic Games have tried to bring the game from PC to your smartphone as accurately as possible, and it came out definitely well. By launching the game on your smartphone, you will immediately notice how much effort and time the Fortnite mobile developers have devoted. More attention to detail and many features to help you get started.

So is it worth installing the game on your smartphone? If you love shooters, you want to anywhere, and love Fortnite, then the answer is definitely yes. This game will not leave you indifferent.

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